candy land erotic story

Candy Land – An Audio Erotic Story


Lacy puffed up the pillows on her cream-colored sectional one more time, and then considered where else in her apartment that may need sprucing. The living room carpet was freshly vacuumed with angled lines. The large-faced clock atop the fireplace mantel was dusted. The wine rack was full of the dark reds she loved. The three small wicks on her honey tea-scented candle were flickering, and the place smelled sweet. Like home.

She had to tell herself the apartment looked decent. Deep down though, she wasn’t convinced. During a year of solitude and Zoom-life, her place had become less than tidy, to say the least. She had ignored vacuuming. Tissues and coffee mugs and water bottles and shoes and boxes and candy wrappers had gathered on her coffee table and lamp stands and the floor around the couch. That couch had become her bed for many nights, so a lot of blankets had eventually been draped over the couch and some were lost in the darkness behind it. Despite being a woman who enjoyed a chic place, the clashing colors and visual distortion didn’t make any difference to her over the last year.

She had kept orderly only that which was in view of the narrow lens to give an impression of cleanliness below the video camera. Today, however, she had to pick up what was below the camera’s angle, because her girlfriends would soon be visiting—in person.

She was excited to see them again. It had been so long since they were together for their game night. She had wanted to see her best friends in the flesh, but such meetings were impossible for months. They lived only a few blocks away. A few blocks, however, had become miles, even light years, in light of the world’s unrest and fear.

Lacy had hosted Zoom game nights during the lockdown. She began the evenings, trying to encourage the ladies. “Thank you for being so faithful to each other. We can’t be together like usual, but we still have our cameras.”

The four of them would chit-chat about their quarantined lives, exercise, binge watching the latest Netflix series, and takeout. Nevertheless, they were becoming digital images on a screen, slowly, subtly losing their connection. Lacy hated the idea of her girlfriends turning into pixels. She wanted to touch and hold and look into the face of each lady. Those nights had been cold, emotionally and conversationally, despite the warm weather. Those times could make her shiver if she thought about it too long. Being in person allowed a friendship to deepen, to strengthen. Face to face, they could read the truth in a person’s eyes and body. They all would be interrupted by the same thing, if they were together. Togetherness sharpened a friend’s love for each other. Otherwise, people become lost. They fade. Digital imagery weakened relationships. What was really happening in life had transformed their kinship into a blurry visual.

Online meetings always had their awkwardness and technological hiccups. So often, Anna, a sprightly woman, would start to speak and talk with her hands as she was always animated. And Lacy would have to stop her. “You’re muted.” Anna would have to fumble with her computer to unmute herself. “I was saying nothing beats meeting in person and being next to you all.” Then she would blow everyone kisses.

Now blowing kisses wouldn’t be necessary.

Lacy was excited when she heard the doorbell. While she had granted access for months technologically, the doorbell was a sweet sound, a resurrected way of granting access to the meeting.

The two women squealed in excitement and had an outburst. They hugged tightly and then pulled back, still holding hands. “This is you in person, right? My mind isn’t playing tricks on me?”

“Touch me. Feel me. I’m real and in the flesh,” Anna said.

“We’ll do all of that later.” Lacy and Anna laughed in joy and excitement. They were together again.

“Tea is in the kitchen. Harder drinks are there too. Candy is on the table.”

“It’s been so long that I may need directions to the kitchen,” Anna joked.

“Hasn’t changed,” Lacy said.

As Anna had settled into the sectional with her Long Island Iced Tea, the doorbell rang again. Lacy ran to the door. Anna came too, leaving the drink behind.

“Maria! Shelly!” Lacy shouted.

They all shrieked, laughing and hugging as proof of friends in the flesh.

“You two look great,” Anna said. “Been working out?”

Maria slid out of her light jacket. “YouTube workouts do wonders. But I couldn’t turn off Netflix fast enough to join the workouts. So I missed them.”

“Her answer is a big-fat ‘no,'” Shelly injected as she hugged Anna.

“Instead of ‘big-fat,’ I prefer a ‘skinny-little’ no.” Maria elbowed Shelly with a lighthearted snarl.

Lacy led everyone into the living room with the large couch and lounge chairs. They instinctively drifted to the same seats that had been theirs more than a year ago when they were meeting in person.

After a few minutes though, Lacy corralled the conversations. She laid out Candy Land on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“As we begin,” Lacy said, “I want to note that we have a better way to keep our eyes on those who like to bend the rules. No sneaky cheating chicks. Maria.” She waved her finger like a threatening mother.

“Me, sneaky?” Maria said, tapping her bottom lip and darting her marble eyes side to side.

The ladies laughed and recounted Maria’s past trickery.

“You always have cards under the table,” Shelly said.

“Up your sleeves!” Anna said.

“I don’t wear sleeves. Shows how much you know!” Maria said.

“We’ll keep Maria in check, or the game gods will do their part,” Lacy said. “Now youngest goes first, so that’s you, Maria!”

“Youngest by six months. Love it.” The Latina woman pumped her fists in the air like a cheerleader.

Maria pulled the top card from the stack.

Lacy noticed her red fingernails and her lengthy fingers. They were spindly and the tendons would move across her light brown skin. She accessorized her lovely hands with gold rings. One studded with a large reflecting diamond from her husband. Watching Maria, Lacy was excited for tonight. She waited a long time for this evening. It had been a while since they partied. They had held get-togethers regularly, and she and the other ladies often had explored and pushed boundaries in the past few months. Tonight, Lacy wondered about their exploration.

Maria groaned when she saw a card with two gumdrops.

“Lacy, I don’t want this card! Give me another chance, please? I skipped over two black spots. That’s Lord Licorice twice.” Maria frowned dramatically and mouthed the word silently. Please?

“Sorry, that’s the card you were dealt.” Shelly grinned and rubbed her hands together.

“You know the rules. Draw a special card, and you’re protected against him,” Lacy said to deny Maria’s request.

“‘Protected’ from him! I don’t want to be protected from him.”

“And we all want to see your gumdrops!” Shelly said.

“Come on, Maria, show us your gumdrops.” Anna moved to the edge of the couch.

Maria grumbled. “I was so excited for Lord Licorice.”

Lacy loved looking at Maria. She was exotic, so different from her own body type. The differences made her so appealing. She compared it to dining with friends and wanting to taste everyone else’s food more than her own.

Maria lifted her t-shirt. She unclasped her bra. Lacy knew Maria moved at the right pace to leave them somewhere between salivating and ready to yell for her to hurry up.

She pulled out her round tits. Luscious handfuls of flesh. She squeezed them and tugged her large caramel nipples.

Shelly broke the gawking. “Wow, I’m flushing already. I’d forgotten how much we had missed.” Shelly patted her own chest.

Continuing on deliberately, Maria easily brought her tits to her mouth, swirled her thick pink tongue around her large areola several times. She then sucked intensely on her breasts, while tweaking her other nipple.

When done, she slipped again into her white t-shirt, leaving the bra aside.

“Your turn, Anna.”

Anna flung her straight, blond hair over her shoulder. “Wish me luck.”

She drew a double blue. Not much action. Shelly and Lacy drew colors too. They all were vulnerable to the man of the game.

The three ladies passed through the Peppermint Forest and jumped over the Gumdrop Mountains. Maria, far ahead, stopped on Grandma Nut who lived in the Crooked Old Peanut Brittle House.

She leaned back, smiling deviously. “Who’s oldest?”

Lacy raised her hand slowly. “I am only a ‘grandmother’ to a litter of Daisy’s puppies. None of my kids have kids. Thank goodness.”

“A grandma is a grandma,” Shelly said.

Lacy rolled her eyes, but her subtle grin wasn’t subtle. She had trouble hiding her excitement. This get-together was a night of fun, of friends, of a return to normalcy. But it was as much about socializing as it was about being in the midst of real people, particularly friends.

The four of them had zoom’ed board games, with their little tweaks of pizzazz. But it wasn’t the same. Nothing like it at all. The Zoom games were like porn, literally. All looking and salivating but nothing would come of it. These ladies were never able to touch or feel. Always looking, never loving. Tonight was a refresh, and, as a reward for herself and the others and, maybe to mock the quarantine, she was willing to do anything asked of her.

“Lacy, I want to see you …” Maria paused. Her eyes darted among the two women. “… French kiss Anna.”

Shelly cheered, supporting Maria’s call. “Whoop, Whoop!”

Lacy slid off the couch and crawled, on her hands and knees, across the room to Anna. Arms outstretched, the lovely blond led Lacy into her lap. Their stares locked. In a spark of a moment, the pair was no longer playing a board game, or carrying out Maria’s dare, or even giggling to a quick kiss. Instead, this was passion built up over the months.

Anna and Lacy leaned into each other, mouths open and tongues reaching out for the other. There was no time or consideration for introductory kisses, pecks to induce and boost titillation. They pushed into each other. Their hands explored and caressed, their cheeks drew in from the intensity. Neither breathed. Nor did Maria or Shelly. They were engrossed in their friends. Maria glanced over to Shelly, a bright face. They felt left out as they witnessed the passion between Anna and Lacy.

“Ok, ok, ok,” Shelly interrupted the lingering kiss. “Remember, we’re playing Candy Land here. We aren’t making out.”

Disappointed but flushed with giggling pleasure, Lacy crawled backed, wiping the wet from around her mouth. “I needed a good long kiss,” Lacy said. She rushed forward again to snag one more short kiss.

Shelly and Lacy again drew color cards. Only Anna drew the Candy Cane card.

Lacy handed her a thin peppermint cane. “You know what to do with it.”

Anna brought it to her plump lips and kissed the tip. She smiled at her friends to charm them. Her pink tongue curled from her mouth and flicked the hook at the top, then it ran down the length of the cane and up again. Her charming worked. The other ladies raved.

Lacy’s mouth began to water when she watched Anna suck her candy cane. Lacy was short of breath as she watched Anna push the red and white stick in and out of her mouth. Lacy adjusted in her seat and exhaled. Maria waved a child-size playing card in front of her face as if it would cool her down. Anna pushed the cane against her cheek to make an impression. The girls applauded and laughed.

“You know how to suck dick, don’t you? Make we wish I had a dick you could suck,” Maria said.

Anna laughed. “My husband enjoys my mouth.”

The next few draws pushed the ladies farther along the colored trail to the Candy Castle. None of them were touched by Lord Licorice.

Shelly drew the card with the image of two lollipops. The brightness on her face diminished.

“I’ve always skipped over the Lollipop Woods and I’ve never had to do this before.” Shelly’s voice squeaked with concern, maybe a hint of worry.

Lacy handed out the lollipops. A grape-flavored pop to Anna. A cherry-red to Maria. A lemon lollipop for herself.

“All right, girls. Let’s enjoy this,” Lacy said.

Lacy stared as Anna shimmied out of her slimming, dark skirt, revealing a pair of robin egg blue panties. There was a small wet spot in the center. At the same time, Maria pulled down her tight stone-washed jeans. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her dark bush was obvious, a thick triangle over her lips. Lacy reached under her knit dress and slid her white panties down her thighs, over her knees. She let her panties drop to her ankles. She raised the hem of her dress, the coolness hitting her pent-up heat. She had shaved a few hours before the evening, so she was smooth and bare.

“Ready, ladies?” Lacy asked. They raised their lollipops in unison. Each of them began to lick their lollipops. Meanwhile, Shelly settled back on the warm carpet, her head on a soft pillow. As the girls sucked their pops, they moved over Shelly’s face.

Anna sucked on her grape lollipop as she hovered above the prostrate Shelly. Anna then took the grape pop and put it in Shelly’s mouth. Shelly tasted the flavor. When ready, Anna lowered her pussy onto Shelly’s mouth. A moment later, Anna lifted, having been licked like she licked. Lacy and Shelly shared a lemon lollipop before Shelly began to plunge her tongue into Lacy. Maria’s cherry-red lollipop reddened her tongue and Shelly knew Maria would be as sweet.

Next, Maria drew a double red card. She hopped to the first red and then realized she had just landed on dark Lord Licorice. She clapped happily.

“You always did like the Lord, didn’t you?” Anna said.

“Who wouldn’t?” Maria answered.

Lacy reached behind the couch. “You’ve got your pants off already, so there’s no need to wait,” she said, pulling up a large black dildo.

“Whoa!” Maria shrieked. “The last piece of ‘licorice’ was nowhere near that size. I don’t think I can take that.”

Shelly gave a dramatic villainous laugh. “Lord Licorice enters where he will.”

“All fours, Maria, ass up high,” Lacy directed.

The three others encircled Maria. Shelly spread Maria’s brown knees wide apart. Anna gently stroked Maria’s glimmering black hair. Lacy put the dildo in her mouth, sucking on it for lube. She even had Anna drip some saliva onto the tip, further wetting it. Then Lacy aligned the heavy toy against Maria’s pussy.

Maria hissed in pain.

“It hasn’t even touched you.” Lacy and the other giggled.

“I’m preparing for this big thing.”

“You mean, Lord Licorice,” Shelly said, in a deep, manly voice.

Lacy pushed just the head of the black dick into Maria. She pulled it out and pushed it in slightly deeper each time. And each time Maria winced, to the point where she was mumbling in Spanish. Lacy took her time in pushing it, but soon Maria was rocking backward and forward, taking in the dildo deeply.

In time, Anna and Shelly drew color cards. Lacy, with her free hand, pulled a color card too. Maria lost her turn to draw because Lord Licorice would fuck for her two turns.

The ladies continued down the trail. Anna drew a special card at her next turn. It was an ice cream bar. Maria had been far ahead but now she was a large number of colored blocks behind Anna. Lacy’s panties were on the floor and Maria was naked below her waist. Shelly pulled down her relaxed chinos and then her sheer panties. She had a lovely pussy. Lacy could not get enough of it. A heavy mound and outer lips cupped her nicely. Lacy thought the small lips were shy in coming out unless opened by fingers or a cock. She had said several times that Shelly looked “munchable” from behind.

Shelly spread her legs, as did Maria and Lacy. Anna walked, on her hands and knees, to the women. She leaned forward into the lap of each one. She then took a deep, long lick. She made each of them squeal, and stomp their feet as if stuck with a pin. She had to lick each pussy for every turn of hers until someone passed by her on the trail. It took a while, and the ladies were disappointed when Lacy jumped over her.

Lacy landed in the Molasses Swamp. The girls had renamed the Molasses Swamp, as the Chocolate Swamp. It tasted better.

They microwaved the chocolate. Warmed, Maria raised the spoonful of chocolate and let it drizzle onto Lacy’s stomach and both breasts, covering Lacy’s pink nipples. Then she leaned down and licked the drizzle off her left breast and sucked her nipple. Once cleaned Maria kept suckling the breast. Anna took to cleaning up Lacy’s other breast with her tongue. Meanwhile, Shelly moved between Lacy’s legs. First though, she bent down, lapped the chocolate off Shelly’s stomach with her tongue, and then proceeded lower until her lips were flush against Lacy’s intimate lips.

With all the attention, Lacy shook and felt her body tense. Her nipples had hardened into tough peaks. Her torso tensed, her stomach compressed, and her back twisted as the three ladies worked. Lacy was unable to talk. She bit her lip until she released a husky breath. She gulped. Finally, a shutter wracked her body, from her head down her back to her tailbone and into her pussy, down to her toes. Her legs tightened around Shelly to push her away from her overly sensitive pussy.

Over the orgasm-wrecked Lacy, Maria and Anna began to kiss above the body below them. Their kisses quickly turned into a passionate make-out. They moved onto the couch and pressed into each other. Shelly left Lacy to bask in her joy. She took the black dildo and eased it deep into Anna’s pussy. She twisted against its size. But soon Anna’s back was arched as she handled the huge cock.

The Candy Land romp continued until late into the night until the ladies were spent and simply rested in silence. No one passed the Fudge Swamp. They didn’t care about reaching the Castle. They had made it already.