Butts Up with What Plugs?

Is it a teardrop? Is it a minimalist Christmas tree? Heck no, it’s a butt plug: one of the simplest, yet most effective pleasure items made precisely for going where the sun don’t shine.

It’s all in the name. A butt plug is to use as a plug for your butthole, however, that’s totally overlooking the huge pleasure you can receive from wearing one, but first thing first: if it doesn’t have a flared base, it’s not a butt plug. Or at the very least, it’s not one you should own. Butt plugs are meant to be placed in your rectum and stay there while you move around it, so if you want thrusting sensations, you’re better off buying a vibrator made for anal play.

We can’t stress enough though how important that flared base is – thank us later for saving you a very embarrassing emergency room visit!

So then, why might you want to try experimenting with a butt plug?


The humble butt plug can turn any solo session in to a real earth-shaker, as it provides you with a fuller feeling in your bottom and rubs against your prostate. While it’s in (after applying mucho lube), squeeze your sphincter muscles around it to really up the pleasure factor.

Starting Behind to Get Ahead

In anticipation of anal play, wearing a butt plug can help to prepare you for the sensations and the mechanics of you first anal experience. A butt plug will get you accustomed to the sensations and give you a sensory frame of reference for when you get down to it with a partner.

It’s also going to tip you off as to what your limits are when it comes to exploring anal play. Remember; a little discomfort is natural, but pain isn’t. If it hurts, stop.

So How Do You Get Started?

First of all, take it slow. A well-lubed plug should be introduced very slowly and gently to the rectum. You can do this while laying on your side, on your knees or squatting over the plug, or on all fours in the doggy position.

When you’re in position, you’ll be able to gently slide it in. You may experience some resistance; the plug might get pushed back out by your sphincter muscles –and that’s totally normal. As you get more comfortable and the muscles relax, it will stay in.

What Do You Do When You’re Done? 

Clean it obviously! No matter what your plug is made out of, an all-purpose toy cleansing solution will do the trick. However with an anal toy you might find yourself using a lot of it, so in that case go on and use warm water and antibacterial soap and give it a scrub. Then, let it air dry.

If you’ve got a glass, stainless steel, solid silicone or heck, even a butt plug made out of gold, then you can totally disinfect a toy by boiling it in water for 10 minutes. No matter how (or how well) you clean it though, it’s best not to share your butt plugs, just in case!

So now that you’re an anal expert, it’s time to start experimenting and seeing what kind of dirty fun you’ve been missing out on!

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