LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray

Fast-acting and alcohol- and paraben free, this easy-on spray (60 mL/ 2 oz) is the safest and most effective choice for all your sex toy cleaning needs.

LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray 60 mL/ 2 oz.

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11 LELO LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray reviews

Pillow Talk

11 LELO LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray reviews
2nd Jun 2016


I've tried a few different toy cleaners but always come back to Lelo toy cleaner., why the price is good, and the is no smell to it. Or smell left on toy too.
The simple design of it means if any sore it ( no embrassment.

31st May 2016


This is a good product. As someone with allergies I appreciate it's effective without causing a reaction or damage to my toy.

The reason I deduct two stars is because the directions on the product, in the video featured and in the description below are misleading. In the video the model says and shows that to clean all you need to do is spray your toy then, WITHOUT water, RUB it with a towel dry.

I was sold on that and ordered this straight from the site. Then I read from the bottle that you are supposed to spray, wash under WATER, then PAT dry. I decided since I was looking at the bottle with my own eyes it was best to do what it said. I didn't rub for a couple consecutive uses until one day I noticed a residue was being left behind.

So? What I now do is spray, rise with WATER, then RUB dry.

To me, this isn't reason to request a refund or switch to another product given I haven't experienced residue since changing my method nor have I experienced a reaction even before I started using it correctly.

Granted, as first mentioned it is a good product. But the lesser stars are for the presentation of differing directions.

11th Mar 2016


We've got quite a few of the Lelo products at home so having some toy cleaner is absolutely necessary. Lelo toy cleaning spray is incredibly easy to use and works really amazing. Just follow the instructions and you will be happy owner of clean toys.

26th Feb 2016


I was looking for my foundation and my mother told me it was on her makeup counter. I found this bottle of cleansing spray and was like "Oh, this looks like really good toner water!" and she replied, without looking up from her phone "Yeah I think that's what that is."

So I spray it on my face, wait five seconds, and wash it off. I look back at the directions, because that's a weird time limit and realize it says "good for rubber, silicone, and latex toys." And I'm like, okay what the fuck?

So I google the name and sure enough, that's the spray my mom uses to clean her dildos.

1 star because this is the worst facial cleansing spray ever and I never wanted to know that my mom needed cleanser for her dildos, let alone that she had dildos.

6th Feb 2016


As with all Lelo products the packaging is very luxurious and the cleaner itself is fantastic, doesn't smell and leave the toys sticky.

My only critisim if I really had to nit pick would be that it comes in a larger quantity.

Worth every cent.


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Vital Statistics

Fast-Acting for Quick Maintenance
The easy-on spray takes just 5 seconds to become active

Elegant Bottle for Luxury Hygiene
Every bit as stylish as it is effective and hygienic

Alcohol & Silicone Free for Complete Comfort
This sex toy cleaner is completely safe for use with all LELO products


LELO Premium Cleaning Spray (60mL / 2 fl. oz)

DIRECTIONS: Spray item ensuring whole surface is covered. Leave for 5 seconds and rinse with water. Pat dry with lint-free cloth or towel. Suitable for use with silicone, rubber and latex toys. Avoid contact with eyes and do not swallow.

  • Specifications: 60mL / 2 fl. oz
  • Size: 34mm (diameter) x 103mm. / 1.33 x 4.06 in
  • Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sodium C14-16, Olefin Sulfonate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate, Poloxamer 184, Decyl Glucoside, Chamomilla Recutita(Matricaria) Flower Extract, Thymol, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM Hydantoin, Triethanolamine.

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