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LELO TOR 2 Couples’ Ring Review

Couples’ rings – also known as cock rings – are a restrictive, vibrating device that can add to shared pleasure, but did you know they can also be used solo? Anyway you choose to enjoy it, the rechargeable and waterproof TOR 2 adds an extra OOMPH – just check out these rave reviews!


Introducing Lelo TOR 2 Vibrating Cock Ring

Keeping this short and sweet: TOR 2 felt like an amazing threesome without all the awkward position changing. Someone was always holding onto our dicks to keep it standing at attention while we pounded away.

It is made to have a lifespan equal to or greater than 10,000 disposable rings, so it’s worth the money for sure.”

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Lelo Tor 2 Review: Take Your Couple Pleasure to a New Level

“Most of the toys I review are for solo OR couple play – this one is definitely 99% better WITH a partner. And your partner will undoubtedly agree that sex WITH the Tor 2 is out of this world!

If you have any experience with rings in your past, you’ll know that you buy some of them, and you’re like wait… how the ^&$(# am I supposed to get this ON!?!?! You won’t feel that way with this one. It’s super stretchy.

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Review: LELO TOR 2

“I could see the bulging of the veins and the constriction really working – wow! He laid against me to tease and his whole length was vibrating! And when he was inside it really did it’s job!

The vibrations of this cock ring are very powerful and enjoyable. You can feel each pulse of this cock ring vibrate up along the shaft adding please for both you and her. The vibrating part of the ring presses against her cliterous during sex, meaning she’s getting the best of both worlds.”

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Have I Found The Perfect Sex Toy For Couples? Lelo Tor 2 Review

“My LELO Tor 2 review just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t explain how this cock ring feels during sex. When we first played with it, I held the ring with my hand and pressed it against Scarlet’s clit. This was a great way to start off foreplay even before I put the ring over my cock. It convinced us that this was actually a great toy for solo play and that you don’t even need to wear it to make your partner cum.

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Customer Reviews

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Fun for all ★★★★

My first ring and wow am I impressed. Billed as a couples toy, which it is outstanding as, but it’s a great solo toy too!

Posted by: Matt B.

It’s wonderful ★★★★★

It’s really enhanced my pleasure and sex life. I recommend this for those who want to explore but you’ll still be involved

Posted by: Lovinit!!

Definitely recommend ★★★★★

10/10 worth it for sure !!! If you like to incorporate a vibrator during intercourse – BUY THIS

Posted by: Anonymous

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