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LELO ORA 3 Oral Sex Stimulator Review

The thought of our genitals being stimulated by a warm, wet mouth is pretty hot. But what’s not hot is worrying if someone will do it right. Receiving oral can be a gamble, which is understandable because women’s anatomy isn’t exactly straightforward and stimulation preferences can change day to day. That’s why LELO created ORA 3, an oral stimulator that feels like a real tongue.

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“There is no power loss, especially via the CruiseControl. This one never seemed to lose power, nor vibrations quality, when it’s barely in contact with Kitty’s culca and clitoris or when it’s well pressed and maintained on them. And at the maxiumum level, I can tell you that the vibrations are strong, despite the toy size. It’s quality, the one we like to see at Lelo.”

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This Award-Winning Vibrator Feels Just Like a Tongue

“For those who’ve searched high and low for a replacement to the stimulation of oral sex, your quest ends here: Lelo’s Ora 3 cuts out the inconvenience of having another person in the room when all you want is some mind-blowing head. The ring-shaped device simulates the sensation of a tongue with a rotating nub embedded under soft silicone, programmed to follow unexpected (yet delightful) patterns. But, in true Lelo fashion, that’s not all it does — it vibrates, too.”

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My Review About The Ora-3 An Oral Pleasure Stimulator By Lelo

“I have to say this – oral sex is something that not everyone knows how to do and if we are being honest not everyone likes doing. I don’t know about you ladies but in my opinion there is nothing worse than having someone do it all wrong! This was my favourite thing about the ORA 3, it really did feel good and realistic which I did not expect it to do.

As mentioned, you can add vibrations to it which I liked and there are different settings and speeds. It was easy to hold on to and like all of Lelo’s products is chargeable and has a long lasting battery. ”

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Lelo Ora 3 Review

“A lot of people would agree that foreplay can be just as good – if not better than – an orgasm.

As opposed to the more intense – but short-lived – feelings that a climax provides you with, a long-lasting and highly stimulating game of foreplay is a very important source of pleasure. The Lelo Ora 3 is a great foreplay tool that will give you long-lasting amazing vibes.”

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Amazing! ★★★★★

This has quickly become my favorite vibrator. At first it took a little effort to figure out how best to use this, but it was beyond worth it once I did. I’ve had some of the best orgasms ever with this toy! Perfect for a slow build to a powerful climax.

Posted by: Anonymous

Get it and get off ★★★★★

I really enjoy the climax I get from using this toy – it always hits the spot which I can’t say for all toys. Just thinking about it makes me want to bust it out and have some fun mmm

Posted by: lumina


A slowly building sensation ★★★★

This is my third product from LELO and it’s been the one I was most curious about. Sometimes I want an extended session of solo play and this toy gives you a longer build to lasting orgasm. I’ve had the best orgasms of my life with LELO and this adds to the variety very well! Love it!

Posted by: Priss


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