Playing to Your Strengths: An Introduction to Sex Toys Designed for Men

Pleasure products designed specifically for the male body  may not be as numerous as those made with women in mind, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of pleasure specifically designed with the male body in mind!

Sex Toys Designed for Men

Couples’ Rings

Couples’ rings are a common introduction to sex toys designed for men as they are, as the name suggests, meant to be used with your partner. Also called ‘cock rings,’ they are often made of stretchy silicone, but can also be made leather, rubber or even metal. Placed around the base of the penis―or sometimes penis and testicles―during sex, it (gently) restricts blood flow to make erections seem fuller and longer lasting.

That can be fun on its own, but many―such as TOR™ 2 ―are also designed with motor at the ‘top’ that vibrates to provide clitoral stimulation to the wearer’s partner. That’s not the only way they can be worn, however―it can be flipped ‘upside down’ to stimulate other parts of both your anatomy!

Masturbation Sleeves

The masturbation sleeve category of sex toys has absolutely blown up in recent years as men discover that penile pleasure doesn’t just have to come from giving yourself a hand. Consumers are clearly much more comfortable with purchasing them more and more, and we think it’s simply because when they’re made well, they’re pretty amazing.

Designs of masturbation sleeves have been pretty basic up until now, however there is one area where innovations in pleasure have extended to the pocket pussy. Sextech is where pleasure product technology is moving, and masturbation sleeves are on the front line. Where once a masturbation sleeve was something you’d just use to jerk and thrust to climax, sextech items like the LELO F1s use sonic pulses that deeply resonate within your penis and the surrounding tissue for all-new levels of sensual bliss.

Anal Plugs

Anal plugs―also called butt plugs―can be used by anyone of any gender, anatomy or orientation; they’re one of the most distinctly shaped types of sex toys there are! Generally speaking, they are designed to stay inserted in the body while the wearer is masturbating, having partnered sex, or even walking around if you’re being daring!

The only crucial part to the design of an anal plug is that it has a flared base, which prevents the natural reflexes of your body causing a rather embarrassing trip to the ER. They can be made of everything from silicone to glass to wood, but in typical LELO style, we go the extra mile to make your pleasure as luxurious as possible.

The EARL™ plug is styled from 24k gold or stainless steel, which not only makes it look elegant, it also lends a nice weight to its size― 1.1inches (26.8 mm) in diameter with an insertable length of  3.5 inches (90 mm). It also comes with a pair of matching cufflinks as a cheeky way to remind your partner when you’re wearing it on a night out!

Prostate  Massagers

It’s no secret that we think everyone should enjoy the intense pleasure of prostate stimulation―after all, we have created a total of 4 different massagers uniquely suited for it!

While prostate massage can be achieved with fingers―and some anal plugs, depending on its size and your anatomy―we have created two main types of vibration based toys specifically to make it easier during both partnered and solo sex.

BRUNO™ is a compact, dual-motor vibrator that is curved perfectly for hands-free stimulation, and it’s remote-controlled counterpart HUGO™ means that your partner can also take the reins!

If you like to adjust the angle and depth of stimulation, look no further than LOKI™; it combines dual-motor vibration patterns with a handle that perfectly puts you in control. If you like to switch it up, the LOKI Wave™ has a unique come-hither motion setting that replicates manual massage.


Despite misconceptions surrounding BDSM, men can (and do!) enjoying being on the receiving end of kinky stimulation like whips and teasers, and can also enjoy being the one tied up when experimenting with bondage!

Whether you’re just starting to explore different roles in the bedroom, or even are just looking to incorporate a little fantasy into the bedroom, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the ladies that get to be on the receiving end of pleasure; after all, all’s fair in love!

Written by: Colin Hanna

Colin Hanna is a Volonté contributor and freelance writer who lives in Shanghai, China with his wife. He's written extensively about sex and human sexuality for LELO since 2010.


  1. Just trying take it doesn’t satisfy me am I able to send it back I know that sounds kind of girls ?

  2. I’m new at trying prostate stimulation. I’ve read articles and seen diagrams, but nothing has felt arousing down there yet.. So, how do I really find my prostate. And how will I know when I do find it? I have been up in there with my finger feeling around, but if anything, it only makes me feel like I want to urinate.

  3. John,
    I have been chasing the elusive male Big O for quite a while with different toys to no effect so far. Some of it is age related and some is related to a back injury that has damaged some nerves going to those areas.

    The short answer to your question is you are on track if you feel an urge to urinate and you feel the walnut shaped mass that is about 3 inches inside your rectum on the front (stomach) side of it. Mine is actually higher up and most toys don’t reach it since most are about 3-4 inches max. insertable length…this does not take into effect more flesh in the trunk which makes the distance even longer.

    If you are not feeling the actual prostate gland you might be pushing on the back of your bladder which will do nothing except make you pee. Try to go toward your belly button more and see if you can find your prostate. The key is go slow and easy. Slow light pressure on it will allow you to “milk” out some prostate fluid which is a very good thing as it keep the prostate from being congested and swelling. If you get some clear fluid coming out of your penis while massaging your prostate for a while you are making progress. The Big O is hard to attain without a lot of practice and deep relaxation. It takes time…sometimes months to get there for some guys and the more tense you are about it the longer it will take.

    Good hunting!

    • How about strap on play? What kind of dildo
      to use to achieve orgasms. Sure my partner would have doing this. Paul

    • Months????
      I can’t poke at my prostate for months, I have a job and have to eat and sleep and go food shopping. This sounds like a full time job and then some!!!

      ok, I went for the laugh but I will say that I appreciate the information that you passed along Steve. I am glad that you mentioned both the patience and the need to be relaxed as those were both key aspects for me.
      Keep on passing along that good info as it is needed and appreciated.
      Stay safe.

  4. How can i get better orgasms? Nothing satisfies me iits llike i search and search and end up makking people sesent me. Im just not ever satisfied P.s im a total top sincerely pussy patrick

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