Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel Exercises for Men

Listen up, gentlemen: what if we told you there was a workout routine that could vastly improve not only your health, but your sexual performance? And what if we told you that it would take mere minutes of your time — anytime, anywhere — leaving no room for excuses?

Does it sound like a too-good-to-be-true infomercial-like pitch is coming? Don’t worry – the only thing on its way is the top eight questions guys have about Kegels—one of the best-kept secrets of a man’s sexual health.

Kegel Exercises for Men

So what is a Kegel?

‘Who is a Kegel?’ Would perhaps be the more appropriate question.

Arnold Kegel was an Iowa gynecologist and inventor of the Kegel perineometer, an instrument that measures the contraction strength of pelvic floor muscles.

During his research in the 1940s, he also figured out how to exercise the pelvic floor, the muscle set which is now his namesake. As to whether or not he bestowed his name upon them himself or it was done by some immature colleagues is lost to the ages.

How will Kegels benefit me?

Like massaging your prostate, doing your Kegels provide an alluring trifecta of health, pleasure and psychological advantages.

Among the benefits are: relief from urinary incontinence – or more plainly put – post-urination dribbling, and improvement of blood flow through the penis, which goes a long way in combating erectile dysfunction.

Finally, having strong, manly Kegels will increase your sexual stamina with stronger, longer-lasting erections and more intense orgasms.

If you still need more convincing when it comes to male Kegels after that last sentence, then you’re in luck – because there’s more!

What equipment will I need to do Kegels?


However, before you begin you need to locate your PC muscles. When you cut off your stream during urination—the muscle contracting to prevent further urine flow is your PC muscle.

The true beauty of Kegels is that they can be done anytime, anywhere—on the couch, at your desk, in the car, even while you’re reading this right now.

So what’s my workout routine?

To prove the aforementioned, let’s practice now. Relax your body and contract, or squeeze, your PC muscles, simulating the effort made to stop urination.

Hold the contraction for five seconds, and then release and relax for five seconds. As a routine, repeat this motion 15 times, three times a day—morning, noon and evening.

Are there ways to enhance this workout?

Just like a weightlifting routine, you should start small and build your way up as your muscles become stronger.

Where in weightlifting, you’d increase weight over time, with Kegels you can increase wait over time—holding the PC contraction at longer intervals, 10 or even 20 seconds a rep.

What if it feels awkward at first?

Operative words: at first. Any new lifestyle habit takes some getting used to. Be optimistic and take this as a good sign that you’re working muscles that you’ve never worked, or even knew existed.

While doing your Kegels, be sure to flex just your PC muscles, not your abs, thighs or butt. Contracting other muscles can lessen the affect of each Kegel.

Any other suggestions?

This one’s a little out of left field, but hey, in order to keep things healthy down there we have a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality. Want to keep your pleasure equipment functioning properly? Then give yourself pleasure!

Of course there’s the tried and true method of using your hand to masturbate but [Morpheus moment] what if i told you that the most intense pleasures come from a machine?

You’ll thank me for this later — but hands down the most intense penile pleasure that money can buy exists, and it is the cutting edge of pleasure technology. Introducing the LELO F1S, a masturbation sleeve that works like no other pocket pussy has before. Rather than simply thrusting in and out of it, it delivers sonic pulses that penetrate deep within your penile tissue for intensely resonant sensations.

Oh what’s that — you want more? Well the ten sensors located throughout that can be programmed to track your performance, record data, or even trigger actions based on your arousal state. Sex tech is on a whole ‘nother level and we are here for it.

How long until I see results?

We were waiting for this one. Like any real workout routine, results come with time and commitment. Every human body responds differently to Kegels, but you should typically see results in three to six weeks if you stay up on your routine.

In the early days and weeks, don’t get overanxious looking for results, they will come in time.

As far as we’re concerned, Kegels are the best kept secret when it comes to male sexual health and wellness practices that are as effective as they are easy.

Whether you’re experiencing symptoms of urine incontinence or premature ejaculation, looking to increase your bedroom prowess or all of these, the only remaining question you should have now is Why not?

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