mia 3 mini vibrator

MIA 3: LELO’s Lipstick-Inspired Vibrator

Spontaneous pleasure is always within reach with a vibrator so discreet that it fits into your pocket without question. LELO recently launched their newest version of MIA, MIA 3 – a mini lipstick vibrator with plenty of powerful vibrations to get you off wherever you are.

mia 3 lipstick vibrator

What Is MIA 3?

MIA 3 is a clitoral vibrator, that is, a sex toy whose vibrations are intended for the most democratic organ of enjoyment among women—the clitoris. While there are women who prefer other types of stimulation, the overwhelming majority of women report orgasming from clitoral stimulation. MIA 3 is designed for exactly that, offering a wide range of vibration strengths and patterns.

What Makes MIA 3 So Special?

Simply put—its shape. This lipstick vibrator isn’t much larger than a finger and is ideal for women who are looking for pleasure on-the-go or are just more private with their sex toys. MIA 3 is easy to hide.

MIA 3 also contains one end that is angled for more precise, pin-point stimulation, and another end that is rounded for a wider stimulation area.

LELO MIA 2 vs. MIA 3, What Changed?

  • Size? No changes, MIA 2 and MIA 3 are the same size (only 4.4 in. in length).
  • Finish? MIA 2 has a glossy finish, whereas MIA 3 has a matte finish (more comparable to the feel of skin).
  • Vibration Patterns? MIA 2 has 6 vibration settings and MIA 3 has 8 (2 added).
  • Charging? Both MIA 2 and MIA 3 are USB-rechargeable. They can even plug into your laptop to charge.
  • Waterproof? Like almost all LELO toys, the MIA family is 100% waterproof and can be used for shower or bathtub masturbation or sex. Make sure that they are fully dry before charging.

How To Use MIA 3

  1. Charge your device for at least two hours before first use and familiarize yourself with the 2-button interface.
  2. If the toy is blocked (i.e. if you press the buttons and nothing happens), press and hold the + and – buttons at the same time for 3 seconds to unlock it. You can explore the various modes using + to go forward and – to go backward.
  3. Place MIA 3 on your body. We always advise not starting directly on the clitoris. Place it on other external erogenous zones: the hollows of your elbows, the lower part of your stomach, your nipples (just to give you an idea), to familiarize yourself with his touch and increase your arousal.
  4. When you feel ready, hover above and around your clitoris. Choose the lowest vibration at first and listen to your body, increasing if it feels good.
  5. Explore the different tips of MIA 3, the rounded part guarantees you more intense and precise pleasure, the flat part a more widespread stimulation which, at the right moment, can be the one that sends you into orbit. Also remember that, although its shape might make you think otherwise, MIA 3 is a sex toy intended for external use.
  6. When the time comes to turn MIA 3 off, press the – button several times or hold it down for a few seconds.
  7. Repeat the pleasure process as many times as you want.

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