Sensua Suede Whip Review

Less Slap, More Tickle: A Whip & Teaser Comparison

Sex is all about sensational sensations, intricate intimacy, emotional motion and, most importantly, mind-blowing pleasure. At LELO, we’re known for a very specific kind of pleasure: the orgasmically vibrating kind. But we offer so much more than that, and today we’re going to look at and compare two of our products you might not have considered before: the Sensua Whip and Tantra Feather Teaser.

The fascinating thing about the Sensua Whip and the Tantra feather teaser is that they’re simultaneously very similar, and yet completely different. Used together, they become more than the sum of their sensual parts.


The LELO Sensua Whip


About the Whip

With a cool, transparent handle and a 10 inch fall in the cow suede tails, the Sensua whip brings together an intense blend of sensations. It’s light and well-balanced in the hand, providing enough leverage and control to offer a warm sting but not a heavy thud. The suede is leather on one side and coarse on the other for an impact that soothes and stings at the same time. It’s a complex sensation, which is why it’s so popular.

What’s the Attraction?

The attraction is the beautiful material, the feel against the skin, and the intimacy of indulging in kinkier, more daring avenues of pleasure between trusting couples. This little LELO flogger is every bit as much a pleasure product as everything else we offer.

How Does It Feel?

How it feels depends on how it’s used. Blindfolding your partner and tracing the tips of this flogger over their neck, their sides, their knees and their toes generates a feeling of massaging warmth. But restrain your partner (we have very sexy silk ties for exactly this purpose) and use more energy, and the whip becomes a valuable tool for dominance and submission. Don’t be fooled: as a flogger, the Sensua is relatively small, but it punches above its weight thanks to the heavy suede. It will leave marks, but it won’t break the skin. It’s the perfect balance for heavier BDSM players.


The LELO Tantra Feather Teaser

Tantra feather teaser

About the Teaser

Ostensibly similar in form to the whip, the LELO Tantra Teaser is entirely different in function. The teaser leaves up to its name: it teases, making it an exceptional companion during exploratory tantric foreplay. It’s smaller than the whip, and its long, fluffy down feathers are incredibly soft. No sting or thud here: the teaser is designed to be drawn slowly over skin, over the curve of the elbow and the back of the knee for a long, indulgent sensation.

What’s the Attraction?

The attraction is the time you can spend exploring each other’s bodies. The LELO feather teaser is for couples who want to spoil each other. Such a luxurious pleasure product is firmly in the domain of those who know how to tease before they please – the perfect way to get the pulse racing in excited anticipation.

How Does It Feel?

The feeling of being stroked with the LELO Tantra teaser is one of almost unbearable torment: you want to be touched, you want it now, but the delicate lightness of the feathers on your skin forbids it. Add restraints and a blindfold and watch your partner writhe and moan under your touch. Mix up the sensations with a few sharp spanks, or even with the Sensua whip.

Whether you crave the flick of the feather or the lick of the leather, these two sophisticated pleasure products offer the best of both worlds. They can be kinky, or sensual, or neither, or both: it’s up to you to imagine how to use them.