How To Use HUGO 2 and HUGO 2 Remote

A study conducted by Market Research Society for LELO found that in the U.S., 40.4% of people engage in anal sex, and 42% want to try it. The desire for anal stimulation is shared by many, and the HUGO 2 vibrating massager is designed for anyone with a bum.

What’s New with HUGO 2?

lelo hugo 2

Search around the web and you’ll find great reviews for the first generation HUGO, but there are a few notable differences with its successor.

The first being that HUGO 2 also comes in a HUGO 2 Remote version. As the name implies, it’s a remote-controlled version of the same product that offers hands-free masturbation or gives your partner control over your pleasure. To increase or decrease intensity, simply tilt the remote right and left.

Another feature that’s been improved is an additional 20% of device power, meaning prolonged battery life and stronger vibrations.

And last, but certainly not least, slight modifications in shape to accommodate more anatomies.


HUGO 2 App Connectivity

The prostate massager can be connected via Bluetooth to the LELO app. Not only does it allow you to control the vibration patterns and intensities from your phone, it also unlocks additional pleasure settings.

  1. Download the LELO app and make sure your Bluetooth toggle is switched on so that it can be paired with the device.
  2.  Open the LELO app and continue through the steps for connectivity.
  3. Once connected, click on “settings” in the app that shows modes and intensities.
  4. Click on “play” to find the preset modes and “start” to begin the vibrations on your device.

If you’re unable to connect the app to your device, reach out to customer care for assistance.

Dual Motors

HUGO 2 and HUGO 2 Remote have a motor in the inserted tip, along with a motor on the external bulb. The two motors work in unison at your preferred setting and stimulate simultaneously.

HUGO 2 Masturbation Tips

Though HUGO 2 is labeled as a prostate massager, a toy typically for men, it can be used by women too. For the sake of these tips, we’ll explain them from a male perspective.

  • When using any type of prostate or anal massager, use plenty of lube. The anus is not self-lubricating, like other pleasurable parts of the body.
  • The insertable tip of HUGO 2 is tapered so that it can easily slide into the body. We recommend starting by laying on your back and relaxing your muscles.
  • Once the toy is in comfortably, turn it on at its lowest setting and work your way up by listening to your body.
  • Try various positions and find what feels comfortable – doggy style, sitting upright with the toy wedged between you and pillows, etc. Mixing up your masturbation positions is another way to heighten the experience.
  • If swapping the toy between partners, make sure to clean it in between use.