g tries sona cruise clitoral massager

G Tries: SONA Cruise Clitoral Massager (Review + Video)


This week, I try SONA Cruise, the biggest step forward in pleasure technology in the past decade. Renowned for its ability to make you squirt and its ‘hands-free’ approach to intensity, this was the moment I have been waiting for… 

Finally, I have my hands on SONA Cruise from LELO. It sounds dramatic, but ever since I heard about LELO and started looking into their products, it was SONA Cruise that really excited me. Mainly because there is one thing that really annoys me about women’s pleasure toys, the need to press buttons. Don’t get me wrong, in an ideal world, would I want the toy to also change settings automatically depending on what I was feeling? Yes, yes I would. But we may still be a little far away from that technology and LELO’s SONA Cruise is the next best thing. 

Having experienced the SenSonic Technology of LELO’s SILA clitoral massager, I felt like I knew what to expect from the SONA, however, I felt a little apprehensive about the size of the mouth, as I presumed a smaller surface area would mean a more intense experience. However, though the contact with the clitoris whilst using the SONA did feel more intense and direct, this didn’t inhibit my experience in using it. Actually, the intensity enabled me to experience the vibrations without even making direct contact with the skin. 

I took the advice from many of the reviews that I had read on the product and started at the lowest intensity setting. Rather than making direct contact with the clitoris initially, I was able to start really slowly whilst still experiencing stimulation, without even making any contact. This set the precedent for the kind of climax that the SONA facilitates. A slow, sensual and conscious experience which feels more like ‘making love’ than wanking. I sound like I’m sensationalising, and I know that I can air on the side of dramatic from time to time, but I stand by this notion! 

SONA Cerise

I think it has to do with a combination of the sensation that is the SenSonic Technology, a combination of tapping, blowing, and vibrating, combined with the targeted shape of the mouth and the infamous Cruise Control. As you get acclimated to the motion and you begin to make contact, the intensity is controlled by how hard you push the SONA against your body. How clever! No fumbling for plus or minus buttons, just find the setting you love and you’re able to control the intensity in a way that feels so much less mechanical.

It also gives you the freedom to be more intuitive with the way you use the toy and how you edge toward climax, hence why I say that using this toy feels like having sex with yourself. Which I suppose is what masturbation is, but at the same time, with a directional bullet vibrator for example, you just don’t get that same level of variety and that deep, building orgasm that you may get over time when having sex with a partner. Likewise, the fact that the pulsation is so strong means that you can continue to feel sensation post orgasm by hovering the SONA over the clitoris or anywhere that feels good. If the contact is too intense, the pleasure doesn’t need to stop. You can continue the stimulation on a low intensity without touching anything. Incredible. 

The most important thing to note when buying from the SONA range is that the differences between the four products are subtle. If you tend to be sensitive around the clitoris and you’re worried about SONA being too intense, I would maybe opt for the Sona 2. Although I’m yet to try the toy myself, the mouth is wider, spreading the sensation throughout the erogenous zone and making it less direct on the colitis glans itself. Having said that, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the intensity, as I say, this toy is a vehicle to a slow building orgasm, and even without direct contact, there’s plenty of stimulation. 

For me, this toy is an opportunity to really learn what it feels like to edge toward climax. It provides the tools to explore the dimensions of your orgasm without rushing toward the end goal. Because of how intense the contact is with the clitoris, it forces you to take your time and listen to your body. With other, more simple toys, there’s often no need to do this. We just get in the habit of painting by numbers to get the job done. As this toy is more complex, it requires a more complex understanding of your own body, which is exactly what we should be looking for! I get it, sometimes you just want that quick release, but when you have the time, and you’re willing to really tune into your body, then this is the toy for you.