lingam massage

The Ultimate Guide to Giving a Mindblowing Lingam Massage

If you’re looking for a way to surprise your partner, lingam massage might be a great option. It’s a practice that’s created with all the penis owners in mind. It guarantees a good time and a great way to connect with your partner. 

What Is Lingam Massage?

Lingam massage is one of the tantric sex practices that focus on worshiping the penis. Worship happens during sensual, long massage of the penis and sometimes other parts like balls and the prostate (known as the Sacred Spot). 

Lingam is the Sanskrit word that translates as “sign, symbol or mark” and often represents the Hindu god Shiva. The word got the association with the penis and is used as a translation of male genitalia because god Shiva often takes on the shape of a phallus, and it represents the generative power of all creativity and fertility. 

Originally, lingam massage was developed in Germany by Andro Andreas Rothe in the ’70s.  

Why Give a Lingam Massage?

Just like with yoni massage, lingam massage has a ton of sexual health benefits for penis owners: 

Builds Intimacy

Because it’s most often a bedroom activity with your partner, it’s a perfect way to build intimacy with them. During the massage, you take your time, truly connecting with yourself and each other while you’re worshiping your partner’s pleasure and making them feel the best. 

Improves Stamina

Lingam massage can help improve sexual stamina and overall make sexual satisfaction better for penis owners. Originally, lingam was created to help penis owners connect with themselves and their sexual energy, learning to focus on other sensations rather than just orgasm. 

So, if you have an issue with premature ejaculation and want to last longer, lingam massage can help you with that. 

Give Him Mind-blowing Orgasms

Multiple orgasms are possible for penis owners as well. And lingam is the best way to learn to give them to your partner. While lingam is not focused on the happy ending, and that shouldn’t be your primary goal, you might want to help your partner get into the orgasmic state where they can finish multiple times during the session. 

It’s a great way to spice things up in the bedroom and get to know your partner’s preferences and what makes them turned on. And, it’s a great way to show them that you care about their pleasure and want them to feel good. 

Here Is How To Give Mind-blowing Lingam Massage to Your Partner

Now that you know why you should give your partner a lingam massage, it’s time to talk about the technique:

Step 1: Prepare Your Tools

When you’re getting ready for lingam, it’s important to gather your tools beforehand so that you don’t have to interrupt the session once you’re all settled in. Of course, you don’t need any fancy specific tools to give an amazing massage, but some things make it easier:

  • Towels: have a few ready on hand if you make a mess and want to quickly clean up.
  • Massage oils: rubbing dry skin is not very pleasant, so you might want to get good massage oil or simply coconut oil from your kitchen to help make things smoother. 
  • Candles: lighting up candles will set the mood. Also, if you have a massage oil candle, you can use that on your partner’s body during the massage.
  • Toys: if your partner is comfortable, you might want to incorporate some prostate massage during lingam. So, think about bringing in the prostate toys to help you make things more fun. 

Having everything on hand will make the whole massage session more relaxing for both of you, so prepare in advance. 

Step 2: Set the Mood

Reserve enough time on your schedule for the activity. Make sure that nobody is going to barge in and interrupt you. You might even want to suggest to your partner a shared bath with some salts to help you both relax and prepare. 

Once you’re both ready, get your partner on the bed and let them settle in comfortably. You might want to add some pillows under their head or hips, whatever helps them relax. They will be lying on their back for a long time, so it has to be comfortable. 

Your partner should open their legs wide and bend them at the knees a little bit while you settle between their legs. This position will allow you access to their genitals the best, but if it’s not your favorite, you can settle into any other position you like more.

It might even be worth putting some music on in the background, nothing that’s going to distract you both, but something to fill up the space. So, light the candles, dim the light, and you’re ready to get started.  

Step 3: Start Slow

While lingam massage is all about the penis, you want to ease into the massage by first starting with a full body massage. Use your coconut oil generously everywhere and slowly massage your partner’s body, skipping the penis for now. 

Full body massage during foreplay helps men with premature ejaculation, and it will help your partner relax. Tell them to breathe slow and deep, and for the best connection, synch your breaths together as you continue massaging their body.

Hand massage is extremely pleasant and relaxing, so take your time with all parts of your partner’s body and show them how much you appreciate every part. This will make them feel loved and make the whole lingam experience unforgettable. 

Slowly, you will want to inch closer to their penis, massaging their abdominal, then inner thighs, and finally, the area right around their penis. 

Step 4: Find the Perfect Technique and Rhythm

When you see your partner relaxed and feeling good, it’s time to get to the best part — penis massage. Your partner might be hard already, or they might be soft. Either way, don’t worry about the state of the penis, as both ways, it’s going to feel great. 

There are different techniques you can try out to find the ones that work the best for your partner:

  • Hold the penis with your index fingers and thumbs. Start at the bottom of the shaft and move up the penis as you press the points with your fingers. 
  • Grip the penis with both hands. Then, twist your hands in different directions and shift between tighter and lighter grip as you massage it.
  • With one hand, grip the bottom of the shaft. With the other hand’s thumb, massage the spot beneath their head in circular motions. 
  • Gently massage their balls with one hand while you move the other hand up and down their shaft. Alternate the strength of your grip from light to hard and the speed as well. 
  • Wrap your index and thumb just beneath their head and twist your hand, alternating between different grip strengths. Use your other hand to either massage the shaft or the balls. 

Step 5: Listen to Your Partner

Communication is key. As you’re massaging your partner, always make sure you check in with them and ask them if what you’re doing feels good or if they’d want you to do something else for them. 

They know their body the best, and they will appreciate you caring about their pleasure and ensuring that they have the best experience. So, don’t shy away from communication. It’s going to make all the difference, and it will also allow you both to connect more. 

Step 6: Don’t Forget the Prostate

The prostate is an important part of every penis owner’s pleasure, so ask your partner if they’re comfortable incorporating some prostate stimulation into your lingam massage. If they’re shy, you can suggest starting with some external stimulation before diving into the internal stimulation straight away. 

You can stimulate their prostate externally very easily. With your index finger, find the walnut-size spot right between their testicles and anus. This is where you’ll want to play around and see what feels the best for your partner. Press the spot inwards gently while you continue working on their penis at the same time. 

Now, if your partner is ready for some internal prostate stimulation, you can start first with your fingers. Make sure you apply enough oil on your hands and their anus and then press one finger inside. Find the walnut-size spot on the inner wall and experiment with different pressures and massage techniques to find the one that feels the best for your partner. 

Once they’re comfortable with your fingers, you might want to think about bringing in the prostate toys. BILLY 2 is a very compact and sleek prostate massager that’s great for beginners and will feel amazing combined with penis stimulation. 

HUGO is another great option if you’re looking for hands-free prostate stimulation. Just insert the toy inside your partner’s anus, find the right vibe and return to massaging their penis with both of your hands. This will surely get them coming fast. 

Step 7: Control His Orgasms

Edging or orgasm control is a huge part of lingam massage, and it can help your partner experience intense orgasms and last longer. As you massage their penis, keep an eye on their breathing and body language. Once you feel them breathing unevenly and shallow, or when they start thrusting their hips into your hand, slow down or move on to massage other areas of their body. 

Remind them to breathe deeply and slow again, let them cool down for a moment before returning to the stimulation of the penis. Do this over and over again. When they do finally orgasm, it will be more intense.