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With 16 years in the adult industry, including many years at LELO, it's fair to say Stu has been around the sex toy block a few times. As LELO's resident sex geek, he's been featured in the Independent, the Guardian, HuffPost, Vice, Cosmopolitan, and anywhere people talk about sex. Here on Volonte, he turns his spotlight onto the important events affecting sex right now in a regular op-ed. Views are his own.

7 Reasons To Masturbate

Reasons to masturbate

Masturbation is weird. There are a million reasons we do it, and then we do it for no reason at the same time. It’s just something we’re compelled …

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Pleasure Is Not A Luxury

pleasure is not a luxury

Pleasure and luxury go hand in hand at LELO. It’s difficult, then, trying to convince people that pleasure itself is not a luxury. It’s essential. It’s painful, then, …

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What’s Asexuality Like?

what's asexuality look like

The Correspondent magazine ran an interesting story about asexuality the other day. It’s interesting because it exists. It does more than simply state that asexuality exists, but goes …

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Quotes About Love

quotes about love

Love is a notoriously difficult concept to pin down. What is it? Is it real? Is it measurable? How do we express it? How does it manifest itself? …

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