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What is Asexuality?

As LGBTQIA visibility increases, you may find yourself without understanding of what all these new (to you) terms mean exactly, and unsure how to go about learning what …

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Why You Should Go Sex Toy Shopping as a Couple

While the magic of the internet means that you can shop for anything under the sun in the comfort of your home with total anonymity, we think there …

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Hey Guys? Don’t be ‘That Guy’

When you’re reading this at some point in the future, maybe you’ll be a citizen of a world with no more weekly Internet Outrages. More likely though, if …

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Meet the Menstrual Cup that Promises Mess-free Period Sex

Sex can be messy – and awkward, and weird and hilarious and wonderful. But that doesn’t make clean-up during what should be a time of post-coital bliss any …

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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too This Cunnilingus Day

We’ve all heard of ‘Steak and Blowjob Day’, ‘Holy Shit Your Pecs and Penis Got Bigger Day’, and even ‘Man-vember Day’ – but April 14 is bringing something …

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Vaginismus & Anorgasmia: What They Are & What to Do About Them

Vaginismus & Anorgasmia - What They Are & What to Do About Them

What exactly are vaginismus and anorgasmia? You may have not heard these terms, or at least, may not have the whole truth about them, but they may affect …

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Start Me Up with Morning Sex Tips

Start Me Up with Morning Sex Tips

Rise and grind! If the only steamy thing about starting your day is a morning shower, you’re truly missing out on the benefits of being an early riser …

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A Safe Sex Guide for LGBTQ Folks

Sexual relationships and intimacy are complicated. And when identity and sexual politics gets thrown into the mix, this can create an even more involved situation. Being communicative about …

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Erotic Encryption: Safe Sexy Selfie Sharing

Keeping Your Private Pictures and Sexts Safe

How safe is your private data? I’m not talking about your PINs, email passwords and credit card information – I’m talking about your very private data, or data …

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Spring Has Arrived! 6 Places to Have Sex in Spring

With the temperature warming up, the birds starting to chirp and the start of sangria season, we decided to explore different sex options for spring.  Winter kept us …

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