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Hygge Season Is Here! How to “Hygge” Your Sex Life This Winter

Finally, the hygge season is back! With the days becoming shorter and the weather turning colder each day, it’s time to cuddle up and spend some good quality time inside with your partner. 

Now, staying home wrapped in sweaters doesn’t have to be boring. Sweater weather is the perfect time for cuddles and some uninterrupted time with your partner, exploring each other more, and maybe even trying out new things. 

So, if you’re in a hygge mood and want to make it just a little bit sexier, we have some great ideas on how to do just that!

8 Cozy Ideas To Help You Spice Things Up in the Bedroom This Winter

1. Build a Sex Fort

Embrace your inner child by building a cozy fort in your living room and having sex in it with your partner. It can be a wonderful way to spend the evening at home when outside the weather is stormy and gloomy. 

Grab all the blankets and pillows you can find, place some chairs around the sofa and create a cozy little nook where you can curl up and enjoy each other’s company. Bonus points if you have fairy lights and can hook them around the fort. 

Get inside, snuggle up with your partner and see just how cozy having sex in a fort can be. 

2. A Massage in the Candlelight

Another hygge activity for your bedroom is a full body massage in candlelight. Find a massage oil that smells nice, something sweet and festive. You might choose just a massage oil or a massage oil and lube combination. It depends on how you want the massage session to end!

It’s nice to prepare the location for the massage by tidying up, placing candles around the room, and making sure you’ve got enough towels for clean-up. You might make this a surprise for your partner, leading them to a room once they get back from work and helping them to unwind. 

Start slow, massaging their shoulders and back. Then, work their legs and arms. And if you feel like turning up the heat, then give them a happy ending massage!

3. Make a Sex Painting

Have you ever considered making a sex painting? While it might sound like something extremely hard to do, it really is a fun and sexy activity to do together when you want to stay in. 

You’ll want to pick a day when you have enough time for the activity. And you’ll also want to do some preparation in advance. Go to the arts and supply store and pick up water-based body-safe paints, brushes, and maybe large paper or a canvas. 

At home, set up a place where you can get down and dirty without damaging furniture. Place some old towels or a plastic sheet to protect your floors and furniture. Then, get naked with your partner and get to painting. 

You can paint each other’s bodies or paint on your bodies and then make art and love on the canvas. It will be super fun to have a painting hanging on the wall that both of you made, yet nobody knows how and when. 

4. Have a Bubble Bath Together

When the evenings are dark and cold, there is no better way to wind down after a long day than having a hot bubble bath with your partner. 

Get the bathroom ready by tidying up any clutter, fill the bath with steaming water, and pop in your favorite bath bomb and scented salts. Light up a few candles and place them around the bath, dim the lights and get naked!

While inside the bath, take some time to cuddle with your partner and even suggest washing them. It’s safer to stick with washing your partner’s body as not every hair type is easy to manage in the water. So, take a loofah, lather it with shower gel, and show your partner’s body some love. 

You might want to get freaky while in the bath, but why not make things a bit more interesting and try not to have sex? Tease each other with gentle touches and kisses, but don’t go all the way. See how long each of you can last when the tension is high, and your bodies are always touching. 

5. Eat Magic Chocolate Together and See What Happens

How does an evening with a cup of tea and delicious dark chocolate in hand while cuddling with your partner sound? We think it’s the ultimate hygge way to spend the evening… But let’s add a little twist and make it freaky. 

Tabs Chocolate is a brand that makes a special kind of chocolate for couples that is supposed to activate all the right buttons and make you horny. The “magic” ingredients that should help you get turned on include natural aphrodisiacs known to improve libido, like maca powder, epimedium, and DHEA. 

Will it work, or will it not? There is only one way to find out! So, schedule a chocolate-tasting date night with your partner and be prepared for things to get heated, just in case. 

6. Try a CBD Lube

If you’ve never tried CBD lube or CBD oil before, then you must do that this winter! What makes CBD lube special compared with other lubes is that it increases the blood flow to the genitals, improving the sensations you experience during sex. 

Even if you think you don’t need the lube during sex or you’re usually good to go without it, adding lube to your sexual routine can make things more fun. Lube makes things feel more pleasurable, so don’t shy away from playing around with it and see if you like it. 

Shop around for the best option for you. It’s always safest to go with the water-based options as they’re safe to use with all sex toys and condoms. Pick the one you and your partner like, and then have some fun experimenting! 

7. Try a New Couple’s Toy

There is no better time to try out a new sex toy together with your partner than in the winter months. The weather is cold, and it gets dark outside early. So, instead of going out with your partner, stay home and choose a new toy to treat yourselves with!

TIANI Harmony is a great pick if you want a couple’s toy designed to enhance mutual pleasure. It’s a dual-action couples massager with multiple different vibration settings and patterns. And the best part is that it’s app-controlled, so you can experiment with tons of different positions with zero issues.

No matter which toy you choose, the key element here is to spend time together looking at the toys and choosing something new to try together. 

8. Erotica Reading Night

One of the best ways to explore your sexual fantasies and share them with your partner is through erotic novels. Sharing something you enjoy or a fantasy you’d like to try by showing your partner the erotic material might be much easier than communicating your desires directly.

So, why not organize a little erotica reading night with your partner? Grab some blankets, light up candles around the place and pick your erotica material. You can each read your own chosen erotica, sharing interesting bits from time to time. 

Or, you might want to try reading the erotica out loud to each other. Make it fun and lighthearted, switching between the characters as you read and taking on new roles. You never know what might happen when you both find an erotica that hits just the right spot for both of you…