Handpicked by us at LELO just for you, our sex toy kits offer a range of sensations for couples, and also make very sexy gift sets.

Be ready when you finally meet Player Two.

Keep your hands busy with LELO F1s™ and your disposition optimistic with HEX™ 36 pack. Personal Moisturizer is here to keep your game smooth, in both single-player and multiplayer mode.

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Explore the secret pleasure of restrain, of the joy of giving and receiving. Experience the sensation of intense orgasm with INA™ 2, LIV™ 2, helped on by Personal Moisturizer and Etherea Silk Cuffs.

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Train yourself for the best orgasming experience of your life with the three tenants of LELO’s Pleasure Health Club: train (LELO Beads™ Plus), relax (Smart Wand™ 2), and orgasm (SONA™ 2)!

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Your new bundle of joy.

LELO’s femme bestsellers but in an improved, 2.0 version. The newest Sona 2 Cruise and Soraya 2.

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Boys just wanna have fun

They can do so with Hugo, Loki Wave and a supply of 36 LELO HEX condoms. Personal moisturizer is a staple.

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Female orgasm? Sure! 

Once you get Sona Cruise and Gigi 2 you’ll do a full circle of pleasure. Personal Moisturizer is just to keep you going and going.

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Love yourself and think of your BFF

Bundle of two Sona Cruises and two Personal Moisturizes is a perfect gift you can share!


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Let the games begin 

It’s easy to be sexy and content with Tiani 3, Tor 2, LELO HEX 36 pack and a personal moisturizer. We have it all.

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Treat yo’ self.

Stay entertained with exciting Sona 2, amazing Ina Wave and daring LELO Beads Noir. Personal Moisturizer is a plus to keep everything smooth and slippery.

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This bundle will make sure you’ll be hard. 

Bruno will be your new best pal and his BFF is LELO's Personal Moisturiser! Massage Candle is here just to make everything a bit more sensual for three of you.

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Rough is a way to go 

Girls who like it that way will enjoy Tara, our signature Etherea Cuffs, Boa Pleasure Ties and infallible Massage Candle.

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Let’s be honest - size does matter

If you agree, you’ll love this bundle with Elise 2, Tor 2, HEX 36 Pack and a Personal Moisturizer to keep it smooth.

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You can get off with yourself

Give yourself permission to enjoy LELO’s Nea 2 and Gigi 2! Get to know yourself, your body and all of your sweet spots!

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Mysteriously attractive

Well-known LELO toys like Lily 2 and Mona 2 can leave no one indifferent. You just can’t go wrong with this G- spot+clit combo!

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