back to school gay erotic story

Back to School – A Gay Erotic Story

They looked over curiously at the men shuffling in together each holding the hand of the man in front and behind him. Wearing only boxer shorts, they wore black hoods with small openings for their eyes – hoods to protect their identity. 

back to school gay erotic story

“What about our identities?” he thought as he leaned forward looking lazily over at the 12 men in front of him. 12 men, just like the disciples. Except these 12 men were here to serve the men in front of them and let themselves be used as learning instruments.

The weekend introduction course for dominant men had looked intriguing – he had wanted to push his own limits as a bottom for a while and this had looked like the perfect opportunity. There was a theory on various aspects of impact play and rope work in the morning (today it had been on spanking and the different instruments you could use for impact play) and then everyone was allowed three 20-minute sessions with different men to practice on. They were instructed to command and control these men with words, gestures, lips, tongues and their bodies. Unless they heard the word “stop” they could do anything they wanted to these men.

It felt overwhelming somehow and deliciously exciting, and he laughed inside as he realised he wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do first. It felt like such a huge responsibility somehow but he knew he would be sure to make their time together fun. 

The submissives formed a circle in front of them, their backs to each other as they faced the men in front of them. On command of the teacher, the dominants walked around, looking them up and down, feeling their bodies, as though in a slave market. And it felt exactly like that – like having a harem of male slaves, there to do anything that was asked of them without question.

He chose the tall, lithe blonde for his very first male dom/sub experience, touching him on his forearm and leading him back to his mat. All around him, men were selected to be played with as toys. He wished he had a video camera to capture the beautiful images around him as he watched a petite and boyish man next to him put a collar on the strapping muscular man in front of him and then pushed him down on all fours so he could sit astride him, ordering him to go for a walk.

Focus, he thought – you don’t have much time. He ordered his sub to get on his knees and deciding not to tie him, stood in front of him, pulling his chin up with his hand so he would look at him as he told the hot, young man what a dirty, filthy slut he was and how he was going to be punished for his behaviour. Looking up at him, he answered “yes Master.” Michael could hear the defiance in his voice, so he told him not to look at him unless told to.

He collared him, attaching the dog lead to him carefully, so his sub would know who he belonged to, instructing him to get down on all fours and made him walk around the room behind him, pulling him when he got too slow. He stopped on the way so that he could speak to other dominants and watched amusedly whilst another sub, instructed by another master, sniffed his sub like a pet dog where, well most dogs, usually sniffed. He could tell that this felt humiliating to his sub as he squirmed, but he managed to stay put and looked a little relieved when another ‘pet’ came over to them-the distraction meant they could move on.

They came back to their space and he instructed him to take his boxers off and kneel on all fours in front of him. He watched him hesitate for a moment and wondered if he was the new one or even the ‘straight but curious’ one the teacher had talked about, but in a moment he was naked in front of him.

Using a riding crop to nudge his legs wider apart, he told him to bend forward so his head touched the floor, his shoulders supporting him. Pulling his hands together roughly behind his back, he tied him in a knot he had been shown by a friend and deciding to ease him into it gently, as he had been shown this morning. 

Slapping the sub a few times on both cheeks, he rubbed him gently in-between to give him a break, and then followed up with more slaps, enjoying the sound his skin being spanked made. He pulled him up roughly and told him what a good little slut he was being and if he wanted more. He nodded and he yanked his hair sharply. “Yes, what?” He heard the answer he wanted and continued to spank him, harder this time and faster to increase the intensity, enjoying how the arse in front of him got redder and redder. He heard him gasp but continued for another minute before rubbing him and massaging him so he got a break, feeling the thin layer of sweat underneath his fingertips, a sign of a body in shock.

When he felt he had enough of a break, he used the back of a hairbrush, slowly getting harder and faster, surprised himself at how much sadistic pleasure he got out of it. Seeing his sub tire, he pulled him into a sitting position and knelt in front of him, their eyes meeting. He told him he wanted him to pleasure him and gave him permission to touch his body, untying his hands and putting them on him and pulling him close to his nipples so he could take them into his mouth. He did this with enthusiasm and he could see that he had been waiting and hoping for this. He leant back and let him suck and lick both nipples, realising he was enjoying it more because he had been ordered to do it.

“Time is nearly up so bring it to a close in the next minute or two please.” Stroking his face and thanking him, he stopped him, instructing him to stand up and kiss him.

They shared feedback once the men had left and then the sub collective came back in, again holding hands for support and brotherhood. 

This time one of the men next to him asked to team up together and for him to take the lead. Agreeing it could be fun, the two of them led one man away, choosing him together. This one had tattoos and a muscular body. Shortly afterwards, the course teacher asked if they could let another man join them as one of the dominants was taking a break from the next round, which is how they ended up with two men next to each other naked. They played with the men side by side. He sat astride his sub teasing him with his cock edging it near his mouth, watching his reactions, holding onto his arms so he couldn’t reach down to touch him, as he realised this sub was not good at listening to instructions like the first one had been, and kept touching him when he hadn’t allowed him to.

“You are very hot, Master.”

Taking his chin in his hand, he spoke back at him in a harsh manner.

“I know that, but I don’t need you to tell me and I didn’t give you permission to speak so shut up. And don’t look at me unless I tell you to.”

He realised, as he looked down at himself, how much he was enjoying the power of telling someone what to do. For this short while, this man belonged to him and he knew what he wanted to do with him now. He bent down to his ear and whispered to him how he was going to fuck him – slow at first and then harder and harder until he would drown in sensation. Putting on a condom and using lube on himself, he squirted more lube on his sub, making sure the sub’s arsehole was slick and clean.

Bending down on his knees, he lifted the sub’s legs up onto his shoulders. They had been told that for some men it was their first time with a man, so starting with one finger, entering him slowly, he moved his finger in circular movements inside him slowly until he felt him relax. Slowly he then introduced another finger and then a third and realised this was not the first time he had had this done to him as the men grunted in pleasure behind his hoodie.

Once he could feel him relax, he decided he was ready and slowly, adding lube once again and bending comfortably into position, he entered him inch by inch. Again and again, he thrust into this man enjoying knowing he was fucking someone who would never know his name nor see him again, watching his body begin to shake as he penetrated him rhythmically. 

Deciding he would not let him come yet, he withdrew from him, pulling his nipples, using clamps to heighten the pain and slapping at his genitals, hearing him gasp. He looked over and realised both subs were holding onto each other’s leg as if they needed to support each other through this trial.  The teacher walked over to them and whispered to him “let’s discover their boundaries.”

Sometimes people just needed permission to do things they didn’t trust themselves to do, so both dominants stood up, telling each man to turn to the one next to him and kiss. Watching both their arousal, they instructed the men to play with each other and listened to the grunts as both men tugged at each other’s cocks faster and harder. Telling them to get on all fours, the dominants discussed loudly who should fuck who as they stood over them.

Finally, they told one to stand and gave him a condom as they massaged lubricant on the condom for him and then on the man in front of him. Instructing him to finger fuck the man in front of him, they enjoyed the gasps and quivers as one sub arched back sexily, waiting for the moment when he decided to enter a man for the first time in his life, his best friend. Animalistic noises filled the air as one after the other the men came, collapsing on the floor.  Some of the other dominants watched around the room. 

He bent down next to them forcing himself into the middle of them, slapping both of them hard on their arse cheeks. 

“Well, I don’t think you’ll ever look at your best friend the same way again. Now stand up boys – we haven’t finished using you yet.”