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Her Only Fan – An Erotic Story

Anna strolled behind her shopping cart from the haircare aisle of the large retail store. In the wider lane between sections, she felt eyes on her, staring. She thought about darting down a different aisle to get away and look for an employee to help in case of attack.

Before she could disappear though, a deep voice said, “Ma’am, ma’am, I’m sorry, but …”

She stopped and tightened her shoulders. She knew she hadn’t dropped anything or left her phone behind. No toilet paper was stuck to her shoe. A wheel on the shopping cart was wonky, but what cart ever had four good wheels?

Anna took a breath and put on a politely fake smile. She grabbed a shampoo bottle for defense against this man. She turned to him.


He was a tall, wide man. His dark eyes conveyed that he was a simpleton. Yet, he had gentleness in his demeanor.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, ma’am, please.”

His meaty hands gripped tightly on his shopping cart handle. They squeezed it and released, and then squeezed again. He was far out of his comfort zone.

She still retorted sternly. “Yeah, okay. What?”

“Um, do you have an OnlyFans page?”

“An only-what?” she asked with a sharp tone.

He instinctively backed up his cart. The cart banged on his shin. Distance became his defense from a potentially angered woman.

“Yeah, OnlyFans. Or some social media thing. A platform, as it’s called.”

“Me?” One of her hands held onto the bottle and the other pressed against her wide, fleshy hip.

“I was just wondering because…” He stroked his brown beard and darted his eyes. He then started to tug his ear as if attempting to restart his statement.

“You’re talking to the wrong lady, dude.” She scoffed. She slammed down the shampoo and pushed her cart forward with its squeaking wheel.

“I didn’t want to upset you. I’m sorry if I did. But you’re perfect for it. You’re beautiful.”

She quickened her pace, his voice becoming softer and farther away.

“I mean it as a compliment, even if it didn’t seem to be.” His voice cracked.

He scolded himself. “I knew I shouldn’t have said that. Why did I do stuff like that? Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

Hearing him, she honestly felt sorry for the simpleton. At the same time, she decided he was wrong for what he did, even if it was purely innocent and even complimentary.

Scanning her items in the check-out line, Anna stayed close both to employees in blue vests and the exit.

She didn’t see the tall man again. But his comment lingered. Did a man want to see her? Did he think she was good-looking?

Anna felt her thighs wobble as she walked out of the store. Her ass switched. Her breasts were large and proportionate to her lower body. She liked her hair. She was pleased with her smile and eyes. Those were the good things about her. Her warm face would make people’s demeanor change. However, this big guy had first seen her from behind. Her hips. Her ass. Not her face, and he thought her lower body was perfect for social media. Strange.

On the computer at home, she rummaged through the OnlyFans website. She pushed through the top profiles of porn stars and ladies with perfectly fake bodies. College girls, with young tight bodies had subscribers. Interestingly, there were many profiles of girls without boob jobs, lip injections, or other body enhancements. Moms, too, had plenty of followers, as did everyday wives, thirty- and even forty-somethings.

She stretched her neck after a little arousal from the simpleton and the online nudity. She grabbed her phone and went to her bedroom. She locked the door for a buffer against interruptions or walk-ins.

In a dresser drawer, she pulled out a thong that she didn’t wear often—rarely. Actually, only once. It was leopard print, but she knew the print didn’t really matter. The string would get lost deep in her ass.

She worked the thong over her thighs and shimmied it into place, snapping the tight fabric against the fleshiness that she disliked. She set her phone upright, opened the camera, and began taking pictures of herself, for herself.

Looking at the images, she saw only her worst features. She deleted them, one by one, immediately, and then emptied the phone’s trashcan to further burn the evidence. She tossed the thong back into her drawer and closed it.

A few days later, Anna and her friend, Danni, were relaxing at the nail salon as they were getting pedicures.

“Oh, Danni,” Anna said, tapping Danni’s hand, “you would not believe what happened to me at the store.” She slapped the back of her hand against her forehead.

“This numbskull guy asked me if I had an OnlyFans website. Me! He just came out of nowhere. I wasn’t sure if it was a joke, a bad come-on line, or what.” She laughed at the absurdity. However, deep inside, the compliment had, in fact, grown on her.

Danni gave a quick cackle. “Did he look good? Was he hot?”

Anna sat up in her chair, splashing some water from the basin. “That’s what you ask first—was he hot? I can’t believe you sometimes.”

“Sorry. If a hot guy said that to me, I would love it.”

“Yeah, well, you’re toned, and you keep in shape for your job, a sheriff’s deputy. But me? I couldn’t take what he said as anything except a joke.” She nestled again in her chair. “The earth below me quakes when I walk.”

Danni’s eyes closed again, and she seemed at peace. “So … did you check out OnlyFans?”

Anna didn’t answer directly. “The whole situation was just absurd. To have him stop me in the store and ask that. Am I a porn star, basically, that was his question.”

“Did you look at the site?”

She whispered her answer. “Just a peek. I had to. I didn’t even know what OnlyFans was.”

“It’s a popular site. Guys will pay for you. I mean for you, Anna.”

“Well …”

Danni remained still. “I’ve thought about it.” 

Anna gasped. “What, seriously? You’ve thought about OnlyFans? Taking pictures and selling them?”

“I mean, it’s crossed my mind a few times. I’d never do it, no. Because of my job as lieutenant in the department, I wouldn’t. No.”

Anna shifted again, unintentionally moving her feet away from the pedicurist who was tending to her right foot.

“How far have you gone?”

“I’ve taken pictures of myself before. Almost nude. Not nude. In a nice bathing suit. In a thong. You haven’t?”

“Never! I just couldn’t …” She stalled her words. “Well, I deleted them right away. I was way too embarrassed.”

“Men would like to see you. All men are not attracted to supermodels or high-profile porn stars.”

“Really, me?”

“Hey, I work with all guys at the sheriff’s department. They talk. They’re crass and unfiltered. Then, on the street, men are the same. They just love women and sex. Give them hope—the glimmer of hope—and guys will love you! Love you long time.”

Anna was silent, surprised at Danni.

Danni glanced at her confused friend. “You could start something and not show your face. Neck-down naked.” Danni smiled and then returned to her relaxed state in the salon.

The thought oddly intrigued Anna. Men love women. All women.

Danni interrupted Anna’s thoughts.

“If you did it, ever thought of a name you’d use? Something unique, catchy, sort of a ‘non de plume’, like who authors use.”

Anna blew off the idea. “No.”

“I would be ‘Kelli Tois.’ Playing with all kinds of toys. Get it?” She laughed. Soon Anna joined her, awkwardly at first but warming to the name as well as the idea of being online.

“A name, hmm.” Anna upped the vibrations in her chair.

“You’re thinking already. Maybe you could be Eve, the first of all women with your great boobs. Or De-luscious or …”

Anna giggled. “Hipster or Biggie Bigs.”

 “Anna Banana.”

“Hunks of Ham. Gotcha Cheese.”

“Make sure the names aren’t negative. ‘Hunks of Ham’? Let’s change your perspective on your body and who you are.”

“I’ve always disliked my weight and shape.”

“We all have. Has any woman’s mother ever not criticized her daughter’s body? We have to accept what we’re adorned with. Attempt to, at least.”

Anna was quiet. A name stuck with her though.

“Anna Banana, huh.”


“Anna Banana.”

Danni agreed. “Anna Banana.”

Later that evening, alone, Anna signed into the OnlyFans site. To her surprise, she found profiles with lovely pictures. She scrolled through the profiles and gasped.

She immediately called her friend. As soon as Danni answered—before she could even say hello—Anna launched her torrent.

“I cannot believe you. You are bad! So, so bad. You go and tell me, ‘no, never, not me,’ and I find this …”

“Anna, wait, what’s wrong?”

“Kelli Tois!” she shouted into the phone. “Kelli Tois!”

The other end was silent.

“You’re already on this site! You never told me. You lied to me today at the salon. You only ‘thought’ about doing it? You’ve been on here—naked—for months already!”

Danni answered mouse-like. “Sorry. I wasn’t sure what you’d think.”

Anna huffed in her disappointment and confusion. She felt slighted that her friend wouldn’t confide such a secret.

“You should have shared,” Anna said. “I’m totally surprised you never did.”

“No one knows it’s me,” she said and quickly added, “And it’s just another stream of money. Fun money. Nothing big. I’m saving for a trip to Hawaii.”

“Kelli Tois.” Anna whispered the name as she thought of the just-revealed secret. A new side of Danni. “You’re Kelli Tois. I am shocked, utterly shocked. I just … I don’t know … I am without words.”

Danni was quiet on her end of the phone until she snickered, and soon, she could not control her laughter.

“I am so glad you know now. I had the hardest time keeping it quiet and having no one to talk about it with.”

Danni exhaled through the phone. “That guy at the store, if only I could thank him! He was the best thing for me. I can talk about ‘Kelli Tois’ now.”

“Kelli Tois. And you play with all sorts of toys! Amazing.”

“Yes, yes, I do. All sorts of them.”

Anna could tell Danni just had a restraint removed from her shoulders, like handcuffs. Danni began to speak with a lighter, easier tone of voice.

“This site has been so fun. Exciting, really. And the men, they love, love, love me. The comments I get are better than any I’ve gotten in real life.”

“It’s because it’s not real life, Danni. This is all fake. Social media is fake.”

“Sure, I remind myself about that regularly. My day job at the sheriff’s department is my real life. But the money—yes, the money—is real. It’s green, baby. I promise you that, and I promise that men will drool over you.”

Anna scoffed at the notion.

“Don’t knock it till you try it. Come over to my house. I’ll take you to my studio and show you around.”

“Around your porn studio! Where is this studio?”

“Well, it is only my basement, but I like to imagine that I’m going somewhere exciting.”

“A whole new world!” Anna sang dramatically.

“Been watching Disney? Get over here. We’ll make our own movie!”

An hour later, Danni gripped the doorknob of the basement door, not yet opening the door. “You’re sure you won’t see me as a deviant or laugh at me?”

Anna stomped her foot. “Don’t keep me waiting, Danni! I need to see this.”

“I’ve already crossed my heart how many times since I got here!”

“Four times. But I want one more. Five is enough.”

“I thought eight was enough.”

“Ha! Too many.”

Anna swished her finger quickly across her chest, and Danni turned the door handle.

The basement was no grand studio. It was not Hollywood. There was only a selfie ring light, recliner, gamer chair, a small bed, and dangling green screen.

“This is it?” Anna asked awkwardly.

“Yep. Not much to look at, I know. But—” She raised her finger. “—magic happens here.” She offered the room to Anna as if inviting her into Disneyland.

Anna didn’t respond but moseyed through the room. She pursed her lips, secretly astounded that her friend had become an amateur porn star.

Anna stopped and turned to Danni.

“Seeing your pictures online, I thought there’d be more ‘stuff.’ You know, equipment, like cameras and big lights.”

“Today’s technology doesn’t require lots of ‘stuff.’ That’s why amateurs are popping up everywhere. We don’t need ‘yucky-wood’ to do the work for us.”

“‘Yucky-wood’ being …”

“Industrial porn,” Danni said.

Anna continued to peruse. Danni reached out and patted Anna’s butt playfully.

“Would you be a guest on my site? Classy pictures, mostly nude—maybe nude—but never a face. Nothing to identify you.”

Immediately, Anna thought of her size. However, she also thought of men drooling over her. The simpleton at the store came to mind.

“I don’t think I’m …”

Danni walked to a tall upright metal gun cabinet. A gray American flag was plastered from the top to bottom of the door. “When was the last time you had an orgasm or had a little fun alone?”

Anna avoided being honest. She wasn’t overly sexual and in constant need of orgasm. However, she masturbated the evening after the incident with simpleton in the store. She loved it.

“I don’t know, a while ago,” Anna said.

The cabinet clanged as Danni opened the double doors.

“Take a look. Anything seem fun?” She leaned on the right door.

Anna was bowled over by all the toys. “You really are Kelli Tois!”

Anna scanned the plug-in wand vibrators and scrutinized the cock-shaped dildos, as well as the dildos molded like octopus tentacles and alien arms. There were anal plugs of different sizes and rainbow colors. But one item caught her eye.

She picked up the toy, which was shaped like a C. “This one is different than the rest.”

Danni grabbed a small circular device from the cabinet. She pressed it. Anna felt the toy vibrate in her hand.

“It’s Hugo,” Danni said. “Gives some, you know, anal fun. When I used it during a livestream, the men loved it. They blessed me with compliments and gifts. I still get chills. So let’s do this just once. Showing nothing more than your lovely butt.”

In that instant, Anna didn’t object quickly enough. Danni launched her strong personality that she gained from her time in the Army.

“Off with your pants. Toss them over there. Help me move the bed. Then I’ll get the lights and the camera ready.”

Anna gave in. The toys, the viewers, the anonymity. She shimmied her pants down to her ankles. She wore beige full-size underwear. They cupped her butt and covered her bellybutton.

Danni halted abruptly. She shook her head, seeing the boring briefs.

“Anna, you really need to …”

Anna timidly responded. “I brought another pair.”

“You were thinking about this seriously! That’s great,” Danni said. “Go get that pair. Let’s make your ass a star.”

A few minutes later, Anna came back in the leopard-print thong she had tried on at home. She swaggered in with the thong lost in her ass.

Danni bravoed the yet-unknown star. “Yes! That is what I like.”

Danni became the director. She shifted the camera in front of the bed and had Anna kneel and lay partially on the bed, knees on the floor.

She pressed the record button on her phone.

“Welcome, everyone! Glad you made it to my channel. Today isn’t about me. Not at all. I have a gift. A great ass to share!”

She smacked the broad, pale butt and then gripped a handful of the flesh and shook it, making it wobble.

“You are going to love this. I can guarantee,” she said as if on a late-night infomercial.

Meanwhile, Anna remained silent, staring at the green screen.

Anna felt Danni’s fingers creep over her, like a spider, until finding the fabric of the thong at top of her ass.

“I have Anna Banana here, guys. This is one of the greatest asses I’ve seen. She loves to have her ass spanked and a long dick pushed in her ass. Anal is her thing. I know, you guys want to be the one giving it to her. Don’t deny it. You all are crazy men.”

She pulled up the thong, letting the fabric rub rough against Anna’s butt, and she let it slap back to the flesh.

“This ass is so cushiony,” She squeezed it several times, as if fluffing up a pillow. “I could sleep on it.”

She dragged her hands from Anna’s lower back, down, and across the wide mounds of flesh on either side of the dark crevice. She then pulled cheeks apart.

“Peek a boo!” Danni giggled.

Anna felt a tiny whoosh of fresh, cool air.

Danni let the cheeks flap back into place. “See something good in there? I did. Let me show you one more time.”

To Anna, Danni now sounded like the hostess of a kids show on PBS.

Danni pulled Anna’s cheeks wide open.

Anna felt her asshole stretch to a hot pain. Then Danni blew gently into her ass and released the heft of flesh.

“Can I say again that this ass is a perfect pillow for me. I can sleep on it, if you want. Do you, guys?” Anna felt Danni, her friend, put her face against her ass cheek. “I just need some likes and comments from you before it can happen. Anna Banana needs some love too. But … but, but …” she said in her infomercial voice, “you’ll only find her and her lovely ass here, with me, Kelli Tois. This is a first-time and only-time—maybe. You can help to decide the future.”

She placed each hand at the bottom hump of flesh and lifted briefly.

“Now, I am going to remove this thong to show you everything.”

Danni’s fingers again, tantalizingly, followed the fabric and sumptuously pulled the thong down over Anna’s round mounds. More and more of the fabric, which has been hidden deep in the dark obscurities, appeared. After an antagonizingly long time, her ass was completely bare.

Danni shook the wide butt. She hugged it as a young girl’s favorite doll.

“Whatta booty! So soft, so luscious. And it’s all mine today! All mine!”

Danni put her fingernails on the edges of Anna’s butt and said, “Let me show you the real thing. And Anna Banana here will wink.”

Danni pulled the pair of cheeks apart once again. Anna then squeezed and tightened her asshole. But the star of the show yipped, and her body jolted when she felt a soft finger press against her rosebud.

“It’s okay, Anna Banana.” She rubbed her lower back as if calming a loved pet. “It’s just curious me.” She then spanked the ass hard, leaving a red mark.

“Guys, I have always loved Anna Banana. And she has been interested in Hugo. Hugo is an anal massager. It’s got a remote control too! Gives me a little control. I become a dominatrix.”

Danni gave a sinister laugh but quickly returned to being the hostess.

“Hugo has multiple settings. From a gentle pulse to full-on throb. Check my previous videos to see my first attempt with Hugo. It was a trip.”

Danni slapped Anna again.

“Anna Banana, spread your knees and we’ll get started.”

Anna slid her knees apart. She then felt a bit of saliva plop on the top of her ass and slide down the crevice.

Danni helped lube Anna by massaging her. She poked her butthole, and Anna jolted and yipped again. Danni began to steadily apply more pressure.

Anna arched her back, raising her head toward the ceiling.

Soon, Anna eased the natural tension on her backside and relaxed herself.

With a little tickle, Hugo slid into Anna’s ass.

It was larger than Anna had expected. She winced and gritted her teeth. “Oh, oh, oh, oh …”

“Guys, did you hear Anna Banana? She’s getting acquainted with Hugo. I’ll be nice and start with the softest mode. Too mean and she may never come back. And we don’t want her not to ‘cum’ back, do we?”

Anna felt a soft wiggle from Hugo and a smooth shift. Her breathing eased. She actually smiled.

Danni kept talking to the future viewers, but Anna didn’t care. The wiggle was wonderful.

Then the wiggle became a circular twist. “Wow,” Anna whispered.

The pressures and movements advanced, becoming tougher and wider. Soon the onset of pleasure formed deep inside of her, that familiar speck of goodness. And that speck grew. Anna’s heart sped and her toes curled. She shifted, trying to hold back from bucking against the bed.

“She’s loving it,” Anna heard Danni say. She had almost forgotten she was being recorded.

Moments later, Anna had a torrent of power shoot up spine until it stiffened her neck. Danni had touched her clit. The orgasm detonated rainbows and sparkles all around. Anna wailed in pleasure. She was shot several more times with orgasms, increasing her breathing and then eased her body to full rest, as if deflated. And it happened all over again.

By the time Anna had calmed her body, the recording was finished. She had had a long bout with pleasure. Anna rolled over and reset herself upright on the bed, resting her elbows on her knees.

“My god, that was amazing,” she said.

Danni sat next to her. “I enjoyed it. I hope you did too.”

“I did.”

“I owe you half of what I get from this video. Just as a reminder, no one knows who you are. You are anonymous.”

Anna nodded. “Let me know how the video does.”

Two days later, Anna got a call from Danni.

“You won’t believe this! You have taken Kelli Tois over the moon! I have triple the views of any video of mine. The comments too! You’d be shocked at how much they loved you. ‘Anna Banana is a goddess!’ and ‘Anna Banana was blessed from above and just blessed us. I want more blessings!’”

Anna smiled.

“They want more of you. For real. I’ll send you funds and give you all the gifts I got from this video. We may be a team, if you ever want.”

“I’ll have to think about it. It’s a huge decision. I’m not so sure.”

“Take your time. I’m here to discuss anything and all things.”