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The Top Niche Dating Apps for Your Needs

Technology has revolutionized the way we interact with each other – especially when it comes to dating. Dating apps have allowed people to connect with potential sexual or romantic partners from the comfort of their couch.  

Convenience has been one of the main selling points of dating apps. The ability to meet someone despite your busy schedule or introverted personality. This has been the backbone behind some of the major dating apps people are familiar with like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. 

But there’s a new wave of dating apps that are going beyond convenience and catering to specific niches or interests that one may have. Take a look at some of these new(ish) apps, to discover which one piques your interest.

1. Feeld

Best for: People exploring ethical non-monogamy.

Available in: Most countries and territories that have access to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Feeld was founded on the belief that “nothing is more fluid or less binary than human relationships.” Their inclusive settings have more than twenty different sexual orientations and a wide range of gender identities to choose from. Vogue called Feeld “The progressive dating app.”

They also have innovative features like couple accounts that allow people to date together with their partner or someone else and group chats so that you can create a digital polycule*. For those looking for extra privacy, you can hide your profile from others until you can like them first.

*A polycule is a network of people in ethically non-monogamous relationships that are connected to each other.

2. Pure Dating App

Best for: People wanting to explore their kinky side or specific fantasies.

Available in: Most cities worldwide, plus you can connect virtually with people around the globe.

Pure markets itself as an “honest dating app without shame.” Unlike the standard dating app model, Pure has you post an “ad” of yourself so you can start getting likes, chatting, and meeting new people. 

They have created a platform that allows people to openly share their sexual fantasies and connect with people who have similar ones. There’s space for you to say what your turn-ons are, and what you’re looking for (casual, long-term, virtual, anything). You can even play their “Devil’s Bones” game that’s like Russian roulette for a virtual date.

3. HER

Best for: FLINTA dating – female, lesbian, intersex, trans, and agender.

Available in: Over 125 different countries.

HER aims to be a safe space for people to be their authentic selves and find their people. It is made by queers, for queers. They emphasize the importance of creating supportive, safe queer spaces to give people the opportunity to have new experiences and connect without fear.

They welcome all lesbian, bi, queer, non-binary, trans, and gender-nonconforming folx to join and meet like-minded people, share their stories, and possibly meet their person (or people). You can use HER to make friends and connect with people, or to date. 

4. Bloom Community

Best for: Those looking for community-based events.

Available in: Based in the United States, Bloom Community is slowly rolling out into other cities 

Bloom Community is an app that allows people to create, share, and learn about community-based events that revolve around their specific interests. Those who are looking to connect with polyamorous, wellness, queer, kink, artist, and alternative communities can find events that cater to these specific communities. 

They aim to create an inclusive and safe space where people can find a sense of belonging. Members share values like consent, communication, and inclusion. You can also find workshops on topics like “Navigating Sex & ADHD,” “How to Please a Vulva,” and “Writing Spicy: Online Erotica Writing Group.”


Best for: Gamers looking for love and connection.

Available in: United States

Gaming may seem like another hobby, but for people who are passionate about it, it’s a lifestyle and a passion. Many want the ability to connect with others romantically over this passion. Someone who understands it and wants to explore virtual worlds with them. That’s where LFGDATING comes in. 

The founders wanted to create a space where gamers could connect without the judgment that can come from the social stigma of being a gamer. 

6. HUD App

Best for: Shame-free, inclusive exploration.

Available in: Most countries. 

HUD App (Honest Upfront Dating) allows you to create a “bedroom” where you can set your desires, what you’re into, and what you’re not into. When you view someone else’s profile, you can see how many of these desires match up, creating the opportunity to communicate your sexual needs and explore them together. 

A cool feature in this app is the “Bedroom Archetype” where you can describe your unique bedroom personality by selecting one of twelve different archetypes. Your bedroom is meant to be a place where you can express yourself freely and without shame.

They pride themselves on offering straightforward interactions, no-pressure dating, and an inclusive environment where casual encounters are welcome. 

Dating App Tips

No matter what your intentions or interests are, there are some general ground rules or guidelines that can help make your dating app experience that much more enjoyable and meaningful. 

Keep these tips in mind as you make your way through the dating world:

  • Be honest about your intentions and what you’re looking for. 
  • Try a quick virtual date before meeting up with someone IRL.
  • Make sure your profile actually reflects you and what you’re looking for.
  • Take breaks if you’re feeling burnt out or not enjoying the process.
  • Put yourself out there and take initiative.

We know dating can be daunting, but using an app that fits your needs can help you feel that much more welcome and safe to explore. Now get out there and have fun!