how to milk prostate

How to Milk Your Prostate in Five Easy Steps

Ahh, the magical prostate! A walnut-sized gland found in penis owners that, when stimulated, can create a whirlwind of sexual bliss and full-body orgasms. 

And while massaging the prostate has been ‘a thing’ since the late 19th century, when doctors began performing it to treat inflammation aka prostatitis, it soon became a practice enjoyed by penis owners worldwide as it’s a one-way ticket to pleasure town. 

So, if you’re an owner of a prostate, here’s everything you need to know about prostate milking.

What is Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking is when a prostate owner massages their prostate until a thin, milky fluid called ‘prostate fluid’ is released. 

It may seem slightly daunting for some, as one of the most common questions asked is, “Does prostate milking hurt?”. For most, it doesn’t. On the contrary, it can be entirely pleasurable and can lead to intense orgasms that are arguably better than penile orgasms. 

The thing about prostate milking, however, is that it does take a bit of exploring. It’s an activity that some may not be so willing to try, as the prostate is found inside of the anus. 

There’s still a big taboo for penis owners, especially straight cisgendered men, to want to experiment with anal play (which is quite ridiculous, as it’s the gateway to uninhibited ecstasy). We say, forget the preconceived notions and stereotypes surrounding anal pleasure and you’ll definitely reap the rewards.

Where is the Prostate & Why is it Important?

Before we dive into how to milk the prostate, let’s whizz through a quick anatomy lesson. 

The prostate can be found inside the rectum, just under the bladder, and wraps around the urethra (the tube that drains urine from the bladder). Why is the prostate important? Well, “its sole purpose is to secrete an enzyme called prostate-specific antigen, which liquifies the semen after ejaculation. This is important for the semen to be normally fertile,” says urologist Paul Turek.

As men age, the prostate tends to get bigger, making it easier to find. And despite the fact that this gland has the power to shower you with massive orgasms, it’s also been proven useful to massage the prostate in order to reduce symptoms of painful ejaculation. Doing so will ease fluid blockages, keeping the prostate nice and healthy. 

Prostate massage could also help treat those with erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow, and possibly help those living with chronic prostatitis. 

Basically, the prostate is something that deserves a bit of TLC, not only for reproductive health but also for bouts of sexual satisfaction.

Prostate Milking for Sexual Pleasure

It’s at this point that you’re probably thinking, “I have amazing orgasms from penile masturbation, why would I dare massage my prostate?” And the thing about that is, prostate milking gives one an entirely different kind of climax. 

“The prostate-induced orgasm hits differently because it is initiated from inside the body. It feels as though you’re being jacked off from the inside,” says sexologist, Goody Howard. When one orgasms via the prostate, it contracts more times before climax, creating a slew of erotic sensations. In fact, many who’ve experienced a prostate orgasm say that it induces a full-body orgasm unlike anything they’ve ever enjoyed.

Another benefit to prostate milking is the fact that the refractory period is shorter, which means that prostate orgasms are sometimes associated with the possibility of multiple orgasms.

What’s also unique about a prostate orgasm is that you may ejaculate… but not in the way you’re used to. When you ejaculate from prostate milking, you’ll only release prostatic fluid and not the other components of semen—a fluid that has a milky appearance, hence the name “prostate milking”. And this is where the difference between prostate massage and prostate milking comes in…

A prostate massage is when the prostate is stimulated, prostate milking is when prostatic fluid is released as ejaculate. Basically, to experience prostate milking, one would need to massage the prostate until they ejaculate. But often, these two terms are used interchangeably. 

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Milk Your Prostate

Now that we’ve covered the ins and outs of prostate milking, here comes the fun part: how to do it! If you’re intrigued to try prostate milking, here’s our simple step-by-step guide that’ll hopefully take you to new realms of sexual pleasure.

Step One: Prepare for Ultimate Safety

Doing things such as cutting your nails, having a latex glove, emptying the bladder and the rectum, and having a generous amount of lube on-hand will make the experience a lot more pleasurable.

Step Two: Get Comfortable

Assume a position that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, but that also gives you easy access for anal stimulation. This could be lying on your side or even getting in the doggy-style position. If you’re opting for a latex glove, you can slip that on, and coat it with your chosen lube. Applying lube around the entrance of the anus is also encouraged for a smoother and more comfortable glide.

Step Three: Insert a Finger

Slowly insert one finger into the anus, and feel along the inside wall of the rectum (the side closest to the belly button). Inch your way to about four inches inside, and you should feel a small, round bump. Once you’ve found it, you may feel as though you’re going to pee, but this is normal (and means that you’ve found the right spot). This is also why it’s a good idea to pee beforehand so as not to confuse the sensation. When you’re comfortable with one finger, you could add a second for even more stimulation.

Step Four: Come Hither

Once you’ve got your finger(s) on the prize, and you’re feeling relaxed with no pain or discomfort, you could persist to do the ‘come hither’ motion, which is said to produce the best results. At the same time, you or a partner could stimulate other erogenous zones to amplify the intensity. 

Step Five: Prostate Massagers

While this step isn’t mandatory in order to experience earth-shattering prostate orgasms, it definitely has a way of making things easier and even more pleasurable. When you’re comfortable with your fingers, or you’d just like to start off with a prostate massager, there are some incredible toys available that’ll do all the hard work for you. A prostate massager sex toy will often be bigger than one or two fingers however, so always remember to go slow and steady. If you feel any pain or discomfort, call it a day, and try again when you’re ready.

So, prostate-owners, are you ready for a new kind of orgasmic sensation? Go on, you’ve got nothing to lose and oh so much to gain!