yoga on the roof part 5 free sex story

Yoga On The Roof, Part 5 – An Erotic Story

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Alessandra shadowboxed in the late afternoon on the roof of the apartment building.

Jab, jab, jab. Right hook, left hook. Jab, jab. Uppercut.

She grunted with each punch, emphasizing her power against the invisible enemy. Her face was balled up in a determined scowl, as tight as her fists. The muscles in her shoulders and upper arms stretched and constricted with the forward thrusts and the twist of her waist with the uppercuts.

Jab, jab, jab. Right hook.

Her hair was pulled into a ponytail to expose her face, lovely with a line of perspiration. One tress had loosened and was pasted to the contours of her face.

The sheen glistened on her neck and chest, which highlighted the Nike crop tank. She wore tight shorts, complimented by the yet-unreleased Nike cross-trainers.

A few feet away, Shelly bobbed and weaved, as she took pictures of her model.

The pair were in sync doing the photoshoot. This was the same place where they met on a yoga mat. The meeting was special.

Shelly finally stood and lowered her camera, ending this portion of the shoot. She patted her chest.

“Great job!” Shelly complimented. “Take a break. Grab some water. Next, we need to do high knees. We’re almost done.”

“‘We’? You’re not doing anything. It’s all me,” Alessandra replied before downing half a bottle.

Gerardo lowered the reflective display board to his feet.

“Yo, you lookin’ good, muñeca.” 

Alessandra glanced over her knobby shoulder and smiled.

Shelly saw Alessandra give a quick wink. The tiny movement pierced Shelly. Alessandra still was in love with that guy. Shelly hoped to find a way to get him out of the picture—metaphorically and literally.

Alessandra handled the high-knee workout with a few grunts and a struggle to keep a light, easy expression, a grin. Her face eased when she started the stretching exercises to cool down. Her legs spread wide, emphasizing her cute butt in the tight Nike sports shorts. Her breasts captured tight in the crop top as she bent toward the toes of the tiny cross-trainers.

“These are great photos,” Shelly said, flipping through the images on the camera’s digital screen. “The sports-training company really loved your headshots. Now they’ve got these. They’ll be pleased.”

The three of them left the rooftop once the sun had fallen behind the silhouette of the apartment buildings.

As they came to the exit door, Shelly turned to Alessandra, who was dabbing her face and chest with a towel.

“You, sweaty and showing off your arms. One more step into the modeling world.”

Gerardo held open the door for the ladies. Shelly only mumbled a thank-you. Alessandra kissed him on the cheek as she passed.

“My girl is going big.”

The door clamored shut as if emphasizing his statement.

Shelly turned to Alessandra.

“I’ll have these edited and sent to the company’s marketing department by midday tomorrow. I’ll let you know when I hear back.”

“Thank you.” Alessandra smiled and lightly hugged Shelly. But she and Gerardo exited the stairwell for their apartment. Shelly was left to walk down more stairs to hers.

Shelly always felt a weight in her stomach when Alessandra left with her arm around Gerardo or, even more, holding his hand. He was blocking Alessandra from her.

The next morning, Shelly was on the phone talking to her client who had a unique request for a male model. She continually clicked open and closed the tip of an ink pen, as they discussed ongoing projects and what work was ahead. Suddenly, Shelly stopped the clicking.

“I forgot to tell you! Oh my! I have the guy who would do what you’re looking for.”

“Seriously?” he asked.

“Yes, listen to this. I did a few headshots of him. He then told me to take more pictures on his own phone. Oh, my goodness.” She laughed remembering the afternoon. “In no time he had dropped his pants in front of me!”

“Just dropped them?” the client asked through the phone.

“Pants and his boxers. I saw everything.”

“He showed you? Does he not know about you?”

“Well, you know me,” Shelly said. “Yeah, even so I—”

“And how was it?” he interrupted.

“What you want. It was a nice brown penis—a more grayish tone. Decent size. No deformities. Pretty smooth from base to head. It’s what you’ve wanted. I could not help—”

The client interrupted her again.

“And he’s willing?”

“I’ve not confirmed it exactly. But he will—likely. He wants to be a model like Alessandra—the girl you’re in love with. He’d do about anything to stay equal with her. He hates falling behind. Such a guy.”

“Don’t brush him off,” he scolded through the phone. “It’s your job now to convince him. You know what I’ve offered you to …”

“Yes, yes, I know.” She waved her hand and rolled her eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes,” he said. “I can hear when you do that.”

Shelly laughed. He knew her too well. She added simply, “I’ll work on him.”

“Get him for me! Get the two of them together if you have to. Sex wouldn’t be bad. Break him down if he resists. You can make him—”

 “What did I just say?” She interrupted this time, scolding him like a mother.

She liked the thought of Alessandra nude in bed, even if Gerardo was on top of her. 

She was momentarily quiet.

“I’ve got a plan,” she said slowly.

The client concluded their conversation. “Do it. Whatever it is. Figure out how.”

A few days later, Alessandra sat on Shelly’s couch, sharing her frustrations about Gerardo.

“He has problems with my modeling. Not right away, he didn’t, but after a while. He complains that he hasn’t had any callbacks from the headshots he sent out. He’s been really angry. Now he’s turned cold to me. I’m worried.”

Shelly wasn’t exactly disappointed that they were going through a tough patch in their relationship. At the same time, she didn’t want Alessandra, her friend, to go through it. These feelings caught Shelly in an awkward place—glad and sad.

Shelly handed Alessandra a Diet Coke and then sat down.

“How badly does he want to work?” Shelly asked.

“Really, really bad. If he did work, he’d might be happy again. We would be happy. He wouldn’t be mad. He would be, you know, good again.”

“‘Good again’?”

“Yeah, he’s not interested in me in … bed.”

Shelly was caught again in mixed emotions for Alessandra. She steadied her thoughts and brought up her possible solution.

“What’s he willing to do, you know, for work?”

“Modeling for a sport-wear company, that’s what he wants.”

Shelly loosed a chuckle too quickly but tightened her lips.

“What?” Alessandra’s cheeks drooped and her lips pouted.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh. We have to be real though. He doesn’t have the body and form for sports modeling. Tall and lean and a chiseled face is what those companies want.”

“Then he’s a model for what type of stuff?”

Alessandra’s eyebrows scrunched. She exposed her worry about the man who had turned a cold shoulder toward her. The blooming success of Alessandra’s career upset Gerardo, and he was acting out his anger.

Shelly set down her red can of Coke on a Big Apple coaster on the table.

“Sometimes, when you’re at the bottom you’ve got to do anything to reach the first step.”

Alessandra nodded, agreeing to the notion. “Yeah, but what kind of stuff is he good for?”

“I have this … client …” Shelly let the word linger. “He has a unique request. But this could be the beginning of something.”

“What is it?”

“We need to figure out what Gerardo is willing to do to get into the modeling world.”

“Tell me.”

Before she went further, Shelly raised both arms as if showing innocence before the policeman. “Well, I say this as a photographer only, okay?”

Alessandra nodded.

“Gerardo has a nice, er, penis.”

Alessandra gasped upon hearing the straightforward statement. Then she chuckled.

Shelly tucked her hair behind her ear in this weird moment. She felt her cheeks warm.

“I’m not trying to get at him,” she said. “This client would like him.”

“Him or his penis?”

“Both. All of him.”

Alessandra quieted for a moment, and her eyes shifted to the corner of the room. Her mind obviously wrestled with the thought.

She then looked at Shelly and clapped once. “Let’s do it. He’ll do it.”

Shelly offered a question. “Is he willing for anything?”

Alessandra bounced on the couch, clutching her hands. “Yes!”

“You need to confirm that first. You can’t just say ‘yes’ for him.”

“He said he would do anything. Anything at all.”

Shelly lifted her Coke gingerly with her fingertips.

“Check with him first. I will not move ahead until I hear from him. A warning: this request is ‘out there.’”

She took a sip.

“I will talk to him.” Alessandra put her hand on Shelly’s knee.

Shelly set the can on the coaster again.

“Come over for dinner tomorrow. I’ll order some food. We can hang out for an evening—the three of us.”

Alessandra agreed immediately. “We’ll be here.”



At 6:55, there was a knock on the door. She ushered in Alessandra and Gerardo.

As they settled in, Gerardo had two shots from the bottle of tequila he brought. Each lady turned down a full shot glass. They instead enjoyed large glasses of sparkling Prosecco.

After his third shot, Gerardo asked, “So what is all this?”

Alessandra patted his arm. “It’s sushi. A variety. Take a pair of chop sticks—”

He interrupted her, waving his arm. “No, no. About our modeling tonight, not the sushi. Do I got a gig? A big corporation needing a hot dude?”

“There’s got to be one! Maybe even more,” Alessandra said. She slid her arm around his lower back, like a mother encouraging her klutzy kid. “See she has her background screen and lights up already.”

Gerardo patted her thigh.

Shelly took a long drink of wine. She then set down the glass on a coaster and mustered the gumption to speak.

“Gerardo, I have this client …” She rubbed her thumb and forefinger up and down the stem of the glass. “I mentioned your … how good you looked … your whole—” She gulped. “—body.”

Alessandra remained steady. Gerardo straightened up in the chair and grinned.

Alessandra spoke softly with a bit of concern. “Did you, um, send him naked pictures of Gerardo? I thought you only had headshots. You didn’t secretly …”

“No, no, no. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t keep secret images for myself.”

Saying that, she noticed Alessandra eyeing her, knowing the truth—at least with images of Alessandra.

“I just spoke to my client about Gerardo. He—the client—was intrigued. He wants pictures of Gerardo and you, Alessandra, together. From there, he may move ahead with the special assignment for Gerardo.”

“I’m ready.” Gerardo stood and did his typical modeling stance with his arms crossed and a stern face.

“Have a seat,” Shelly said, as if calming the man before he thought too much.

He sat.

He and Alessandra were obviously intrigued.

“I don’t know how to begin.” Shelly tossed hair over her shoulder. She paused to think how she should best explain the subject. The first presentation of the idea could ruin things immediately.

“These images would be for an individual at first. But he has lots of connections to other movers and shakers in his community. I think this could be the start of something. Or it could be a way to make some easy money.”

Gerardo grinned. “Let’s go. I’m ready.”

Shelly waved her hands, like a warning a train was coming and he stood on the railroad tracks.

“Gerardo, you haven’t heard what the photo shoot’s requirements are.”

“Yo, I’m ready.” He jumped to his feet again and shadowboxed.

Shelly cupped her forehead at seeing his reaction. Seeing Shelly’s reaction, Alessandra gently grabbed his forearm to pull him back to the chair and chill.

“You need to listen,” Alessandra said. “You have to connect with your photographer or it’s not going to work.”

“Well, I’m stoked.”

“If you’re ready, I will grab the necessary items then. Go to the couch.” Shelly walked slowly to her office. At the doorway, she looked back. “You’re sure?”

“Yes,” Gerardo said.

In the room, she unlocked a chest and shifted some items inside to find what was needed.

As she rummaged, she heard the two talking.

“She must be getting something good. She put me in that white fur coat. Beautiful. I still dream about it.”

“I can stop traffic too, you know.”

“I know you will.”

Hearing the two, Shelly believed the coldness that Gerardo had shown Alessandra had passed. They were connecting again, or so it sounded.

Shelly found the items. She looked at them, still not confident of Gerardo’s reaction. She imagined his spitting at the idea and slamming the door as he stormed out of her apartment. If that happened, she knew his coldness would turn into a deep freeze to both her and Alessandra.

Returning to them, they went silent when she held up the two items.

Finally, Alessandra asked, “What are those?”

Shelly had a long wig that reached almost to the floor. It had a rainbow of colors. In her other hand was the same rainbow of colors. However, the strands were attached to an anal plug.

The couple’s jaws fell open.

“You jokin’, right?” Gerardo asked.

“No, this is it.” Shelly tried to brighten her face to counter their growing confusion.

“What is it?” he asked again.

“My Little Pony,” Shelly said.

“Yes, Rainbow Dash! I had her when I was a little girl. But is that a mane and a tail?”

“How? Why?” Gerardo almost choked on his confusion.

“My client wants … a … a man to be Rainbow Dash.”

The apartment was silent, except for the sound of the humming refrigerator in the kitchen.

Shelly broke the silence. “Like I said, modeling often begins in unique places. It takes work, particularly for men since they don’t have the female shape that modeling loves.”

Alessandra put her hand on Gerardo’s back and rubbed in circles.

“You like what we do in the bedroom. I mean, with Rodney.” She whispered the name. “You can handle this, if you can handle him. Think of it as Rodney. Yeah, I’ll help.” She patted his knee. He didn’t answer.

Shelly immediately conjured thoughts of Gerardo and Alessandra in a dark bedroom with a second man named Rodney. Would Alessandra be in the middle of the two men, feeling two dicks hardening against her ass and two sets of lips kissing her all over? Two dicks in her at once? Or would she and Gerardo double-team Rodney? Shelly halted her wandering mind.

Whatever the arrangement, Alessandra was a wild woman, and, suddenly she realized Gerardo had a side that wasn’t all hardcore male, like he had displayed when in Shelly’s studio.

Shelly shyly entered the couple’s silent conversation.

“Rodney? Who is he?”

Both twisted toward her. Alessandra’s cheeks reddened but not as much as Gerardo’s. Alessandra opened her mouth to explain, but Gerardo cupped it with his hand. He gave an awkward huff and stared at his girlfriend, almost in fear of what she was about to do.

“Don’t,” he said sternly, waving his finger.

Shelly hid the two colorful objects behind her back, out of sight.

“I knew you weren’t ready,” Shelly said. “I’m sorry I encouraged it or brought it up. How about we forget that it ever happened.”

Alessandra peeled Gerado’s hand from her mouth. She butted him.

“Rodney is—”

Gerardo growled in Spanish. But squirreling around him, she admitted, “Rodney is me.”

“Alessandra!” he scolded.

“He likes anal when I use the strap-on.”

Shelly’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “So Rodney isn’t another dude for a threesome?”

“We haven’t done that before. It can confuse the relationship,” Alessandra said.

Now Shelly’s jaw was open, like it was out of joint. Alessandra with a strap-on ramming Gerardo from behind?

Shelly forced her mouth to move.

“I never would have … Not that anything’s wrong with that. People’s personal preferences are their own. Gerardo is a, er, very provocative, forward-thinking man.”

He gave a slight grin, as a thank-you for the compliment.

“Shall we move forward then? Or should I put these away and never discuss it?”

Alessandra suggested they continue. “This is where it begins, Gerardo. I trust Shelly. She’s tasteful and has always helped me.”

“Does this come with money and more gigs?” Gerardo asked. His back was curved and his elbows were set on his knees. He was nervous.

Shelly walked to her camera and lighting equipment nonchalantly. She turned on the box lamp and counter light. She had taken the same attitude when Alessandra was opting against the photo shoot idea of her in the white fur coat in the intersection.

“Money, yes. A large sum. Future gigs are likely,” she answered. “But it’s all about who likes you and how much.”

On a small bench under the glow, she set the mane and the tail. Gerardo and Alessandra—but particularly Gerardo—needed to make the first move toward the items.

Shelly picked up her glass of warm Prosecco, which was near the two who were still in the midst of a silent conversation, and left. She pulled the bottle from the refrigerator and refilled her glass, keeping her distance from them.

Finally, she heard him.

“Shelly,” he called, “I’m ready. I am ready to do it.” He seemed to have drummed up his resolve.

Shelly reappeared. Gerardo was fitting the rainbow mane on his head with Alessandra’s help. The hairs draped over half of his face, and the mane hung to the middle of his back, covering a few of the harsh gray tattoos.

Shelly grinned. But to keep back the laughter, she forced herself into the photographer mindset. This wasn’t Gerardo. It was the man her client had been hoping for. Shelly never thought she would find him outside of certain bars. But here he was, although he did not know all that may now come his way. This was no “Rodney,” but there may be plenty of Rodneys who would be very interested.

Mane in place, Gerardo knelt on the box with Alessandra behind him.

Shelly brought them some lube, and Alessandra began to work her magic. Her “Rodney” magic. As she worked in the plug, she fondled his dick, reaching around his thigh. Gerardo grew thicker and longer with the touch.

Shelly grabbed pictures from all angles. High. Low. Eye-level. Close up. Full view.

Alessandra twisted and massaged.

“Come on, baby,” she cooed.

Gerardo moaned and gave small grunts as she worked.

“Relax and open up. There you go. Yeah, nice and easy.”

Shelly was near Gerardo’s face when he winced and suddenly exhaled in peace and pleasure. He had a rainbow tail to match his mane.

“All right,” Shelly said. “This is what the client wants. You, Gerardo, on all fours and then rear up like a wild horse. From there, imagine you’re a wild Rainbow Dash. Not for girls but men. Find the positions. Work it for me. Be the horse of men’s dreams.”

Gerardo did well in becoming the bucking bronco named Rainbow Dash. Then Alessandra got involved. She climbed on his back and became a cowgirl, twirling the imaginary lasso in her hand. She then became the rider controlling her bronco. Shelly nabbed a picture of Gerardo on his knees with his hands in the air. Great, unique images.

Rainbow Dash reared back with its forearms raised high. Gerardo held the pose. Shelly was not expecting what she saw next.

Alessandra moved to her knees in front of Rainbow Dash. Gerardo cupped the back of her head. Her hands smeared all over him. She glided over his torso. Her eyes never left his eyes, until she started to stroke him and admire the dick.

Shelly was amazed at these two. Alessandra had this power to control those she touched. Shelly had been captured and controlled. Gerardo may have given a stern posture, but he was as subservient as Shelly was.

Shelly’s camera lowered when Alessandra fit her mouth around the brown cock. Realizing she was missing the action, she resumed photographing and moving around the pair.

Shelly got a close-up of Alessandra bobbing on the dick.

Gerardo kept his hand on the crown of her head, a hand full of hair.

A moan escaped through his lips.

“Fuck, girl. You doin’ so good.”

Alessandra opened her eyes to stare into his. She bobbed faster, slurping louder, and letting her saliva drip and drool off the length.

Directly behind Gerardo, Shelly took a picture of Alessandra on her knees. She framed it through Gerardo’s spread legs and the tail.

Alessandra must have known, or have sensed, Shelly’s presence behind Gerardo. Unexpectedly, Alessandra’s arm reached through Gerardo’s legs toward Shelly.

Shelly fought against giving up her camera. Her person, as a photographer, struggled against her person, as an enraptured woman.

The internal battle ended when Alessandra’s forefinger beckoned Shelly forward. There was no resistance.

She left the camera on the floor, in video-recording mode and facing the action.

Shelly moved on all fours to the front of Gerardo beside Alessandra. She stared with Alessandra at her man who now was My Little Pony.

“Whatta think?” Alessandra’s sloppy hand didn’t let go of the slippery cock.

Shelly felt uncomfortable. She was shoulder to shoulder with Alessandra and inches from the hard dick with a thick vein running the length. Oddly, the vein reminded her of a Snickers candy bar.

“You liked when you saw it last time,” Alessandra said. “Touch it. Jerk it.”

She gave a couple of quick strokes, like they were demonstrations.

Shelly didn’t move. She remained on her knees with her hands in her lap. Alessandra massaged the reddening tip of the cock.

“It’s mine. I want to share it with you.” She had to urge on Shelly. “Touch it.”

“It’s been years. Years,” Shelly said weakly.

“Ever given a blowjob?” Alessandra asked, raising her eyebrows waiting for Shelly’s answer.

“Once when I was young.”

Alessandra pulled Shelly’s face close. The cock nearly bumped her nose.

The spit covering the thing was Alessandra’s, so Shelly tried to imagine it as just kissing—making out—with Alessandra. The thought wasn’t convincing.

“Give it a kiss,” Alessandra said in a stern tone. “Then I’ll give you a kiss.”

Glancing at Alessandra, the woman’s smile was devious and evil. It was infected with a fierce lust.

Shelly didn’t move fast enough, so Alessandra nudged Shelly’s head forward. She opened her mouth, albeit hesitantly. The girth entered and dragged against her tongue. In some innate motion, she began to move her mouth along the thickness. She recalled eating large fudge popsicles as a young girl.

Alessandra played with her hair, caressing the mat into a ponytail.

“You look so good with a dick in your mouth,” she whispered into Shelly’s ear. “I could watch this all day. This makes me want you. I want you, Shelly.” Then what Alessandra said next shocked Shelly. “Me and Gerardo role-play as you.”

Shelly’s eyes popped open. She pulled the dick from her mouth.


Alessandra didn’t answer. She only lunged in with a devouring kiss. Alessandra flattened Shelly onto the floor. A hand skated under her shirt and squeezed her hefty breasts.

Shelly basked in the make-out with Alessandra and didn’t fight when she felt Gerardo slide down her pants. She heard her pants flap against her coffee table across the room. Her bare butt chafed on the rough carpet until her legs rose and spread. Then a pressure seemed to melt into her pussy.

It was Gerardo, Rainbow Dash.

Alessandra tugged on her lips and Gerardo tugged roughly on her lips. The dual sensation overwhelmed her. She felt the continuous whoosh of pleasure in two places. Soon, the two points merged into one glorious swirl of goodness. The orgasm hit her, making her whole body feel wobbly and overly sensitive to each touch. She even could feel the carpet move below her. Shelly remained at ease. She and her tension thawed and melted into the carpet.

Alessandra and Gerardo left her on the floor for a few minutes to recover and have her body solidify once again.

Eventually, Shelly could stand confidently. When she did, she found the couple being wild.

The colorful, braided My Little Pony tail was dangling from the crack of his ass. Alessandra had her hand raised, prepared to smack him.

Alessandra dropped her arm. She broke into a smile.

“He’s a freak.”

Then she slapped the brown ass. Gerardo reared up and neighed, like an unruly animal.

“He’s … a pony.” Shelly spoke the obvious, because she was dumbfounded by the visual.

When she photographed Gerardo, she was intrigued by his tough-man tattoos that covered his stomach, shoulders, arms, and his knuckles. Now he was acting out as a miniature equine, a pack animal, a beast owned by rich girls, and a plastic toy owned by all girls.

“Want a ride?” Alessandra gave a grim grin, like she had earlier.

Shelly waved off the idea, but said, “Mind if I get my camera? That client of mine—he would be intrigued. Will lead to some work.”

Gerardo turned his rear away from Shelly, with a jolt and a strange kick. Alessandra calmed him, patting his lower back.

Shelly returned with the camera and found Gerardo’s muzzle in Alessandra’s pussy. Her head had fallen back, and her slick, black hair was pooled on the floor.

“Mi dios! Popi, eat it up, don’t waste,” she said and transitioned to Spanish as the whoosh of pleasure intensified.

Shelly maneuvered around the couple in the midst of this sexual ride. She moved too close to Alessandra’s hand. The petite woman snagged Shelly’s shirt and dragged her forward. Shelly didn’t realize the strength of the girl. In a moment, Shelly was kissing Alessandra. Alessandra had two people focused intensely on her body. While Shelly melted at such attention, Alessandra hardened.

Shelly let her hands move across her body, slipping under her shirt to rub her nipples until they hardened into tiny knobs. Alessandra groaned loudly when Shelly put her mouth over her first nipple and then the next.

With Gerardo and Shelly, Alessandra entered into her own meadow of pleasure.

Gerardo was left, the only one, remaining.

Out of the ordinary, Shelly shifted to Gerardo. She took hold of his aching dick and stroked it. The tail and mane shook because of the touch.

“Fuck him. Fuck him.” Shelly realized Alessandra was urging her on. “I’ve wanted it since you took those pictures of him.”

Shelly had been aroused for a while, and, because of the sex romp, her apprehensions were gone.

“Come here,” she urged Rainbow Dash to her. “I’ve not been fucked by a man in a long time. Let me feel it again.”

She lay back and came under the shadow of Gerardo. She remembered pleasure from long ago with a man over her. And suddenly the feeling returned, as he shoved his cock into her pussy.

She grunted with his thrusts. Her cheeks puffed out and a vein in her forehead appeared. He had no remorse for a soft cunt. The thrusts became shorter and quicker and harder, and then his cock was gone.

She opened her eyes and saw a glob of cum land on her belly. A second, smaller shot splattered on her bellybutton. Gerardo shook off the rest of it onto her. Shelly smiled, enjoying it.

Soon, the three of them were in Shelly’s bedroom, showered and naked, asleep. Shelly was in the middle. It may have been the beginning of a new relationship.

A few days later, Shelly got a text from Alessandra.

Big, big bucks for Rainbow Dash pics. Amazing! G is a new man. We owe you.

In the coming months, Gerardo was in a new world of work. He was dancing in clubs and working with Shelly’s client, doing more unique photo shoots. Alessandra continued her work in the modeling world. Shelly remained a photographer and, watching them, was amazed that this all began with yoga on the roof.