LELO’s Future of Sex and Love Report 2024

Since sexual wellness is an ever-changing landscape and individual journey, understanding the future of sex has more to do about understanding the future itself. The best way we can do this is by asking questions and playing out various scenarios.

Seeing as we’re in the midst of unprecedented historical transformation, the future seems anything but certain, but LELO is preparing for the future by talking to sex experts – Tom Cheeswright, applied futurologist, and Kate Moyle, certified therapist – to create an industry-first report on future sex and relationships.

The future is… tech, of course.

Here are some main findings:

  • We’ll have more partners, but not at the same age as the generations before us.
  • We’ll have less sex with our current partners.
  • We’ll have more virtual sex.
  • We’ll continue to make friends with inanimate objects.

Curious why? Read the full report.

No matter how one feels about the prospect of human-tech relationships, one thing seems inevitable. In a world where sex toys are digitally operated and where people are forging relationships through apps, the truth is that, not long from now, almost everyone will be participating in a tech-influenced reality to some extent. 

Technology has already altered the way we approach dating, friendship and family, and is redefining the very core of our day-to-day lives. And instead of the ultimate result being a familiar dichotomy – the utter fulfillment in personal life or a lonelier existence – our experts propose that the future will be a world of endless possibilities that will generate a set of alternatives to relationships and pleasure. In a nutshell, the future of sexual wellness is creating endless options and distributing them tailor-made to every person. 

As sex expands to include technology like robotics and AI, it may feel overwhelming, especially at the rapid rate of change. However, it’s important to believe in humanity using these to affect our lives for the better. When putting fear aside, we realize that immersive technologies provide additional ways to reach, connect and even help people. 

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