Luxury Sex Toys


Elegant, beautiful, and sculpted from the smoothest silicone or 24-karat gold, LELO’s collection of luxury dildos is packed with various pleasure masterpieces that will transform your self-care routine into a naughty ceremony.

What is a luxury sex toy?

Luxury sex toys are designed for those who seek a premium, indulgent experience in their sexual exploration and pleasure. They are an investment in personal pleasure, offering a superior, safe, and aesthetically pleasing experience.


Are they different from other sex toys?

A luxury sex toy is a high-end, premium quality product designed for sexual stimulation and pleasure. These toys are distinct from standard sex toys in several key ways:

High-quality materials: Luxury sex toys are typically made from top-grade materials such as medical-grade silicone, body-safe metals (like stainless steel), specialized non-porous and hypoallergenic plastics or…silver or gold like INEZ™, EARL™, OLGA™, YVA™.

Advanced design and technology: They often feature cutting-edge design and technology, including powerful motors with a variety of vibration patterns and strengths, rechargeable batteries, and sometimes even app connectivity for remote control or customizable experiences.

Aesthetic appeal: Luxury sex toys are known for their elegant and sophisticated designs. They often have a sleek, modern appearance and come in visually appealing packaging.

Additional features: Many luxury toys offer extra features such as being waterproof, whisper-quiet motors for discretion, or additional accessories like storage bags or cases.

Durability and warranty: These toys are built to last longer and typically come with extended warranties or guarantees, offering more value over time.

User experience: The user experience with luxury sex toys is often enhanced due to their ergonomic designs, intuitive controls, and overall ease of use.

Price point: Due to the high-quality materials, advanced technology, and superior design, luxury sex toys are generally more expensive than standard options.


What if my expensive luxury sex toy stops working?

If a luxury, expensive sex toy stops working, here are steps you can take to address the issue:
- Ensure the toy is charged or has fresh batteries
- Check for any visible damage or loose components
- Ensure that any buttons or controls are not jammed or stuck
- Refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips specific to the model
- Reach out to the manufacturer's customer service for assistance. Luxury sex toys often come with customer support and warranties
- If the toy is still under warranty, inquire about the process for a warranty claim. This might involve repairing or replacing the toy
- If the issue is not covered under warranty, ask the manufacturer if they provide repair services, or if they can recommend a reputable service provider
- Unless you have clear instructions from the manufacturer, avoid trying to fix the toy yourself as this can further damage the device and void any remaining warranty

Remember, high-quality sex toys are designed to last, but like any electronic device, they can occasionally malfunction.