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Sexy LELO Gifts for Couples This Christmas

Looking for a holiday gift that turns up the heat? These stocking stuffers offer a touch of romance that you and your partner(s) will enjoy. Check out our picks for gifts that will keep things hot all winter long!

1. LYLA 2

lylaLYLA 2 invited you to this passion party for two, and you’re on the guest list! This bullet-style massager is equally enjoyable during internal as well as external massage, and with its wireless remote, you can hand control over to your partner(s) and let them dictate your pleasure wherever and whenever you’d like.

2. Backstage Pass Bundle

backstage pass lelo

One of many LELO sex toy bundles, Backstage Pass is for those who love or are interested in exploring anal pleasure. The best part? Anal pleasure has no gender and can be experienced by anyone with a bum. This set includes the LOKI Wave 2 (for men and women), anal play gel and warming massage oil.

3. TIANI 2

tiani 2The must-have gadget for pleasure-seeking couples around the world, TIANI 2 promises intense shared passions well after the holiday season is through. The smaller arm is worn internally in the vagina during lovemaking and provides additional sensations for both partners. Its wireless remote control provides hands-free enjoyment and a whole new way to adjust speed, pattern, and intensity simply by tipping the remote.

4. TOR 2

TOR 2 penis ring

The perfect toy for the adventurer on your list, TOR 2 promises pleasures for both to make it a gift that keeps on giving for everyone. When worn during lovemaking, this ultra-powerful and fully-rechargeable wearable couples’ ring gives the penis increased presence and stamina, and promises the vulva a deeply satisfying vibe.

5. Couple Play Bundle

Can’t decide between on just one toy? Get two at a fraction of the price with the LELO Couple Play sex toy bundle. It includes the TIANI 3 vibrator that can be worn during penetrative sex, along with the vibrating TOR 2 penis ring, personal moisturizer and 36-pack of HEX condoms. What more do you need?