full body sensual massage

Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM), an Erotic Form of Sexy Foreplay

Imagine going to your favourite spa for a full body massage, perhaps a facial, a mani/pedi (if that’s something you’re into), a bit of time in the sauna… the works. 

full body sensual massage

For many, this is the ultimate form of self-care and well, luxury. But this kind of spa day is one that’s calming, peaceful, and non-erotic. It’s a time to kick back, forget about the stressors of the day, and relax.

And while a full body sensual massage (FBSM) is oddly similar, it definitely has an aspect of erotica! And so, we present to you… a full body sensual massage. A massage that’s all about getting the blood flowing to your sexy spots.

What is a Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)?

A full body sensual massage is one that’s given or received to enhance sexual excitement. It’s an all-over-body massage, and by that we mean all-over-body. For both men and women, however, the genitals are the focal point, and this often leads to a “happy ending”.

A full body sensual massage can be enjoyed in different ways. For example, it can be practiced between lovers, like a form of foreplay or even mutual masturbation. It can also be given/received at a professional spa, which is then of course all about the receiver. 

This kind of service is legal in a few countries, like Thailand, Australia, Japan, and the U.K., but in other locations it could be considered a form of prostitution. So, if you’re pining for a professional full body sensual massage, we suggest doing your research beforehand!

How to Perform a Full Body Sensual Massage

Whether you’re with a partner or you’re seeking a professional service, a full body sensual massage will entail the receiver laying down on a massage table or bed, usually naked. The giver of the massage too may be fully naked or partially naked. 

For both the giver and the receiver, the element of relaxation is essential. It’s important, especially for the receiver, to let go of any preconceived notions and insecurities, and just allow the body to go with the flow, trusting the giver. To enhance this feeling of relaxation, there may be a romantic and erotic atmosphere with lit candles, music, and a calming and delicious scent that fills the space. 

Then, the giver of the full body sensual massage will use a generous amount of massage oil to create a smooth and sexy glide, which may be scented for extra stimulation. Lots of massage oil is also important to reduce friction. 

The giver will then explore the receiver’s body, using slow massage strokes, paying attention to all parts of the body. This includes less sexual spots, such as legs and arms, but also lesser-known erogenous zones, such as the neck, inner thigh, and/or tummy. 

The giver of the full body sensual massage will then stimulate the genitals for sexual satisfaction. The penis, testicles, vagina, clitoris, breasts, and nipples will be stroked and massaged, creating sexual arousal and perhaps climax. 

Despite the sexual element of this kind of massage, orgasm is not the goal. In fact, engaging in this type of massage with the sole intention of climaxing may ruin the experience, creating a sense of urgency or anxiety that is waiting for a sexual release. Thus, it is about the journey, not orgasm. 

8 Tips to Make the Most of Your Full Body Sensual Massage

1. Try to Relax

It may be hard for some to fully ‘switch off’ and relax during any kind of massage, whether it’s erotic in nature or not. But if one is calm and relaxed during a full body sensual massage, it’ll make a world of difference and allow you to fully immerse yourself into the experience. If there’s something that you can do that’ll help you relax beforehand, such as taking a warm bath, breathing exercises, or listening to a certain type of music, this is recommended before your full body sensual massage.

2. Let the Masseuse Take the Reins 

However you’re enjoying your full body sensual massage (with a partner or a professional), allow them to take the reins. This is especially true if you’re with a professional, as they know what they’re doing, and should know how to keep you relaxed, at ease, and satisfied. Either way, it’s nice to give up control every once in a while and just enjoy the journey.

3. Respect is Key

Like any other interaction or experience in life, having respect for your masseuse or partner is a must. If you’re with a professional, don’t treat them in such a way that degrades their work. They are trained and skilled in the realm of full body sensual massage, and thus respecting them for their time and ability is just good practice. 

4. Communicate Any Needs or Discomforts

If you feel uncomfortable or have any pre-existing worries or concerns, communicating them to your masseuse or partner will make the experience a lot better. Perhaps you have a sensitive part of your body, aches or pains, or you’re just anxious in general about the experience, focusing on communication is a great way to reduce discomfort.

5. No Touching (without Permission)

Receiving a full body sensual massage is not a free-for-all and you cannot do what you please. This is true during partnered play and with a professional. There are guidelines and rules that apply, especially in a professional setting, and getting handsy is a big no (unless otherwise agreed upon)! With a partner, touching and grabbing too should only be done with consent

6. Avoid Getting Personal

If you’re visiting a professional for your full body sensual massage, you may be tempted to ask them questions about their work and/or their personal lives, but this is usually quite disrespectful. If the professional allows or welcomes personal questions, then proceed with caution, but it’s better to follow the rule of not getting too personal.

7. No Extra Services

If you’re paying for your full body sensual massage, you’ll receive what you pay for. Some may feel cheeky and ask for or simply go ahead with wanting additional services, but this is an absolute no-go! What is included in your full body sensual massage should be conveyed to you beforehand, and this is what you should follow.

8. Tipping is Recommended

Tipping a professional is just good practice. They’ve learned a skill and have treated you to a service you’ve been seeking, so why not thank them for their time and energy. Just like any service, such as visiting a restaurant, tipping someone for their great work is a big sign of gratitude and respect.

So, whether you’re ready to enjoy a full body sensual massage with a partner as a kind of kinky foreplay experience, or you’re visiting a professional, try to relax, adhere to the rules, and simply go with the flow for the best possible experience.