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His Hot Spots: Erogenous Zones for Men

When it comes to the hot spots – or erogenous zones, more formally – on a guy, chances are your mind goes directly to the penis. This is completely understandable though, because that’s most likely where his mind goes too.

Find his erogenous zones

However, it’s far from the only touchable part on his body, so next time you’re getting touchy-feely, be sure to put some focus on the following spots to drive him extra wild.

His E-spot

Otherwise known as his ears, we’re referring to them as the E-spot because guys don’t have any (insert letter)-spots attributed to them. You’re welcome, guys.

The choice bit of the ear to focus on would be the outer ridge, where the firmness of the cartilage can be nibbled lightly between kisses. Try tracing it with the tip of your nose, followed by the hot, wet sensation of your tongue – throw in some heavy breathing, and he’ll be weak in the knees in no time.

His Cheek-spots

And no, we’re not talking about the ones on his face (either way, they’ve got dimples).

He more than likely puts a lot of focus on your butt cheeks, whether he’s grabbing, stroking or spanking them with an open palm or flogger, so now it’s time to give his some much-needed attention. Have him lie on his stomach to give you full access to his butt, and try a very light touch to start out. Very lightly tickle the surface of his skin with the very tips of your fingernails or a feather teaser, and then have him relax his glutes (no butt flexing!) as you knead your fists deep into the muscly tissue of his cheeks.

Because it tends to be a rare point of focus during intimacy, the attention you’re putting on his butt will likely be an all-new kind of excitement, and will allow you to gauge his response to the next erogenous zone on our list…

His G-spot

Yep, ladies aren’t the only ones with a magic button that delivers explosive climaxes. A man’s G-spot is his prostate, and when his prostate is massaged just right, he’ll experience the kind of orgasm he never, ever thought possible.

398.121113_BillyThe walnut-sized gland can be massaged with your fingertip or a prostate massager while his penis is being otherwise stimulated. Assuming he’s into it, the most effective path to the prostate is through his anus; with a well-lubricated finger, apply pressure to the front wall of his colon, about 2 inches in, with light swirls and taps with your fingertips. Pro tip: keep your nails short!

The indirect way to give him prostate pleasure is a bit less effective, however if he enjoys it he’ll be much more open to the massage method we mentioned above. When you’re stimulating his penis either orally or during a hand job, position yourself so that you have two fingertips placed over his perineum – the area between his scrotum and anus. As he begins to approach climax, start applying pressure to this spot to indirectly massage his prostate.

His F-spot

Here’s one you may never have heard of. Imagine, if you will, a penis – now, think of the underside of it. You know that thin band of skin that connects the head with the shaft? That’s called the frenulum, and it’s actually full of nerve connections that are very sensitive to the right kind of touch.

When giving him oral sex, use your hand to stroke his shaft at the same time, but keep your elbow up so that your finger tips are sliding over the underside of his penis. When you move your hands up and down the length of his shaft in tandem with the movements of your mouth, you’ll also be stroking his frenulum and sending him into a sensual frenzy at the same time.

So, now that you’ve learned all about his hot spots, what about hers?

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Donna is a Volonté contributor and freelance writer who lives in San Francisco with her husband and two sons. Her work has appeared in Psychology Today, Go! Magazine (Australia) and is regularly featured in the San Francisco Herald.

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  1. Thanks for this, F-spot and E-spot seem to get forgotten a bit too much :P.

  2. What about the S-spot (The scrotum). The sensitive tissue surrounding his testicles is packed with nerve endings. Holding, cupping, and very gently rubbing or massaging them is all very sensual for men,

  3. I would like to know if you can make a C-string underwear so it can stay on you instead of holding
    Can you make somethings that can stay on without holding?

  4. The “F spot” is another reason why infant circumcision can drastically affect the man’s sex live. Along with an overall decrease in pleasure which occurs when the very sensitive foreskin is removed… many times doctors will also remove the frenulum (all in the name of “hygiene” right?? ). Infant circumcision was originally made popular by Dr Kellogg, who wanted to eliminate masturbation by removing the most sensitive parts of the male penis. He also wanted to pour hot wax on the female clitoris to have young girls associate pain with masterbation to decrease the practice. Boys and men are just as capable as girls and women to clean their genitals. Don’t stifle your sons’ future pleasure for an outdated practice that has little to no health benefits!!

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