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Byron – An Erotic Story

Recent statistics show that, of all marriages and long-term relationships in the UK, some 5% practice what is known as “ethical non-monogamy”. Such open marriages, polyamory and swinging are referred to within practicing circles by the generic term of “lifestyle”. 

One such married couple in the lifestyle are Karl and Cecelia. Karl is 68, in his third marriage. A little on the short side, but not unattractive. His age is not an impediment to swinging, people of all ages will play with people of all ages, and what he lacks in youth he makes up for in experience. Cecelia is 56 and in her second marriage. She is attractive, and exudes that elusive and undefinable attribute of sexiness. She often attracts the attention of men who can perceive it, including men as young as their twenties. They have been together for 4 years.  They were both in the lifestyle for some time before meeting and met through a lifestyle website. It was only natural that they should continue in the lifestyle once married. 

Like many couples in the lifestyle they are a particularly close and loving couple, with a level of security that comes only with the total honesty that comes with non-monogamy. They each know that they are number one, each to the other, no matter who else they might play with. 

One of the small difficulties facing those who are in the lifestyle is, how do you get in contact with likeminded people? The website that brought Karl and Cecelia together would seem a good place for them to start, but in practice many of the people on it are not what they purport to be. Since they met, forays into the site have generally proved disappointing for one reason or another. Alternatively, there are a number of swingers clubs up and down the country and Karl and Cecelia are members of one or two of these. However, these can be quite a distance to travel, and, although they have had some very good experiences in clubs, other occasions have been disappointing. 

Involving friends or work colleagues is generally frowned upon due to the potential complications. Those not in the lifestyle are referred to as “vanilla” and are usually totally unaware of their friends’ swinging activities.  

But once in a while a random stranger may attract the attention, and this is the story of one such encounter. It begins, of all places, in a supermarket. 

Karl and Cecelia were doing their weekly shop, a mundane enough task. At one stage they split up, he to get something from the meat section, and her heading towards the vegetables. On returning to her after only a minute or so Karl was surprised (or not) to find Cecelia being chatted up by a gentleman. He appeared to be in his early seventies, casually but well-dressed slim, and with a particular sparkle in his eye. It was clear that Cecelia was enjoying his attention, and the two were chatting amiably. 

As Karl rejoined his wife the Gentleman seemed to falter. It was as if he had assumed that Cecelia was on her own, and was surprised by the appearance of a partner. He began to wind up the conversation but Karl started chatting to him and the conversation started again. 

After a minute or so Karl spoke to Cecelia. Looking down into the trolley he said to Cecelia “I don’t know about cooking tonight. How do you feel about a takeout?” This phrase is a code between Karl and Cecelia. What it means is “are you in the mood for some fun involving one or two extra people?” Cecelia looked at Karl and briefly glanced at the gentleman. “Yes, I’d like that,” she said. 

Karl then turned to the man. “We’re going for a glass of wine once we check out here. Would you care to join us? I’m Karl, this is my wife Cecelia” The Gentleman paused for a moment, and looked again at Cecelia. “I’d love to. And my name is Byron.” The three arranged to meet a little later at Arturo’s, an up market wine merchant with a small garden where wine by the glass was served. 

 In the half hour before meeting Karl & Cecelia discussed the way they intended to seduce their new friend. 

They arrived together and entered the shop. Cecelia was something of a wine afficionado, and was delighted to find that Byron was also interested, and knowledgeable about wine. Karl did not pretend to equal their knowledge and let them chat for a while as various bottles caught their eye. They entered the garden and sat down at a small table in a quiet corner. Karl sat on one side, and Cecelia sat next to Byron on the other side. 

The wine flowed, as did the conversation. Byron was interesting and articulate and the two warmed to him. He told them he had been happily married for 35 years, but his wife had died some four years earlier. It had taken him a long time to get over it. He confessed that Cecelia was the first woman he had approached since then. He admitted he found her attractive. His children were grown, and he lived alone. 

Karl knew exactly when Cecelia made her move. Her hands had been in her lap, under the table top for a while. Byron was in mid sentence when suddenly he faltered and reddened. He picked up the thread of his conversation quickly but appeared to be in some turmoil. Karl knew his wife had put her hand on Byron’s leg, and was slowly moving it up his thigh. Karl looked Byron fully in the eye and smiled. He spoke, “I know what she’s doing Byron. Don’t worry. It’s ok.” 

Byron looked back and let out a long breath. He looked at Cecelia and she leaned across and kissed his mouth, teasing his lips with her tongue. The Garden was empty and there was no-one there to see. She kissed him for a while, her hand finally getting where it was going, and rubbing his cock through his trousers. He moaned quietly. They disengaged and Cecelia put her hands back on the table. She and Karl then put Byron in the picture regarding their lifestyle.

He sat in silence, barely allowing himself to believe what was happening. Cecelia leaned across and kissed him again, this time taking Byron’s hand and putting it on her bare thigh under her skirt. He caressed her leg but stopped short of her panties. Cecelia ended the kiss. She looked at both men. “I think we need to take this to somewhere more conducive,” she said. Byron looked from Cecelia to Karl, and back to her. “I have a bottle of 2020 Argentinian Malbec at home,” he said. “Would you care to share it with me?” 

He gave them his address and left them. They stayed there for a while smiling and talking gently, finishing their wine. They went quiet for a little while and then Cecelia said, ”Karl, Byron has not had sex for four years. He’s a very low risk encounter. How would you feel if I said I wanted to fuck him bareback?” Karl was taken aback. They had a strict rule that any sex with others was always protected. But after a moment’s thought he said, “I agree, he’s as safe as you can get. If that’s what you want then you crack on. Actually, the idea turns me on. So yes. Do it.” 

They left Arturo’s and drove to the address. A small terraced house in a quiet leafy street. A small garden in front was immaculately kept. The small lawn clipped and even, with ruler straight trimmed borders, surrounded on three sides with summer flowers growing. Not a single weed popped up its unwelcome head. 

Byron opened the door. He was pink and scrubbed, and had changed. He was wearing pale slacks, a plain shirt, and of all things, a maroon cravat. A pleasant, but subtle scent emanated from him. He took them into his home. Like the garden the house was neat, tidy, well ordered, and spotlessly clean. They went through into the living room where a small coffee table stood with an opened bottle of red wine and three glasses. Behind the table a three-seat leather settee.

The room was warm and light. Karl turned to Byron. “I don’t wish to offend but I’ll decline the wine. If it’s a good one, it would be wasted on me. I’ll leave it to the afficionados”. Cecelia had picked up the bottle and was examining the label. “It is a good one” she said. “But if you have a port then that’s more to Karl’s liking.” Byron left the room and came back with a generous glass of dark red liquid and gave it to Karl. 

Cecelia moved to the settee and sat in the middle, motioning to the two men to join her on either side. They sat down and all three took a sip, and then put their glasses down. Cecelia turned to Byron and kissed him slowly. This time he needed no encouragement but put his hand under the hem of her skirt caressing her leg. She ended the kiss and turned to kiss her husband.

While she was kissing Karl, Byron finally moved his hand up and started rubbing her pussy gently through her panties which were already getting wet. She broke away from Karl and looked at Byron. “I take it the bedroom’s upstairs?” Taking their wine glasses with them, Byron led the two of them upstairs and into a bedroom. The curtains were closed but it was still light, and the sun shone through a small gap in the curtains onto the large bed. 

They put their wine on a bedside table. Cecelia walked up to Byron, and put her arms around him kissing him. She moved back slightly and unzipped his trousers. He was so hard and erect that getting his cock out was a little awkward, but after a few seconds she had it in her hand. She gently pulled back the foreskin, revealing the glistening head. She wanked him gently only two or three times till she felt the release of a little pre-cum. Realising how close to coming he was, she relinquished her hold and kissed him again.

Karl had come up behind her and was embracing her and caressing her while she kissed Byron. Karl ran his hands under her skirt up her legs and up to the waistband of her panties. He hooked his thumbs over and pulled them down her legs to the floor, where she stepped out of them, all the while kissing Byron passionately. 

Cecelia stepped away from the two men and addressed them. “I think it’s time you both undressed me,” she said. The men did not need to be asked twice. They together deftly removed her clothes leaving her naked. She moved to the bed and lay down, coyly keeping her legs together. She looked utterly beautiful. She looked at the men. “Now you two,” she said. 

The two men stripped completely and stood before her, and then joined her on the bed, Carl to her right and Byron to her left. They were both erect and Cecelia took a cock in each hand, wanking both of them gently. They both kissed her and then began kissing and caressing her body with their mouths and hands. Her mouth, her neck, her breasts, her belly, her thighs, all received their attention, but as yet she kept her legs together. As their hands moved the two men touched each other.

Byron looked at Karl and spoke, “I’ve never in my life touched any man’s cock but my own,” he said. “May I?” He asked, gesturing towards Karl’s erection. Karl nodded, and kneeled up facing Byron. Byron also kneeled up and reached over to take Karl in his hands, gently wanking him. Karl reciprocated with Byron and the two men wanked each other for a while. Cecelia lay entranced. She loved watching two men playing with each other.

Karl moved back a little and knelt down to take Byron into his mouth. Karl was not gay, or even bi, but he knew how much it excited Cecelia, and he sucked and wanked Byron under Cecelia’s adoring gaze. Byron began to twitch and Karl realised he was close to coming. He was not keen on having men come in his mouth, and also he wanted the uncovered Byron to come deep inside Cecelia later, so he stopped, and the two men resumed their kissing and caressing of the lady.  

Observing the two men playing with each other had loosened her thighs, which were now parted. Karl was first to move his hand between them. He found her pussy soaking wet and traced his finger from her entrance forward to her clitoris.

He knew exactly how to please her and began the small circular movements over the slippery button that he knew did it for her. Byron too knew his way around. He moved his hand down too and slipped a finger easily just inside, caressing her wet inner lips occasionally, and briefly probing deeper. He found her G spot, that postage stamp sized slightly rough area just under and behind her pubic bone and began to rub it. The two men continued with this, Cecelia moaning and gasping with pleasure.

“Both of you, keep doing that. Don’t stop,” she gasped. The men did as they were told conscious of how much pleasure she was getting. For some minutes they continued, the men silent, she gasping and moaning with pleasure She began to squirm and thrust her hips, her eyes closed, her breathing quickened. And then she broke. With a small cry her whole body spasmed as her climax began.

It went on and on, the two men easing their rubbing as she cried in pleasure. After maybe a full minute she subsided, and lay there sated. The two men went back to gentle caressing her body. as she came down gently and slowly. Her eyes opened and she looked from one man to the other. She kissed one, then the other, smiling. 

Both men were hard and erect. She took their cocks, one in each hand and wanked them gently for a while, being careful not to take them too far. She looked into Byron’s eyes. “Lie on your back.” She said. 

Byron moved to the middle of the bad and lay on his back. Cecelia got astride him. As she did Karl noticed that her wetness was so copious that it was running down the inside of her left thigh. He watched entranced as his wife took Byron’s bare cock and slid it easily into herself. He watched as the glistening head went in, followed by the shaft. As she rode him up and down at each stroke he saw how wet she was making his cock.  

He came quickly. Cecelia felt the warmth of his cum spreading within her as he moaned and spent himself. She stayed on him for a little while as he subsided. Then, as she dismounted, Karl saw the cum drip from her pussy lips onto Byron’s belly. Byron moved to the side of the bed and Cecelia turned onto all fours in the middle. Karl moved behind her, between her legs and positioned the head of his stiff cock at her entrance.

He could see the combined fluids of Byron and his wife running out of her and down the inside of both thighs. He was shaking with lust. He entered her quickly. The sensation was incredible. He came in seconds. She felt again the spreading warmth within her as her husband spurted inside her. His climax faded away. He looked over to Byron who was still erect. Karl pulled out and moved away.

Cecelia moaned. “More,” was all she said. Byron moved into the vacated position and entered her again, this time from behind. This time he lasted longer thrusting as Cecelia squeezed her hands into fists in ecstacy. She was kneeling diagonally across the bed by now and Karl moved into position where he could kiss her as Byron fucked her. As they kissed, Karl could feel every thrust, as his wife moaned, until he heard Byron come again. Byron withdrew and Cecelia rolled onto her back.

She looked into her husband’s eyes. “Fuck me again,” she whispered. He moved between her thighs, noticing now the stream of fluid pouring from her. He fucked her again, less urgent and more slowly than before until he came again. 

The three of them lay there for a few minutes, the two men breathing calmly, Cecelia experiencing small aftershocks of sexual pleasure, like little earthquakes. Once they had calmed, they sat in the bed, turning their attention back to the wine and talking quietly. After an hour, the wine consumed, the two men fucked Cecelia again, languidly, one after the other, before getting up and dressing. 

Karl and Cecelia were driving home. They were quiet. The Cecelia spoke. “I want more, take me to the club.” Karl smiled. “Sure,” he said. 

But that’s another story.