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LELO BILLY 2 Prostate Massager Review

Check out one of the best prostate massagers on the market, LELO BILLY 2!

REVIEW: the LELO BILLY Luxury Male Massager

Anyway, I gave it another go a few days later…and HOLY SHIT. That’s all I can really say. After my third solo orgasm, I was pretty much spent and had to stop. All I could do was just lay there, reduced to a quivering jelly. A surreal experience to say the least!

About a week later my girlfriend, who follows my blog regularly, decided she wanted to try it out on me. She’s a no nonsense kinda gal, and says what she feels. How could I say “no” to an opportunity like this!! I won’t bore you with all the orgasmic details, but I quickly learned that this toy is AMAZING for couples. I talk more about this toward the end of the review.”

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“To use the BILLY differently, I had my SO use the massager on me while I was laying down. This was a really great feeling since I was able to be stimulated without using my hands. With my partner, it felt the best when she thrust the massager on high. Although I still wasn’t able to reach a prostate orgasm this way, it did increase the sensation of my regular orgasm tenfold. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite ways to use the Billy.”

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Lelo Billy Review: New king in the male sex toy market?

“Overall, I would 100% recommend the Lelo Billy to ANY man who is just first getting into the (amazing) world of prostate massagers. It’s a great starter toy because of its easy to insert shape, and smooth material. BUT… it’s also a great toy for us more seasoned users as well, because of the variety of vibration settings, as well as the high quality of material, and the long-lasting charge. If you want to make your sessions last, this is a great toy for that!”

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“In this LELO BILLY 2 review I will tell you everything about a luxurious yet simple prostate massager that has the perfect size for those who want to get their first prostate massager or those who don’t enjoy massive objects inserted in their butt.

If you’re new to this, I know that getting a sex toy like this could be a little scary at first, however, I can tell from my personal experience, it’s totally worth the risk.”

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Lelo Billy review: the best male vibrator on the market?

“There are 6 stimulation modes, with controls for variable speeds and intensities. You can choose variations of “pulse” and “rapid fire”. This allows for MANY different types of stimulation. Other devices just can’t match the Lelo. Most male vibrators are either on or off. No adjustable vibrations.”





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An eye opener ★★★★★

I’ve never tried any p spot messaged until now. Boy am I glad I did. The experience has been fantastic. This is a wonderful product for those looking to explore the p spot for the first time! Highly recommend!

Posted by: Just a beginner.


First toy I’ve actually liked ★★★★★

I’ve had a few other cheaper prostate vibrators and I just thought I didn’t enjoy the overall use of them. But I was wrong. I decided to give the Billy 2 a shot after disappointing purchases and I’m so happy I did. It’s the right size for someone trying this for moreless the first time. It seems well made, cleans up easily, has a lot of choice for settings, and in my experiences so far the battery life is great. You get what you pay for and I feel like I got great value for this toy.
Posted by: TalkShowHost


Great orgasm on full speed ★★★★

This new power is much better than billy 1! My favorite position is legs over head solo or doggy style with buddy using it in me – try the pulse muse first and then go full blast and blast one out!

Posted by: Philandy


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