product faqs

Product FAQs

What materials are LELO toys made of?

All LELO pleasure devices are made of specially engineered body-safe silicone and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) thermoplastic polymer, which add to their waterproof properties. Both materials are considered safe, non-toxic, with no known adverse health effects reported as a result of long exposure to the material.

The plastic does not leach, nor is it carcinogenic, and it is also used in the manufacture of children’s toys. Silicone is resistant, nonporous, and will not harbor bacteria. It is odorless and contains no harmful chemicals, such as BPA, lead, latex, or phthalates.

Some devices also contain aluminum alloy and gold leaf, adding to the smooth, luxurious feel people fall in love with. Most importantly, all devices are made for longevity and endurance, ensuring safe use on all intimate occasions. Make sure to keep your devices in a dry, safe place without exposure to extreme heat or direct sunlight.

Are all LELO toys waterproof?

Yes, all LELO toys are 100% waterproof to maximize your pleasure. Also, they are super easy to clean. In fact, why not take a nice bath or a warm shower and see for yourself? Work can wait.

How do I dispose of my device?

Only dispose of your device if it's ready to be disposed of. Keep in mind that opening the device will void its warranty. Because all LELO devices contain a lithium-ion battery, the battery must be removed before disposal and should not be thrown away with household waste. To remove the battery, peel away the silicone cover, open the plastic shell, and remove the battery to be disposed of by your local environmental regulations. Wear gloves during this process for your safety. Now that you have successfully disposed of your device, it's the perfect opportunity to see what else is in store for you.

What moisturizer should I use with LELO toys?

Always use water-based moisturizers, preferably LELO products, since they are developed to maximize your pleasure. Avoid using silicone-based moisturizers as they could damage the silicone of your device. You wouldn't want anything to happen to something that makes you so happy, right?

How to charge my LELO toy?

All LELO toys need to be charged before you first use them. After that, only power them when they are completely empty to save their battery life. Lights will start to blink, indicating a recharge is needed. When lights are steady device is fully charged, and you're ready to go.

Do all LELO toys come with USB cable?

Yes, most of our products are rechargeable and come with a USB cable. Remote controllers and LELO Smart Bead™ vibrators are compatible with batteries (come with the product), so all you have to do is make sure they are charged and get down to work.

Can I use my adapter with the LELO cable charger?

Of course - all USB adapters are universal. Depending on the manufacturer, some will take a longer or shorter time to charge (same as if you charge your phone via the computer or a wall charger adapter). That's why we offer the original LELO adapter - why would you want to keep yourself waiting?

How can I sync the remote with the my LELO toy?

The first thing you should do is turn on the pleasure object using the power button. You'll see a small light come on, indicating that the pleasure object is powered on. Next, turn on the remote by pressing and holding down the + button. This will turn on the remote with a light indicating that it too is powered on. The light should be on for both the remote and the pleasure object to suggest that they are paired. Now it's time to turn yourself on and meet your new friend.

How does travel-lock function?

To lock or unlock your device, press the + and - button at the same time and hold for about 5 seconds. The blinking light will confirm you locked/unlocked your LELO.

What's the shelf life of HEX™ preservatives?

Five years. But as far as we know, not one has made it that far in real life since everybody falls in love with them immediately, so they end up being used more frequently. You'll see why.

How safe is HEX™?

HEX™ not only meets but also succeeds in all international safety standards. Furthermore, we electronically test each condom we ship to ensure the highest quality.

What is HEX™ made of?

All HEX™ condoms are made of natural rubber latex HEX™ to maximize your pleasure and feel during play-time.

Does HEX™ contain spermicide?

No, but all our condoms meet the highest international standards for the safety of use.

How thick is HEX™?

The thickness of HEX™ varies slightly between 0.045 mm and 0.055 mm (0.0017-0.0021 inches).

What does HEX™ smell like?

We don't add any artificial fragrance to our condoms. The water-based lubricant has a naturally clean scent, and it remains perfectly body-safe. However, we don't have control over possible hot love-making scents you may experience while using our condoms.

How big is HEX™?

HEX™ condoms come in 2 ranges. HEX™ Original is 54 mm (2.12 in) in diameter and 180 mm (7.08 in) long, which is the average condom size. HEX™ Respect is somewhat bigger - 58 mm (2.28 in) in diameter and 195 mm (7.67 in) long.

Is HEX™ vegan?

Our standard covers broad ethical aspects during the development, production, and testing of our products, and no HEX™ condoms contain any animal derivatives, and thus are vegan friendly.