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With 16 years in the adult industry, including many years at LELO, it's fair to say Stu has been around the sex toy block a few times. As LELO's resident sex geek, he's been featured in the Independent, the Guardian, HuffPost, Vice, Cosmopolitan, and anywhere people talk about sex. Here on Volonte, he turns his spotlight onto the important events affecting sex right now in a regular op-ed. Views are his own.

7 Tips for Better Masturbation

tips for better masturbation

Most of us think we’re pretty good at masturbation. We’ve done it for years, we don’t need tuition. But, what if, even with our extensive hands-on experience, we …

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Are You in Love? 7 Signs

are you in love signs

You might think that people who are truly in love automatically know the answer to this question, with no doubt in their minds—and a lucky few do, but …

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Who Sends Dick Pics?

who sends dick pics

You pick up your phone in the morning, only to be surprised by an unsolicited, sexually explicit photo in your inbox. Unprepared for the visual, it takes you …

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Can You be Addicted to Love?

can you be addicted to love

Romantic love has often been considered a type of addiction or even sickness. There is no doubt that love involves constant thinking about, and activities with, one’s beloved. …

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The Science of Attraction

science of attraction

When it comes to sex and mating, what do you find attractive? As Daniel Conroy-Beam puts it, “All humans have a psychology of short-term and long-term of mating,” …

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Will Sex Tech Change Sex?

will sex tech change sex

We no longer require a partner to live comfortably in Western culture.   Women are no longer dependent on a man for income, and men are no longer dependent …

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