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Wand massagers are famous for their power, but often limited by their design – but not the SMART WAND Medium and SMART WAND Large. With a cordless, waterproof design, the only limit to your pleasure is your own imagination! This massager is high-powered yet quiet to give you the best indulgence without disruption. Plus, everybody loves a good all-over body massager, so don’t be afraid to leave this on the coffee table for when you’re feeling anything from sore to horny (or sore from acting upon your horniness).

What’s the difference in size? SMART WAND Large is about 20% larger than SMART WAND Medium (220mm / 8.7in. compared to 304mm / 12in.). The newest addition to the family, SMART WAND 2, is relatively the same size as the SMART WAND Large, but also has some added bonus features.

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Review: LELO Smart Wand

“The other feature worth noting is the curved handle of the Smart Wand is absolutely perfect for reaching your own back and shoulders, so you don’t even need to have assistance for the perfect massage. This is somewhat irrelevant if you use it to ‘massage’ more intimate areas, but it’s not like the shape gets in the way of that at all.”

“The button in between those two changes the vibration setting – hold this down for five seconds and you get to experience the SenseTouch mode, featuring sensors “that allow vibration strength to build as soon as the wand tip comes into contact with the body, creating the most professional massage technique that works intuitively with your body and your needs”. Bold claims, but ones that my (now no longer aching) shoulders can assure you are not without foundation.”




“The deep vibrations penetrated deep into the muscles, and I found it worked best at about half way through the speed settings. Afterwards, I was left feeling incredibly relaxed, and ready to try it out in more… interesting ways….”

“The same can be said when I used it on the Mr. The Smart Wand, much like the Doxy, was able to coax an orgasm out of him like it was nothing. And I got to say, it’s incredibly arousing watching him squirm as those vibrations penetrate deeply. The best part, though, was when I set the Smart Wand onto the FUCKING CRAZY MODE. The sounds he was making were almost guttural and animalistic. Amazing.”

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LELO Smart Wand Large

“The toy’s vibrations work exceptionally well for deep body massage, and have worked wonders on my muscular knots, which normally can only be remedied by a vigorous, and sometimes painful, manual massage by a third party. Instead the rumbly vibrations quickly, effortlessly, and painlessly shake any aches away. ”

“On occasion I found that using the vibrator over the fabric of my underwear was more comfortable than direct contact – just remember the fabric will dampen the vibrations and produce a muffled rumbly sensation. ”

“Cleaning the wand is effortless. Unlike other wand vibrators, which have lots of nooks and crannies around their neck and head, electrical cords, or air vents on their body, the Lelo Smart Wand has none of these”

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LELO SMART WAND Medium: the white magic of pleasure

“The Smart Wand’s magic power is to transport you to another planet without you doing anything: the journey to pleasure starts pressing the + button and making yourself comfortable.”

“The Smart Wand Medium‘s reduced size is also perfect for the pleasure pursuit along with a travel companion. Hold it between you and the mattress while you’re facedown, or between yours and you partner’s body to multiply the feelings of pleasure.”

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lelo serving suggestion smart wand

lelo serving suggestion smart wand

lelo serving suggestion smart wand

Written by: Donna Turner

Donna is a Volonté contributor and freelancer who lives in San Francisco with her understanding husband and not-so-understanding teenage sons. Her work has been published in The Journal of Sexology and she is currently writing a book on love languages.

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