Melt Into Ecstasy

Sealed with a 24 karat gold kiss, this vibrating couples’ massager is all about elevating shared sexual sensations when making love.

TIANI™ 24k



Featuring a ring of 24k gold laser-engraved with a unique serial number and a new dual-motor design for more power than ever before, TIANI™ 24k makes every sexual encounter feel special, memorable and luxurious. Designed to be worn internally by the woman during intercourse, the powerful vibrations – remote controlled and featuring exclusive SenseMotion™ technology – enhance the sensations for both partners. The petite, smooth silicone form offers a more fulfilling feeling for her and more intensity for him, and it’s flexible enough to suit all body types and positions.
TIANI 24k Obsidian Black, TIANI 24k Hot Cerise currently unavailable in USA, Asia-Pacific
TIANI 24k Deep Rose currently unavailable in Asia-Pacific

Tiani 24K Deep Rose
Deep Rose
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LELO Couples’ Insurance & 1-Year Warranty

TIANI™ 24k is insured for one year after purchase, each massager printed with a unique identifying number straight into the gold ring, making yours unique to you and your relationship. If in the unfortunate event that you experience a break up within a year of owning a TIANI™ 24k, you can return it to us and choose from a selection of LELO’s bestselling luxury pleasure products.

Ordering today registers you for full LELO warranty coverage. This means if you experience issues within 1-year of purchase, LELO will replace your product free of charge. In addition, if your product becomes faulty within 10-years, you will be entitled to 50% off your next LELO order.

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Vital Statistics

The Ultimate Luxury Couples’ Massager
Worn during sex, TIANI™ 24k is designed with two motors to enhance the sensations for both partners at the same time for bigger shared climaxes.

Sealed with a 24 Karat Gold Kiss
As a sign of your commitment to pleasure, TIANI™ 24k features a 24 karat gold ring, each stamped with a unique serial number.

Exclusive SenseMotion™ Technology
Wirelessly control the massager up to 12 meters with LELO’s trademark motion-sensitive controller, opening up endless pleasurable possibilities for couples.


More power, less fuss

100% Waterproof

From a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse


Wireless controls for adventurous pleasure

8 Settings

From a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse

Serving Suggestion

Getting Acquainted
Your TIANI™ 24k is designed to be inserted with the smaller arm within the vagina, and the larger outer arm sitting on the clitoris. It is easiest to place your massager before your partner enters you.
What TIANI™ 24k Does Best
Petite enough to be unobtrusive, yet with vibrations strong enough to be felt by both partners, TIANI™ 24k can be used in any of your favorite positions, but many find missionary to be the easiest to start with.
If it So Pleases You
TIANI™ 24k doesn’t just have to be enjoyed with your partner; it can be used during solo sex as well when inserted vaginally and paired with your favorite insertable toy.


There is a sexy, sensual ritual to opening a LELO box: it’s a celebration of pleasure, the ultimate expression of indulgence and excitement. Share it wisely, often, and with care.

  •     TIANI™ 24k
  •     USB-Charging Cord
  •     Wireless Remote Controller
  •     Satin Storage Pouch
  •     Warranty Registration Card
  •     Detailed Instruction Manual
  •     2xAAA batteries for Remote
  •     Lint-free Cleaning Cloth
  • Materials: FDA-approved body-safe silicone / ABS / 24k
  • Size: 88 x 30 x 44 mm / 3.4 x 11.9 x 1.7 in.
  • Insertable Length: 70 mm / 2.8 in.
  • Weight: 50g / 1.8 oz.
  • Battery: 200mAh
  • Charging: 2hrs at 5.0V
  • User Time: Up to 1.5hrs
  • Standby: Up to 90 days(Pleasure Object)
  • Max Noise Level: 50dB
  • Interface: 1-Button / Remote
LELO TIANI 24k reviews

Pillow Talk

LELO TIANI 24k reviews
  • 5
    1st Oct 2016

    7 months...


    I brought this 7 months ago and I'm finally writing a review. With that being said, this had been the best toy I ever brought. Now 7 months ago, I paid $160 (Lucky me lol) but even so it's worth the money. I love Tiani and her sexy 24k belt lol. I've only used it twice with my man ( was quite enjoyable). . . He loves it more when he get to watch over me as I fall apart to him control it with the remote. Even the fact that the remote doesn't stop the mood or our rhythm because of the "SenseMotion", makes it even better. Its the bonus to our many "foreplay time"
    Aside from him, I'm the one truly in love with Tiani24k. Going solo on those nights or days alone, I get off and beyond. Its design just feels so perfect inside.
    The possibilities are endless with this toy.

    12th Sep 2016

    Pure Bliss


    Omg. Wow. I knew this toy was going to make me happy, but it's made me absolutely ecstatic! It has turned the dial way up in me and my guy's life. It feels great for both of us, it's adventurous and so sexy. It's delivered some of the best sensations I've ever experienced with G-spot stimulation during sex. This toy is the best I've ever purchased. (Plus there's just something extremely kinky knowing that your sex toy has been sealed by 24 karat gold)

    19th Jul 2016



    My wife and I absolutely love this toy. It's expensive, no doubt, but the orgasms my wife has with this make it worthwhile. Just seeing her face as she cums over and over both from clitoral and anal stimulation are amazing.

  • 5
    16th Mar 2016

    Tiani24k Is Pure Gold


    I was lucky enough to be gifted the Tiani24K by Lelo & I must say, I would buy this for myself again in a second! The sensations Tiani delivers just make our already fantastic sex life absolutely mind blowing. As a female who is adventurous & enjoys a bit of a stretch this toy feels even better with my well endowed guy... He loves being able to control it and keep me guessing. I own quite a few Lelo products & I must say, this is one of my favourites by far.

    14th Feb 2016

    Over The Top


    This was the our best purchase yet. Not to big, Not to small....But just right.
    This was great for both of us. For my wife it was a "DOUBLE HIT" if you know what I mean. Being able to use it during sex was great for me as well.

    Many Thanks,

    4th Nov 2015

    I've had similar products to


    I've had similar products to this before but none with such power. There are two motors that massage internally and externally that make for a fun evening inside and outside the bedroom ;)

  • 5
    31st Oct 2015

    I always take a little more


    I always take a little more time to warm up to the main event, and Tiani 24k (especially with the remote) allows us to be so much more creative with our foreplay! Definite 5 out of 5!

    31st Oct 2015

    If you've been looking for a


    If you've been looking for a couple's toy for a while, look no further. This is the ultimate couples tool. When my wife wears it, we both enjoy the vibrations and coupled with the gold band, it adds luxury to an overall pleasurable experience.

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