Remote Controlled Vibrators


Step out of your comfort zone and opt for a hands-free orgasmic experience using a remote vibrator! Ideal for couples, as well as singles, these remote-controlled vibrators will grant you access to a whole new way of pleasuring yourself.

Functionality of remote-controlled vibrators

Remote-controlled vibrators are operated via a wireless remote, allowing you or a partner to control the intensity and pattern of vibrations from a distance. This feature enhances the element of surprise and excitement, especially during couple play, as it adds a layer of unpredictability and relinquishes control to the partner.


Types of remote controlled vibrator

Remote controlled vibrators come in various forms, including wearable panty vibrators, egg or bullet vibrators such as TIANI™ DUO, and more elaborate designs like remote-controlled dildos or prostate massagers (consider HUGO™). Wearable designs are particularly popular for discreet public play or foreplay. Many remote-controlled vibrators are compatible with smartphone apps. These apps often offer additional features like creating custom vibration patterns, syncing vibrations to music, or even allowing control over the internet.


What is their range of control?

The distance from which the vibrator can be controlled varies with models. Some work over short ranges (like across the room), while others can be controlled over long distances via an app, making them ideal for long-distance relationships.


How long can they work?

It's important to consider the battery life of both the vibrator and the remote control. Longer battery life ensures uninterrupted experiences. Some are rechargeable, while others use regular batteries.


Are they safe to use?

As with any intimate product, it's crucial to choose vibrators made from body-safe materials like medical-grade silicone. The vibrator should be water-resistant, at the very least, making cleaning easier and safer.


Extra tips when choosing remote control?

The interface on the remote control should be intuitive and user-friendly. Some remotes come with screens or simple buttons to easily adjust settings.


Can I use the same vibrator with different partners?

Sharing sex toys, including vibrators, can transmit sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If bodily fluids are shared through the toy, there's a risk of transferring infections between partners. Even if STIs are not a concern, the transfer of bacteria between different individuals can lead to infections. Place a new condom over the vibrator when switching between partners. This practice significantly reduces the risk of STI transmission and bacterial infection. Clean the vibrator thoroughly before and after each use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, and consider using a sex toy cleaner for added safety. Discuss the idea of sharing the vibrator with your partners. Ensure that everyone involved is comfortable with and consents to the arrangement. If any partner has an STI or if you’re unsure about everyone's sexual health, it’s best not to share the vibrator.