Sex Toys for Men


For those looking to expand their options when it comes to self-pleasure, here's your chance to do so with stylish sex toys for men. LELO offers a broad selection of luxury male sex toys, from powerful prostate massagers and penis rings to very special app-controlled male masturbators.

What are the main types of sex toys designed for men?

A diverse range of sex toys designed specifically for men includes masturbators, prostate massagers, cock rings, anal plugs, and male masturbators. Each type offers different sensations and targets various areas for sexual pleasure.


How do I determine which male sex toy is right for me?

Reflect on what type of pleasure you seek: Do you want something for solo play, or are you looking to enhance partnered activities? Consider the type of stimulation you're interested in (e.g., penile, anal, prostate). Look for toys made from body-safe materials, such as silicone. Consider the size, shape, and features like vibration settings or connectivity options that might enhance your experience.


Are there specific features I should look for in men's sex toys?

Yes, features include vibration intensity settings, remote control capabilities for hands-free use, and waterproof designs for easy cleaning and versatility. For prostate toys, ergonomically designed shapes that facilitate easy insertion and effective stimulation are beneficial.


What safety considerations should I keep in mind?

Use lubricants appropriate for your toy and your body to prevent irritation. If you're exploring anal toys, ensure they have a flared base to prevent them from going too deep. Pay attention to your body's signals; if something feels uncomfortable, stop and adjust as necessary.


Is it normal to use sex toys as a man?

Using sex toys is a normal and healthy way to explore your sexuality, enhance pleasure, and discover what feels good for you. It can also contribute to a better understanding of your desires and preferences, whether solo or with a partner.