SONA Review Roundup: The Clitorally Mind-blowing Sonic Massager

When we launched SONA – the very first sonic clitoral massager – we knew we’d garner some attention, but we were overwhelmed by the response!

With any new product, particularly one featuring new sex toy technology like SONA Cruise, it’s bound to pique curiosity. Here’s we’ve gathered the most thorough product reviews of LELO SONA to help you decide if it’s right for you!

SONA review

This Sex Toy Gave Me a Totally New Kind of Orgasm

“Basically, you’re orgasming whether you’re ready or not, and once again, I sat there stunned that it only took about three minutes.

It was the fastest orgasm I’ve ever had, while feeling as gratifying and forceful as one that built up for a long time. “Woah, already???” my boyfriend blinked about a minute after I hit the button.

The fact that this worked so easily is a major game-changer.”

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The First Vibrator to Surprise Me in 15 Years

“I didn’t expect anything life-changing. I mean, I’ve been doing this for 15 years. I have my favorite vibrator. I have my routine.

Well, guess what? Screw the routine.

I found a rhythm on the SONA Cruise that allowed me to tease myself toward orgasms that were more powerful and protracted than any I’d experienced in forever. My smoothie vibe hasn’t come out of the drawer since. (Sorry other vibrator!)”

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Sex Toy Review: LELO SONA Cruise

“The Verdict: 5/5

First up, I have to say that there’s a distinct advantage to coddling your clit with blasts of air rather than vibration: It never, ever does that thing where it retreats and is like “don’t touch me, that’s enough.” You are more likely to wear yourself out or be forced to, like, get up and go to work long before that happens. Trust me on this. Your friends may have to stage an intervention.

Now, for the most part, SONA is designed to be used by hovering it just over the skin without actually applying pressure. But for me, pressure felt amaaazing.”

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Review: Introducing the LELO SONA and SONA Cruise

The sonic waves are very interesting!! It feels as though air is being pushed out of the spout, but it’s actually the force of the vibrations from the hole! In use, it really has an impact, and actually it could work for me in minutes!

The toy is useful on other areas of the body too, and I’ve since found a decent balance of using the lower settings on the clitoris and higher on the nipples. It really reminds me of the Smart Wand in comparison with intensity. So if you find you need more in the way of  clitoral stimulation than any other toy you’ve tried, I’d definitely give this a go.”

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“As a frequent masturbator, I thought I had mastered the art of the silent orgasm, so as not to disturb my neighbours, of course. Despite this, SONA made me scream out loud in ecstasy.

Its shape means that in addition to the nozzle that comes into contact with the body, around the clitoral hood, some parts of the toy are in contact with the vulva, allowing you to appreciate some residual ripples of pleasure. I can even appreciate it against my pubic bone, which feels divine.”

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The LELO SONA Is Sonic Sorcery for Clitoral Stimulation and I Am Here for It

The use of sonic waves and pulses makes for a more prolonged orgasm – I always think of an orgasm administered by a traditional vibrator as more of a bolt of lightning, while a longer, deeper build more like the slow roll of thunder.

And if we want to revisit that whole not-touching-your-body part, it’s not just cool – it’s also useful during sex or anytime you want multiple orgasms. When the clit doesn’t come in contact with the toy itself, it doesn’t oversensitize immediately following an orgasm. Neat, huh?”

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Testing & Comparing The Sona & Sona Cruise

“So many sex toys must be made by men because the clitoris is as under-served as ever. The Lelo Sona changes the dynamic entirely by focusing only on clitoral stimulation and it’s made me gush entire geysers at a time.

The Lelo Sona is without a doubt one of my top favorite vibrators and holds a special place in my sex toy collection.”

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Customer Reviews

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You will orgasm ★★★★★

Hello everyone, if you’re tired of your vibrator, if you’re tired of your hand, sloppy oral or even a partner: this is the toy for you. I bought this a month ago. I used it for nine days straight because it amplifies the orgasm from a 10 to an 11. I will state: if you do use it everyday, your clit will wear down eventually. So actually be sparing with it. More like a fun treat.

Posted by: Angiezilla

The bestt ! ★★★★★

Easily the most intense and hardest I have cum in years ! 10/10 hands down buy it ,)

Posted by: Nyc7

Wet orgasms ★★★★

It took me a couple times to find my groove with this toy but now I’m obsessed. It makes orgasms almost too easy. I used to only be able to squirt with a couple partners but this can get the job done.

Posted by: Happy Camper 88


How To Use SONA & SONA Cruise

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serving suggestion sona

lelo serving suggestion sona 2

Written by: Katy Thorn

Katy Thorn is a post-grad writer with a passion for writing about sex, sexuality, and all things rated R. She received her degree in Women’s Studies with a focus in Intersectionality at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!). She has a cat named Yoko, drinks too much black coffee, and hates writing bios.


  1. Sona massager felt even better than described in this review. It gives pleasure very fast and it left me surprised how good it was. I just wish the price was bit lower.

  2. WEll Took time to figure out what was wrong with my fun (Lelo Loki) so not to be so technical it was twisting to the side! And 15 minutes the great orgasm came even tasted it to not be urine , all cum it was great. Thank you Lelo, Mr. Lynn 🤤

  3. I found about sona from amber rose. I decided to buy it a cople of weeks
    ago. I was not disappointed, au contraire, I was amazed by the time
    it took for me to get to orgasm. It was so fast and I loved it

  4. Whoa!!!! I just bought my Lelo Sona Cruise. I only used it one time so far. . I am very new to this masturbation thing. I spent time and money trying to get the right vibrator just for me. I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical after reading all of the wonderful reviews for the Lelo Sona Cruise… Well!! This thing right here is a blessing!! I was not disappointed with false advertising. It delivered big!!I never had the “Big O” experience until I used the Lelo Sona Cruise. It very intense and fast! But pleasantly wonderful!! I think that I’m in love again.!! I love it some much that I decided to trash all of my previous vibratiors and buy all colors of the Lelo Sona Cruise. In that way, I will always have a back up. I can’t leave the home without it. Lastly, for those who never experienced the ” Big O” experience. I highly recommend the Lelo Sona with 10 stars. 😊

  5. I purchased two Lelo Sona Cruise toys from I gave one to my girlfriend who said she would marry it, if she could. This toy is so intense !!!! I have a number of toys in my toy box but the Sona Cruise is my go to toy if I want an intense orgasm. Congrats Lelo xx

  6. Have MS–will this stimulate my clitoris and produce what I call “mini” orgasms more efficiently than manual stimulation? Can my husband use it on me easily?

    • Hi there – yes, the SONA stimulates much more of the clitoris than what is normally stimulated manually. Your husband should definitely try it on you, as long as you guide him to your sweet spot!

  7. I have the Sona Cruise… it is ah-maxing! The sonic pulses create is a very
    different and all over your body orgasmic experience.
    I did find out that
    1. It turns on at its highest setting. Far too intense for me.
    2. But hovering over your clitoris will eventually suck your clitoris up.
    3. Water based Lube makes the pulses so much more pleasurable.
    4. I have learned to love nearly all the various setting…the only one that
    Annoyed me was the constant hum. I just couldn’t tolerate it.
    5. I used the Sona Cruise and played with the hubby….he needs more
    practice on placement and thinking he has to move it around like a wand
    in order to please me.
    6. I tried it on him….he said it was very pleasant on the scrotum. But j
    it is definitely a girl’s toy.

  8. It was really good first time. But then it started to give me very bad headaches if orgasm wasn’t quick. I mean really bad headaches. I don’t have high blood pressure, so it is very weird.

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