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The Benefits of Breast Play, Breast Massage and Breast Self-Examination

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This article was scientifically reviewed by Human Sexuality expert Dr. Laurie Mintz. She is a professor, researcher, private practitioner and Fellow of the American Psychological Association.

Breasts… a versatile, life-giving part of the body! And while we often think only of women when it comes to nipples, men have nipples because they’re formed early on during the gestation period. This makes them an erogenous zone for the lads too! Not as much so as for women, however, but still a pleasure spot nonetheless.

When it comes to female breasts though, what exactly are they? Why do women have them? Well, breasts are made up of fat and breast tissue, as well as nerves, veins, arteries, and connective tissue that keeps them altogether. And because breasts serve more than one function, it’s a part of the body that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to one’s health.

Why Do Women Have Breasts?

The obvious reason: breasts and nipples are used to breastfeed newborns, thus are a source of nourishment for infants. And even though breasts only start to produce milk after giving birth, some scientists argue that women have them as a means to signal possible mates of their good health and the ability to adequately feed their offspring. 

And so, women grace the world with ta-ta’s for almost their entire life solely for the sake of having babies. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other fun (and not so fun) ways to utilize them! 

So today, we’re going to talk about the art of breast massage. Why do people do it, why is it important to do it, and how to do it! Hint: breast massage isn’t solely for sexual pleasure!

Why Does Nipple Stimulation Feel So Good?

As we mentioned, the nipples are an erogenous zone. And actually, when the nipples are stimulated, the same part of the brain is activated as when the genital area is stimulated. The nipples too are rife with nerve endings, making them sensitive and pleasurable.

In fact, a 2006 study found that 81.5% of women and 51.7% of men experienced arousal when their nipples were stimulated. This same study concluded that once aroused, 78.2% of women and 39% of men found that nipple stimulation further increased their arousal. 

Breast Play To Increase Sexual Arousal

There are tons of ways to incorporate a breast and nipple play into your sexual routine! You could:

  • Use food items such as whipped cream, chocolate body paint, or peanut butter then have a partner lick it off
  • Massage them sensually, starting at the top then moving to the bottom and sides Lather or soap them up in the shower or bathtub to create a smooth, silky glide 
  • Masturbate the penis in between the breasts
  • Use massage oils to sensually rub and massage the breasts in circular and up and down motions
  • Grab a vibrating sex toy, like a Smart Wand, to lightly tease the nipples
  • Experiment with nipple clamps or suckers
  • Engage in temperature play using ice cubes, or by sucking on something minty then kissing your partner’s breasts
  • Use breath play by breathing warm air over the nipples

Breast Massage for Better Health

While breast play can be highly erotic, giving your breasts the attention they deserve is not only  on the cards for a purely sexual reason. It’s actually super important for your health to massage the breasts. 

If done correctly, it can aid in less stress, improved circulation, and possibly even reduced breast tenderness, not to mention catching concerning lumps. In actuality, a breast massage is a great act of self-love and self-care.

4 Reason Why a Breast Massage is Good for Your Health

1. A Breast Massage Stimulates the Lymphatic System

Your underarm contains many lymph nodes—structures that are responsible for flushing out toxins. And breast tissue actually extends all the way into the area under the armpit. By massaging the breasts, you can help to remove toxins that may be trapped in the lymphatic system.

2. A Breast Massage Can Relieve Sore Muscles

If you’ve engaged in an activity or sport that’s hurt your pectoral muscles (chest muscles that sit under the breasts), massaging the breasts can help relieve pain. Additionally, massaging the breasts can also aid in back pain relief! It’s been said that a breast massage creates a longer-lasting type of relaxation for back pain as opposed to only massaging the back.

3. A Breast Massage Can Assist Lactating Pregnant Women

Breastfeeding women may experience breast pain, especially when their milk ducts become plugged. Massaging the breasts, in conjunction with suckling, could assist in emptying the milk ducts and producing more milk. Also, a study confirmed that women who massaged their breasts 30 minutes per day had less sodium in their milk.

4. A Breast Massage Could Reduce Swelling

During certain times of the month, women may experience some kind of swelling or tension in their breasts. A breast massage using oil followed by a hot steam or shower can help to reduce pain and inflammation, as the oil seeps deep into the skin and tissues.

Don’t Just Massage – Check for Breast Cancer

Doing a breast self-exam is a way to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages, which could result in a better outcome. And actually, a study found that 25% of women detect breast cancer through self-exam. 

To do a self-exam, stand in front of a mirror and look for any changes in color, shape, size, or texture of the breast. Then, place one hand behind your head with your elbow pointing to the side, use three fingers of the opposite hand and create circular motions throughout the entire breast, the collarbone, top of the abdomen, and part of your armpit using gentle pressure, then do the same on your other breast. If you feel any new or unusual lumps., contact your doctor immediately.  It is recommended to do this once a month about three to five days after your period. This way you can get to know your breasts and find anything new or unusual. 

So, at the end of the day, it’s quite clear that breasts aren’t merely something beautiful to look at… they’re also great for sexual arousal and better health. Yay!