Work It Out – Exercises for Better Sex

Much like an athlete wanting to be at the top of their game, training and exercise will help you to become better at lovemaking. So what’s the fitness focus when it comes to enjoying gold-medal worthy sex? Well, we’ve got a list!

Work on the following areas that are directly engaged during lovemaking:

Arms and Shoulders

These areas are worked intensively during a romantic romp, so keeping them in tip top shape is important.

The Right Move:

Push-ups or, depending on your beginning fitness level, wall pushes – think push-ups against a wall while standing. After some time doing wall pushes, you can then graduate to knee push-ups on the floor before attempting full-on push-ups.

Abs and Core

No matter which position you find yourself in, your core is key to longer-lasting lovemaking.

The Right Move:

Good old-fashioned abdominal crunches – or if you’re into yoga, try holding the plank position to tighten your core. Do the plank position by getting into push-up position, and support your weight on your elbows, forearms and toes. Keep your elbows shoulder-width apart and your ankles touching. Tense your abs to keep your pelvis from dipping towards the floor, keeping your back as straight as you can. Hold for 40-60 seconds.


Equally important inside and outside the bedroom, cardiovascular exercise ups your stamina and improves your body’s use of oxygen.

The Right Move:

Keep your heart rate elevated for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week in any way you choose; spinning, running, swimming, or even a steamy session with a partner – whatever gets your blood pumping!


Because of course flexibility.

The Right Move:

It may feel silly the first time you do it, but stretching before sex makes a marked difference in the experience. Getting limbered up before lovemaking will allow you to hold whatever position you like for longer, and avoid muscle cramping.

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