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Hannah – An Erotic Story

Hannah is a young woman, about 25, slim, petite, pretty, and graceful, living in the home counties. The town she lives in is not very  exciting. Nor, to be honest, is her job, a shop assistant in a large supermarket.

Also, in her experience she has found the local young men unexciting too. When she first started dating, she was somewhat inexperienced. She was willing to try things but found all her encounters disappointing. There was always something missing, though she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. 

But Hannah had a decidedly exciting secret life. In the past year, she had discovered a web site for people – men, women, couples – engaged in, or looking for primarily sexual encounters. A swingers’ site.

She had been intrigued, and as she explored the site, fascinated by what sort of lives the people on this site had. Initially horrified, the more she read the more envious she became. 

She had always been a very sexual woman, but supressed her sexuality, almost ashamed of it. But as she read the site, she came to understand that many men, and women too accepted and celebrated their sexuality without shame, and indulged their urges without regret. She started to understand that the way she felt, the urges she had, were not to be ashamed of, and she started to feel an affinity with the strangers on the site. 

At first, she felt she couldn’t possibly actually participate in this lifestyle, the idea was unthinkable, but over the course of a few weeks the idea formed and grew in her mind. Why not put on a profile. Inevitably she wrote a brief profile.

Almost immediately she was inundated with messages, mostly from single men, and almost all were monosylabic, crude, vulgar, pointedly sexual, and often downright offensive. After deleting them, she then received a second wave of messages from some of those declined that were abusive. Not what she had expected. She reset her filters to exclude messages from single men. This considerably reduced the number of messages, but some men got round it by registering as a couple, even though the female half didn’t exist. But she persisted, and over the next few months had a number of meetings with couples, some of which proved disappointing, but there were others where she finally found what she was looking for.

She found she preferred older couples, who she found less selfish, and more concerned with her pleasure. And as time went by, she started to realise that it was the female attention she preferred rather than the male. She wasn’t sure whether perhaps she was lesbian, or maybe it was just that the ladies seemed to have a better understanding of her body, and needs. 

In her work, she had a lot of contact with the public. Here too she was often the object of unwanted attention. On an almost daily basis she received comments. Her innocent prettiness drew everything from requests for dates, to obscene propositions. 

But if she had to deal with a lot of lowlife, there were also some customers who she came to like. Regular customers who treated her with respect and civility, and would exchange a little inconsequential chat.

One such was a man she knew as Wilf. Wilf was in his early 60s. He always shopped alone and always exchanged a few words with her at the checkout. He was charming, funny and polite. Never once did she feel uncomfortable in his presence. He took care with his appearance. Well groomed and dressed smartly, but casually, his shoes always polished. He had a twinkle in his eye  and an easy smile. He had served in the military in the past, and had retained his slim fit physique, pride in his appearance and bearing. Hannah had occasionally wondered what he had been like when younger.

One day, Hannah was placed on the customer service desk, and a young woman came to the desk to give her a wallet she had found in the car park. Hannah took the lost wallet and checked it to see who it belonged to, and was surprised to find Wilf’s picture looking at her from his driving licence. She couldn’t find a phone number, but saw that his driving license had his address on it. The address was just a short detour from her walk home, and she decided to take it to him personally after work.

She finished work around 8pm. It had been a fine warm day and she set out on the walk home still in her company uniform. Dark blue skirt, that she had shortened slightly to just above the knee, and a white blouse with the company logo on the left breast. She was bare legged and as she walked she enjoyed the cool of the evening air on her slender legs. 

She turned off her usual route home down the street where Wilf had his home, and walked down the road, counting the numbers till she found the right one, and took the path through a neatly tended garden. She found the front door slightly open. She intended to call out as she opened the door, but the hinges squealed as she pushed it and she heard Wilf’s voice coming from a door on the left, “Come on in Archie, I’ve started without you.”

She pushed open the door. The curtains were closed but it was not dark. Wilf was sitting on a settee with his back to her, watching a large television. She was suddenly thrown into turmoil by the realisation that he was watching an explicit pornographic movie. He was not in any state of undress but Hannah felt acutely embarrassed that she had caught him out in his guilty pleasure. She had no problem with pornography, she’d watched it herself, but found most of it just terribly done. The content showed very rarely showed anything she would recognise as a real sexual encounter and the fakeness of it all, from the acting, to the plot, to the silicone breasts disappointed her. 

Just as she was resolving to sneak out quietly Wilf turned around. His face fell, and reddened immediately. He fumbled for the remote control and turned off the TV. His mouth moved for a few seconds but no sound came out. Then he found his voice again. “Oh god, I’m so terribly terribly  sorry. I don’t know what to say,” Hannah simply said, “I brought you your wallet,” and extended it toward him. 

As Wilf reached out dumbly to take it the front door squealed again. A man entered the room, about the same age as Wilf, equally fit looking, but more strongly built. Pale skinned with short cropped ginger hair and a broad smile he spoke in a strong Scottish accent to Wilf, “Who’s your friend?” Wilf mumbled introductions and the Scot, whose name was Archie turned the broad smile to bear on Hannah, “Pleased to meet you,” He said.

Wilf explained that she had come from the supermarket to return his lost wallet and then fixed Archie’s eye and said “When she came in I thought it was you. The TV was on.” Archie took this in and then burst into laughter. “Oh my God! Did she catch you… you know?” Wilf was still looking miserable.” I’d just turned it on. I’ll have you know I was decent.”

Archie turned to Hannah, still laughing, “A shame about your timing,” he said, “Another couple of minutes and you’d have caught him with his todger out” Despite Wilf’s clear misery Archie seemed to think the whole thing hugely funny. “In fact, a few more minutes and you’d have caught us both sitting here with our todgers in our hands.”

Hannah felt the laughter building up in her. Giggling, she turned to Wilf.  “I’m not at all offended,” she said, “I think it’s funny too.” Wilf seemed to lighten a little. Archie spoke, “If this lady has taken the trouble to bring your wallet back to you personally, then where are your manners? The least you can do is offer her some refreshment.” Wilf straight away asked Hannah if she would like a cup of tea. Archie stepped in, “Alternatively,” he said “We always have a couple of bottles of wine in for these evenings. Would you prefer that?” Hannah simply nodded.

Wilf went out and came back with two bottles and three glasses. He poured out a generous measure to each. Hannah took one and sat down on the settee in the middle and motioned to the two men to join her, one on each side. They chatted generally for a while but seemed to run out of conversation.

Hannah looked at the both. “So,” she said, “Let me see if I’ve got this right. Once in a while, you two meet up here to watch porn, drink wine, and wank, Yes?” The two men looked at each other like naughty schoolboys.

“Every week,” said Archie, “Always here. My daughter lives with me so we can’t do it at my place.” Hannah grinned “So, do you wank yourselves, or each other?” The two men looked horrified. Wilf answered “We’re not gay you know, we never touch each other.”

Hannah smiled thoughtfully for a few seconds. She had made up her mind. “OK,” she said, “Don’t mind me, turn the TV back on.” The two men looked at each other, and then her. Wilf spoke. “I don’t know that we’d be comfortable with that, having a young lady sitting with us while we watch that sort of thing. Wouldn’t feel right.” Hannah reached across and took the TV remote. She switched it on. The porn was still running. “I wouldn’t want to spoil your evening, she said sweetly. Don’t mind me, you won’t know I’m here I’ll be that quiet.”

The men sat wooden faced watching the screen. Hannah settled down to watch laughing inwardly. The two guys had not made the slightest move toward her. Complete and utter gentlemen, or imperceptive idiots, she couldn’t decide which. The website they were watching was a well known free site, male orientated and frankly not very erotic.

She spoke,“I think I know a better site than this, may I?” The men simply nodded. She typed in the web address of a site she knew well, one where the content was far more made by women, and aimed at women. The content was different, there was story, gentleness, affection, and much more credibility to the plot. As the film played the men softened, clearly finding it stimulating, if the bulges in their trousers was anything to go by.

Hannah gestured toward their trousers, “That looks uncomfortable, why don’t you get them out? You said that’s what you did.” The men looked at her startled, “Absolutely not, said Wilf. We’re not going to wank in front of you, out of the question.” Archie nodded in agreement. “But,” argued Hannah, “I didn’t say you had to wank. Just that you might be more comfortable if you were released from your confines.” The two men did nothing. “Oh for goodness sake,” said Hannah, “Let me help you.”

She had thought that Archie would be less resistant to what she had in mind so she reached over and undid his belt and trousers, then pulled down the zip. Archie put up no resistance. She pulled down the front of his pants and pulled out his cock, which was fully erect. She looked at it appreciatively.

“Very nice,” was all she said. It was a little longer than those she had seen before, but not outlandishly sized. The foreskin was halfway down the glans. All in all, rather a nice one, she thought. She let him go and turned to Wilf.

Her strategy had worked. With Archie’s cock out Wilf’s resistance seemed to collapse and he meekly allowed her to release his erect cock too. His was not as long as Archies, but very thick, and circumcised. She sat back to admire her handiwork, both men sitting with stiff erections on either side of her, her hands now primly in her lap. “Well,” she said, “Off you go.” Neither men moved. “Or would you rather I take care of that for you too?” They looked at her, but their resistance was gone. “That would be very nice,” Croaked Archie.

“OK,” She said. She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse, taking it off to reveal a plain lacey white bra. She reached behind and unclipped it, letting it fall. Her breasts were not large, maybe a B cup but pert, firm and exquisitely shaped.

The men were no longer looking at the TV but at Hannah’s beautiful semi nakedness. She sat down again and reached out her hands to take one of them in each hand. The men were silent. They did not touch her as she gently wanked them at the same time. After a few minutes of seeing and hearing their obvious pleasure, She let go of them both and got off the settee to kneel in front of Archie, between his knees.

She took his cock in her hand and began to move the foreskin back and forth over his glans, now glistening with pre cum. Although her breasts were not large enough to form a true cleavage she rubbed the head of his cock in the valley between her breasts and finally lowered her head to take his cock into her mouth. He was gasping now, and, after only a short time, she knew he was about to come. He confirmed it, “ Oh, I’m gonna cum.” She took his cock out of her mouth and finished him with her hand. He spurted heavily over her breasts, the last few spurts trickling down over her hand. 

Once he had subsided, she moved to Wilf, repeating the performance till she felt him too spurting  over her breasts and hands. She continued until he was drained, and stood up and looked down at herself. The mens’ cum was running down her breasts and belly. Gentlemen to the end, they stood and got some tissues and wiped her clean. Wilf spoke, “That was lovely. Is there anything we can do for you now?” She smiled at them, “I hope so, take me to the bedroom.”

They went upstairs. Wilf entered the bedroom first and closed the curtains. Once inside, Hannah kicked off her shoes, unzipped and removed her skirt. Now naked except for her white panties she put her arms around Wilf and kissed him, pressing her body to him. She ended the kiss and looked into his eyes.

“Get undressed,” She said. While Wilf was undressing she turned to Kiss Archie. As they were kissing, she felt Wilf press his, now naked body to her back, and felt his hands go to her waist. “Take off my knickers, Wilf,” she said and went back to kissing Archie as she felt her knickers pulled down over her legs to the floor. She detached herself from Archie, who began to undress. Then, she stepped out of her knickers and lay down in the middle of the double bed, where the now naked men joined her one on each side.

They were both experienced, and had in their lives taken the trouble to learn how to please a woman. They used those skills kissing her mouth, neck, breasts, belly, thighs. Every square inch of her they kissed and caressed.

Archie was the first to touch her pussy, finding it soaking wet. He brushed his fingers over the outer lips so very lightly, moving his fingers in just a little to rub the entrance and forward to the little hard button that he knew would give her pleasure.

Wilf moved down placing his head between her thighs. He had often been complimented on the way he gave oral sex. He’d been told he had a “tongue like velvet” and he used it now on her clitoris. While he was busy there, Archie moved back up to Hannah’s side kissing and caressing. The two men settled into a rhythm, patiently coaxing Hannah to her climax. It came with a small cry from her as she stiffened, repeatedly gasping as she broke. The two men took her through gently, in awe of the intensity of her orgasm. 

As Hannah settled, the two men cuddled up to her on either side, caressing her affectionately. She put her hands out on either side to find them both hard and erect again. She looked at Archie first, looking into his eyes. “Lie on your back,” she said. Archie did as she said and she got astride him feeding his cock into her. She sank down over it’s full length and rode him gently.

Before long, she felt the urgency in him, and then the delightful warmth of his cum, spreading deep inside her. She looked into his eyes as she dismounted and took up a position on all fours.

Wilf moved behind her. He looked down to see Archie’s cum trickling down the inside of her thighs. His cock now was really thick, and as he entered her, he heard her gasp as he stretched her. After only a few minutes, he too filled her, his spunk mixing with that of his friend.  Once finished, they all lay together on the bed, seated and quiet.

Hannah eventually got up and retrieved her clothes, getting dressed downstairs. The two men came downstairs and each kissed her a last time before she left. They watched her walk down the path and disappear down the road. 

Wilf turned to Archie, “I never properly thanked her for returning my wallet.”