Is the A-Spot Real? The What, Where, How & More

You may have heard the word “G-spot” being thrown around a few times. And you might know where the G-spot is and how to stimulate it. 

Heck, we even have a range of sex toys that specifically target the G-spot!

But that’s not why we’re here today! We’re here to talk about another sweet spot found in vulva owners… the A-spot. 

Have you heard of it? If not, you’re not alone. It is indeed a lesser-known erogenous zone. But with knowledge comes power. And in this case, sexual power! 

So, let’s talk about the A-spot: the what, where, how, and more…

What is the A-spot?

The A-spot is short for “anterior fornix erogenous zone” (AFE) and it’s a pleasure spot that’s located deep inside of the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder. 

And actually, the A-spot is sometimes called the “female prostate” because it can be found in the exact same position as the prostate in men. 

Having said that: is the A-spot real? We’ve kind of already answered that question. But for good measure… 

Is the A-spot real?

According to a number of professionals, yes: the A-spot is very real. 

They too believe that, if stimulated, one may experience orgasm gold! Orgasms that are massive and longer-lasting. 

Wow! Who doesn’t want that kind of orgasm? 

If you fancy reading more about the existence of the A-spot, here’s an interesting study that shows the effectiveness of A-spot stimulation in those with orgasmic dysfunction

So, now that we know that the A-spot exists, let’s get a bit more in-depth about where to find it and how to stimulate it!

Where is the A-spot?

Just as we mentioned the G-spot earlier, the A-spot and the G-spot are very close to each other.

The A-spot can be found around two inches above the G-spot, inside of the vagina.

And while this may be helpful for those who already know where the G-spot is, what about those who don’t?

The wondrous G-spot is short for Gräfenberg spot, and can be found one to three inches inside of the vagina. If you’re using your fingers you’ll notice the G-spot when you feel a slightly raised, bumpy area. The G-spot swells during arousal, making it easier to find.

Having said that, if you insert your fingers or toy further, about two inches, you’ll find your A-spot. Voila! 

The thing about the A-spot however is that it doesn’t have a different texture, like the G-spot, so you may be unsure of if you’re stimulating it or not. 

Try not to focus on finding the exact spot but rather, be mindful of how you feel. The A-spot has a number of nerve endings which means that even stroking the entire area can mean sexual bliss.

Remember: if you’re experiencing pleasure—you’ve already won.

Another thing to take note of: some may have difficulty reaching the A-spot with just their fingers. That is why it’s recommended to use a sex toy that’s at least five inches long for A-spot stimulation. 

How to stimulate the A-spot through vaginal stimulation

We know! We’re talking an awful lot about the G-spot for an article focused on the A-spot. But! With the G-spot as reference, it’ll help many vulva owners as they embark on this thrilling journey.

So, to stimulate the A-spot, you’ll first want to find the G-spot. You can do this by inserting your fingers into your vagina, then curling your fingers towards your belly button in a “come hither” motion. 

Once you’ve found that raised bumpy area, you’re almost at your A-spot. Simply push your fingers in another two inches and use a motion similar to windshield wiper to fully experience A-spot glory.

If you’re using a sex toy that’s been created to stimulate your G-spot or A-spot, it’ll be nice and curvy in such a way that it’ll reach those erogenous zones effortlessly.

But that’s just one way to stimulate your A-spot! Another way is through anal stimulation

Note: thrusting in and out isn’t recommended when stimulating either the G-spot or the A-spot. 

How to stimulate the A-spot through anal stimulation

Because the anus is so close to the vaginal wall, you could indirectly stimulate the A-spot with anal penetration. Isn’t that some amazing news for those who love anal play? 

There are a few ways you can stimulate the A-spot through anal penetration. For one, you could do so with your or your partner’s finger(s). If this seems too difficult however, there are a few anal sex toys to help you reach this pleasure spot.

You could consider using a G-spot sex toy but in reverse. For example, inserting the toy into the anus rather than the vagina. This could work because the sex toy is already curved.

You could also consider anal sex toys, such as the SORAYA Beads, which is gender-neutral (i.e. they can be used to stimulate the A-spot, and the prostate). 

soraya beads

And then, a sex toy made for prostate stimulation could work too! It’s all about trying new techniques and finding what works best for you.

One thing to note however: if you’re going to try anal stimulation, make sure that your anal sex toy has either a flared base or a large enough handle. This is so you can remove it easily without the risk of an accident (yes, things can get “lost” inside of you). 

A second thing to note: a generous amount of lube should be used for anal stimulation and penetration

And so, whether you’re playing around vaginal or anally, finding the A-spot and experiencing a new kind of pleasure and climax is always fun! But if you find that you don’t particularly like A-spot play, that’s okay! 

As Alice Sinclair, sex educator, says:

“The most important part of your pleasure is your pleasure. Keep exploring and you’ll find what works for you, whether or not you have a label or the exact spot you like touched.”