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Calling All Sexperts and Erotic Writers: LELO Wants YOU!

LELO’s Pleasure Project Volonté is intended to be powered by contributions from the very best and most talented writers. Our aim is to share your talents with our 400,000+ monthly visitors, to inform, entertain and open people’s mind to the possibilities of a healthier, more vibrant sensuality.

Currently we are looking for contributions from both Erotic writers as well as Sex & Relationships Experts. If you have something to share in either of these areas, we would love to receive a sample of your work or a pitch on the content you could provide.

Below are more detailed guidelines for content on Volonté and please contact us if you would like any more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sex & Relationships Experts

At LELO we would like to build a network of experts that can contribute to the Volonté blog on all topics relevant to sex and relationships.

Our aim is to provide helpful tips and advice about sex, dating and relationships – straight from the experts.

Guidelines for Volonté expert content

  • Articles should be approximately 500-1000 words in length on a topic of your choice
  • Articles should fall within the realm of sex and relationships that you believe our readers would enjoy
  • Please include at least 2 links within the article to previous Volonté articles – if this proves challenging, our editorial team will assist you.

Erotic Writers

LELO is currently delving in to the world of erotic writing on our Volonté blog and we are looking for the next E.L. James to contribute, as we share your talents with the world.

If you think you have what it takes then we would love to read an original piece of your work that you believe our Volonté readers would enjoy.

Guidelines for Volonté erotic content

  • Stories should be approximately 500-2000 words and will not have been published elsewhere before appearing on Volonté
  • Product placement is not necessary but if you do include LELO products please avoid using product names (we want to entertain, not bombard our customers with advertizing)
  • We want you to focus on the experience and emotions, like all good erotic content
  • While many readers will be new to erotica, “hard” content and “harder” words and imagery are welcome when they fit with the story as a whole
  • We will not use any content without your prior consent, and will only disclose details that you feel comfortable with sharing

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Remember, Volonté is a long-term pleasure project with the goal of opening people’s minds to a healthier, more vibrant sensuality. So whether you’re just starting out or are a major award-winning novelist – we invite you to get involved and let’s see the difference we can make.

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