getting started with anal masturbation

How To: Anal Masturbation for Total Beginners

It’s no secret that we are living in pretty butt-centric times. As far back as 2014, people were scratching their heads over the resurgence of round, juicy bottoms in pop culture, and even then they were talking about a cultural movement that was years in the making. 

getting started with anal masturbation

This is by no means a scholarly thesis, but this culture of butt inevitably led to a greater level of comfort in talking about the fun things you can do with it, like rimming, pegging and anal sex. And if people are talking about them, it’s no great mental leap to imagine that they’re doing them, if not more than ever, than at the very least with more abandon than ever before.

There’s just one aspect about it that may strike one as odd: while people are enjoying more butt play, the three forms of it that are being espoused the most (pegging, rimming and anal sex) are a partnered style of play. Much less spoken about is anal masturbation, a solo act that is no less enjoyable and, if done right, can be even more pleasurable when you take matters into your own hands.

Solo anal play is simple enough to come to grips with, however some handy tips will better ease you into the fun, such as:

Your only real investment could be a bottle of lube.

Because there’s not one correct way (ie, with a finger or with a sex toy) to stimulate your anal opening, canal or prostate, the one constant in all of these is that proper lubrication is essential. When it comes to anal stimulation, friction is not your friend. To avoid abrasions, even when you’re not penetrating the anal opening but rather massaging it, having some glide will allow you to do so comfortably.

However, a toy may come in handy if your hand alone doesn’t cut it.

While there are many purpose-made sex toys specifically for anal stimulation, you could even use a dildo or traditional vibrator for anal play if that’s what you have on-hand. 

An anal sex toy like a butt plug is ideal though, as many are designed to match the contours of the anal cavity and feature a flared or hooked base that leaves no chance for a toy to get ‘sucked in’ and require a pretty embarrassing trip to the ER. 

Your first step: Prime yourself for pleasure. Don’t simply go straight for the butt stuff when you’re taking your first forays into anal self-pleasure. Make sure that you are in the mood and aroused before you start knocking on your backdoor. Doing so will ensure that you are relaxed and more receptive to the sensations that you’ll be experimenting with. 

You could even experiment for your first time while masturbating during a shower, as the hot water will ensure that your muscles are nice and loose in order to help you along. 

Get properly positioned.

If for whatever reason you don’t want to or can’t experiment in the shower, assume the classic position: lying on your back, bring your knees up to your chest. Have a pillow placed under your butt in order to be pointing your hips up into the air. From this position you will have easy access for your hand or a toy. 

You can likewise try the doggy position (on your hands and knees), which will also allow for easy access, however in both cases remember to position yourself over a towel so that you won’t have to clean your bedsheets afterwards.

Trim your nails, for goodness’ sake.

Avoid fissures and tears by keeping anything sharp, jagged or cornered out of your butt. This includes your fingernails. A well-manicured (and clean) pair of mitts will ensure that no ill fortune comes to your backside.