one time in rome erotic story

One Time in Rome – An Erotic Story

The last time I’ve seen her so happy was ten years ago, right in this restaurant, laughing with her eyes closed. But last time, I was the one sitting with her at the table, making her laugh and not the other man. 

one time in rome erotic story

I clenched my rocks glass harder the longer I’ve glared at them from the end of a very long table I sat at. Suddenly, the voices of my family chatting were far away, and the food was ash on my tongue. 

Did she choose this spot for a reason? She must have because there was no way she would forget the annual family dinner I hosted in my favorite restaurant in Rome. 

Which meant she made all this way from Chicago to be here, this night when she knew I would be here too. 

Finally, she turned her head to the side, and our eyes locked. There was no surprise in those stark blue eyes as her lids hooded. She brought a glass of champaign to her lips, still keeping my gaze. 

Excusing myself from the table, I walked over to the long bar all the way on the other side of the restaurant, emptying my glass on the way. 

“Lagavulin. Double, please,” I asked the bartender, leaning against the bar, my back to the tables. 

I didn’t hear her approach. I felt her. The hair on the back of my neck rose at her presence. 

Quietly, she slipped on the barstool next to me, placing her black purse on the bar top. I still refused to glance her way or say anything. 

“How long has it been?” Her voice was still low and soft as if it hadn’t changed at all throughout all those years. 

“Too long,” I answered, finally turning to face her. 

She looked as beautiful as ever, even though I could already see the tiny marks of time on her face. It suited her, and I wanted my hands all over her, exploring her skin to see what else had changed since I had her. 

Suddenly, my pants were too tight as my cock swelled. 

“Missed me?” she asked, her eyes roaming my face as if she was also trying to see what changed. 

“I didn’t.”

She smiled. “Well, I missed you. A lot.”

I fisted my palms. The things her eyes and words were doing to me were beyond her understanding. It seemed she still had all the power over me. 

Without a word, she stood and walked alongside the bar, her “fuck me” heels clicking on the clay floors, hips swaying. 

As she rounded the bar, she threw a glance over her shoulder, winking, and cocked her head, indicating for me to follow her. 

I didn’t need to be told twice. 

Glancing at my family’s table, where everyone chatted and enjoyed the food without missing me, it seemed, I followed her around the bar, into the dimly lit corridor leading to the bathrooms and the staff room. 

She leaned on the door of one of the bathrooms, one leg bent a little. Her black cocktail dress fit her figure perfectly, accentuating plump ass and thighs, her waist, and the most beautiful breasts that barely fit my palms. 

I walked to her, and she opened the door, entering it backward, keeping her gaze locked with mine. The door slammed shut behind my back, and I twisted the key, locking it. 

The space shrunk, the air heavy with lust as we continued staring at each other. I didn’t think I needed her until she was there in front of me, and suddenly she was the only thing I wanted anymore. 

“Did you miss me?” she asked again, her voice husky as she placed a palm over my chest. 

I stayed silent, and her hand slipped lower down my stomach, the skin of her fingers hot even through my white shirt. She traced a finger over my belt, diving lower, and I bared my teeth as she gripped my cock, already hard in my pants. 

“Oh, I think you did,” she whispered, her mouth hovering over mine. 

Who was I kidding? I did miss her. I missed her every single day for the last ten years, wishing that I hadn’t made the mistakes that led us to where we were right now. 

I wished I had realized what I had when she was on my side. I wished I had appreciated how warm and soft she was with me, how comforting her cuddles were after a long day at work. 

I wished I hadn’t traded her loyalty to someone else’s passion just because I couldn’t grow up into a man worthy of her quick enough. 

Words were stuck in my throat as I glared down at her face, and when I cupped her cheek in my palm, she leaned into the touch. Before the moment was lost, I brought my lips to hers. 

She moaned into my mouth, rubbing her hand against the bulge in my pants, and I lost it. I wanted her all, and I wanted her now. 

My hands found her ass, cupping it before I squeezed and lifted her up. She struggled to wrap her legs around me with her dress being so tight, and she laughed. I lowered her back to the floor. 

“This dress was not created for a quick fuck in the bathroom.” She chuckled, wrapping her arms over my neck. 

“Did you wear it because you thought it was going to stop me?” I teased, running my hands down her thighs and gripping the hem of the dress. “That was a mistake.”

I tugged the hem up, pulling the dress over her body and over her head, letting it fall to the floor beside us. Her chest was moving fast, with shallow breaths as she stood in front of me in her black lacy thong and a matching bra. 

She was a vision. 

I closed the distance between us, our bodies colliding, and this time when I cupped her ass and lifted her from the floor, her legs wrapped around me tightly. 

Our lips slid from one kiss onto the next one, tongues wrapped together, and when she moaned again, my cock twitched. She tasted divine, and I wanted to taste her all. 

Without breaking the kiss, I brought her over to the sink and sat her down gently. Her hands found the top button of my shirt, working quickly as she unbuttoned it. 

A shiver went down my back as she spread her fingers over the hard plane of my stomach, caressing my skin. It felt amazing all those years ago, and it still felt amazing today. 

I slipped a finger over the top of her panties, sliding them down her thighs and leaving her naked in front of me. Then, I dropped on one knee, bringing my face to her core, and she whimpered. 

One of her hands gripped my shoulder, the other one running through my hair as our eyes locked. She watched me as I closed my lips over her, flickering my tongue over her clit. 

After a few moments, her eyes closed, back arching as she gasped with pleasure, and I licked her and sucked her, my cock getting harder just from seeing her wither from pleasure. 

The pleasure I was giving her. 

When her hips started thrusting towards me, the grip in my hair tightening, I knew she was getting closer, desperately chasing her orgasm. I slipped a finger inside her, massaging her from the inside, and then I slipped another.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped, rolling her hips. “Oh, please.”

I smiled to myself, watching her body arch and move and beg for a release. I could do this to her all night and never get tired of it. 

She cried out one last time, her muscles tensing, and I felt her squeezing around my fingers inside as her orgasm washed over her body. I planted a soft kiss over her clit and rose to my feet. 

Panting heavily, she opened her eyes, sweat already gathering on her skin. I unbuckled my belt, letting my hard cock out, and she licked her lips as she looked down between us. 

“God, I’ve forgotten how big you are,” she whispered, bringing her hips to the edge of the sink, her thighs pressing around me.

I brought my cock to her entrance, barely able to hold myself in check at how bad I wanted her. Our lips met, and I gently grazed my teeth over her lips and then thrust inside her, filling her all. 

She cried out, breathing hard as her nails dug into my back. My insides were burning. My skin was burning. I slid out all the way before thrusting in again, and with each movement, her breasts swayed, back arching as she tried to pull me closer to her. 

Soon, I couldn’t control the hunger inside me, and slow teasing thrusts turned into faster, more demanding ones as our bodies collided, the sound of skin on skin echoing in the bathroom. 

Someone might hear us from behind the door. I didn’t care about that, though, buried deep inside her, feeling the warmth around my cock and her breath over my lips.

“Harder,” she demanded, breathless.

I gripped her hips tighter, keeping her in place as I dove harder inside her, feeling the fire pool to my stomach and my balls. I wasn’t going to last much longer. 

Reaching between us with one hand, I let my thumb slide over her wet clit, taunting it in circles as I continued pounding inside her, and soon, her body tensed, her legs wrapping tighter around me as she came once more. 

Her warm pussy squeezed me, and I groaned, thrusting faster, chasing my own orgasm. Three more thrusts, and I was trembling as I spilled inside her.

God, this felt good. Better than good. 

We lingered there for a few more moments, breathing together, letting our bodies come down from the high. Then, I buckled my pants up and helped her clean up. 

As I finished buttoning my shirt up, ready to go back, I pulled her to my chest and said, “Lose the guy. You’re having dinner with the family.”

I made the mistake of letting her go ten years ago. I wasn’t about to repeat the same mistake again.