LELO Explains Adult Spanking

Erotic spanking is now so ubiquitous to sex that there’s a good chance that even you, dear reader, have experienced it – and it’s no surprise why. Spanking and sex go together so well because it’s a great way to inject a bit of playful pain into an intimate experience, and vary the array of sensations that are on offer.

How Spanking and Sex Fit Together

So Why Do We Spank During Sex?

First of all, it’s the easiest way to experiment for first-time BDSM play ; all you need is a hand, a buttock, and some momentum applied to said hand (also a sense of aim, because nobody likes being slapped in the tailbone). Secondly, it’s pretty risk-free; we can’t even venture to think of any serious injury that can be inflicted through a little love tap, with worst that can feasibly happen is you being on the receiving end of a ‘what the hell was that?’ look before getting back to the business at hand.

However to get down to the real reason behind spanking – aside from it feeling good – differs from person to person, because hey, we’re all mixed bags of nuts.

Some do it to feel dominant, while others accept it to feel dominated , and many just do it to add that extra bit of spice. It can be enjoyed by both partners – because it goes both ways – but only if proper spanking etiquette is followed, such as;

  • Strikes should be focused on the lower, meatier part of the cheeks and upper thighs
  • Follow every spank with a light caress of the slapped area
  • Don’t slap hard enough to leave a hand imprint – unless permission is given
  • Make sure to remove jewelry like rings and bracelets

Okay, so your rings are removed and you know where to aim, but what now? Well, you’re ready to begin, so have your spanking subject get in the proper spanking position;

  • You (the spanker), sit on the bed with your knees over the side, just as you would a chair
  • Your partner (the spankee) then lies stomach-down across your lap
  • Otherwise, you can have them assume an all-fours position while you stand to the side

From either of these vantage points, you’ve got the perfect amount of room to get an arc with your good spankin’ arm, as well as enjoy the view.

Implements of Posterior Punishment

Your Hand

The classic spanking tool, literally passed down through the generations. We’ve all got them (unless you don’t, in which case sorry), and they’re practically made for spanking, as you can most accurately control the intensity of your blows.


The humble paddle is widely available in a number of materials like wood, metal or leather to vary the sensations, and offer a much more assertive slap then the hand. Don’t start a spanking session by going straight to the paddle; build up the tension with some hand slaps before moving on to this tool.

Whips and Floggers

There are as many varieties of whips in the world as there are bums for them to be slapped across, each offering a different type of sting. The length of the whip and they type and texture of the material it’s made with all play a part in the final experience you’ll have, so if you’re buying one to use on a partner, only do so if it’s one you’d have used on you in turn.

Top Tips for Tukus Taps

Start Soft

Begin with a bottom massage of gentle strokes and soft tickling of their butt cheeks before going in for your opening salvo of spanks. This will up the anticipation of the first strike and the jolt from soft to stinging will have their full attention.

Mind Your Aim, Gents

Aim a spank low and center, at the crease where cheek meets thigh; the vibrations from your strike will stimulate her genitals.

More Cushion (but Not for Pushin’)

If you have your spanking subject lying face-down over your knee or on the bed, prop their bottom up with a pillow placed under their tummy. It will help you aim your hand, and provide some shock absorption for the recipient of the spank.

Have a Ball (or Two)

Add some amazing vibrations to the spanking experience by having a female spankee wear vibrating Ben Wa balls during her playful punishment. Each strike will cause the balls to jiggle around and perfectly mix some pleasure with the pain.

Have you got any tips of your own that you didn’t see here? Tell us in the comments section below!

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