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SORAYA Beads Review Compilation

SORAYA Beads is an anal beads massager with cascading beads in both length and vibration coupled with an ergonomic handle. It’s great for those who are new to anal masturbation and can be used to spice up partner play as well.
See what sex toy reviewers are saying about the gender-neutral SORAYA Beads by LELO.

LELO Soraya Beads — Test & Review

“For me, they work best as a teasing or foreplay toy and I really like that the handle makes it easy to use them on yourself or have a partner use them you.


Love anal play
Are looking to invest in a luxury anal sex toy
Want anal beads with powerful vibrations along the whole chain
Enjoy dynamic vibration patterns”

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LELO Soraya Beads Review [Size Up Step By Step]

Initially, I had my doubts. Having only dabbled in anal toys on rare occasions, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from something as intense and personal as this. The sensations they provided were a complete revelation.

The Bow Vibration patterns, unique to the LELO Soraya Beads, create a pulsating rhythm that travels from the handle through each bead. This clever design simulates a soft thrusting motion without any actual movement, which is especially great for those like me who aren’t regular users of anal play products.”

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LELO Soraya Beads | Anal Beads Massager Review (AD)

“This combo right here ate and left no crumbs! Bitch, I started moaning so loud, oh my god, which is weird for me because I’m generally quiet during solo sessions. I had the Soraya Beads tuned to a magical setting where the vibrations ran up and down the length of the shaft, making it feel like it was thrusting in and out of me without the toy moving an inch.

I need to say this, the PR that you anal lovers are giving anal assisted orgasms, is nowhere near the level that it should be, because had I known what those beads were going to do to me, I would have ripped them out of the box the day they landed in my mailbox. It was a full body experience that ran from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I was QUIVERING! My body felt like a TEMPEST. I was a STORM OF A WOMAN; I came so damn hard! WOW!”

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Customer Reviews

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Pulsing pleasure ★★★★★

Love the Soraya! Beautiful shape and colour. The bead sizes are a great range and the flexibility is handy. Controls are easy to use (I read the instructions after the first time we used it; turned out there were more options than we realised!) and the handle makes holding it easy. We’ve used standard beads before but the Soraya having different vibration levels stepped it up a notch! Highly recommended for beginners or experienced players.
Oh yeah! And the box itself is beautiful! I wish I could use it to gift to someone.

Posted by: Edge


SORAYA beads are AWESOME! ★★★★★

Wow, just wow! My wife and I just incorporated the SORAYA beads into our love making while she was performing oral on me. That was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. The different pulse rates are fun to play with, and the depth you insert it is all up to you. Highly recommended!!!!

Posted by: Starsrcher1


Best Anal toy for beginners! ★★★★★

Awesome! The taper is just right, the largest bead is totally doable! The pulse pattern is so smooth, you can intensify it if you want! Great addition to the toy chest!

Posted by: Hoecake2019


Orgasmic ★★★★

Wow wow wow, this toy is amazing. Can’t say enough great things. My husband said he never experienced an orgasm as intense as he did with this! Definitely worth the $$

Posted by: HHSG


How To Use LELO SORAYA Beads

We recommend taking a shower or bath before anal play in order to stay sanitary and unwind. Once in a comfortable laying position, apple lube to both SORAYA Beads and your bum.


Slowly insert the smallest bead on SORAYA Beads into your anus. Turn the device on and see if it’s pleasurable for you. If so, you can progress with the increasing bead sizes and vibration intensities.

Explore the 8 varying vibration patterns until you find the one that stimulates you best. Couple SORAYA Beads with a clitoral vibrator for simultaneous stimulation or use the handle to gently thrust it in and out of your bum. Enjoy discovering what type of anal play is for you!