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Anal (Uni)Sex: Why Anal Play Can Feel Good for Every Body

Curious about anal sex? Good! There are plenty of resources for learning about trying anal sex for the first time, the very best anal sex positions, how to tell your partner you want to try anal…

You want to know why anal stimulation feels so good, for both men and women alike? Well, that’s a totally different, very scientific, and yet still pretty sexy topic in of itself!

Why is anal sex so good

All About the Anus

While we may not often consider it, the opening of the anus is filled with nerve endings, and something as gentle as pressure from fingers, lips or tongue combined with the lubrication of saliva and/or lubricant can be extremely enjoyable for both men and women to receive (and give).

Because it tends to be so sensitive—and we may be less used to sensation there—it can seem like every sensation gets magnified tenfold! That, combined with the slower initial approach that is best to employ for anal play, many people report that anal sex can be an almost overwhelmingly intense and sensual act to share.

The Prostate & Pleasure

Of course, we have other bits in our body that play their part when it comes to anal pleasure. The prostate is a walnut-sized, semen-storing gland located at the root of the penis, just below the bladder. It stores semen before it gets mixed with ejaculate and, when stimulated during sex, it can make for some intense orgasms as you’ve never experienced before.

Whether with a partner or solo, prostate stimulation can be a little intimidating (especially for straight men), even when you know the benefits of massaging your prostate. If you’re exploring it for the first time, it’s a good idea to start with a massager designed for your anatomy—after all, it’s not exactly the easiest part of your body to reach, even before you attempt the ‘come-hither’ massage technique!

What About Women?

Have you wondered what pleasure women get from anal sex? After all, most don’t have a prostate, so beyond oral or manual stimulation around the anus, what could any sensation within the rectum offer?

Firstly, just as all men won’t love anal play, not all women love being penetrated anally. For those that do, there are a couple different reasons why, and the first is just as anatomical as the placement of the prostate!

Just as a full bladder can put enough pressure on the vagina to cause some to feel aroused, so can pressure from anal penetration. The shared “wall” separating the rectum and vagina is such that, in the right position, chances are your G-spot will be stimulated—and can be all the more enhanced if you add a toy like LIV 2!

Double-penetration can also have a kinky appeal, as ‘taboo’ is what lights many a-fire. In fact, some list the taboo inherent to anal sex on its own as what makes the whole experience so thrilling!

If you simply enjoy the fulfilling feeling of anal sex, but find it isn’t enough stimulation on its own, clitoral stimulation is still the simplest addition to partnered sex to help you reach orgasm. It can be the petite-and-easily-passed-between-partners MIA 2, or the all-engulfing and overwhelmingly powerful SMART WAND Large!

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