operations and lawsuits erotics story

Operations and Lawsuits – An Erotic Story

“It goes like this,” Cindy said. “Do the operation successfully, make money. Simple, right?”

She then tapped the tweezers against an edge of the board game, and Cavity Sam’s nose turned red and the game buzzed.

A rogue smile stretched Cindy’s red lips. “Screw up the operation, and be prepared to pay big insurance claims.”

“Insurance claims?” Dave asked.

“The player with the corresponding Specialist card submits insurance claims and sues the doctor.”

“To add a little more fun, a doctor should take two shots before operating.”  Zeke, already bright-faced, clinked the two shot glasses in his hand.

Hazel wagged her finger at him. “I’m not getting stone-drunk tonight.”

“Then, how about you can cut insurance claims and malpractice lawsuits, if you take a shot before your operation?” Cindy offered, adjusting her personalized rules.

“I can agree to that,” Zeke said. Dave and Hazel nodded too.

“Malinda, Rupert, you’re being pretty quiet over there. You like this? You two brave enough?” Cindy asked the couple.

The pair looked at each other, communicating silently. Rupert set down his Pina Colada on the kitchen counter. “I guess so.”

The three couples—Hazel and Dave, Cindy and Zeke, and Malinda and Rupert—took seats around Hazel’s and Dave’s dining room table. Cindy set Cavity Sam in the center, underneath the hanging dining room chandelier.

Cavity Sam was a caricature of a heavy-set man with a worried face. Tweezers, connected to the board by a wire, were used to remove the aliment shown on the Doctor card. The doctor had to perform it without touching the metal edges of the cavity where ailment rested.

Cindy shuffled the Doctor cards and divvied the Specialist cards.

“Dave, this is your house, so you go first,” Cindy said.

Dave took a shot of Jack Daniels and pulled the Wrenched Ankle. Hazel, the night’s hostess, removed the Spare Rib daintily after her tequila. Cindy denied shots, saying she was willing to face any lawsuit. She extracted the Funny Bone.

Zeke took two shots of whiskey. “I’m not afraid of some claim either. I just want to drink.” He drew the Adam’s Apple.


Cavity Sam’s nose lit up and the game buzzed.

“Couldn’t do it,” Cindy laughed. “Who’s got the Specialist card for Adam’s Apple?”

Malinda raised the card.

“What’s your insurance claim?” Cindy asked.

“My claim? The card doesn’t say anything.”

“Malinda, you’re supposed to make him do something. Your choice,” Hazel explained.

“Um, give Cindy a kiss,” she said with awkwardness in her voice.

The air in the room deflated. Faces turned dour. Dave shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Not even a French kiss.”

The married couple gave a friendly smooch.

Malinda drew Writer’s Cramp and extracted it. Rupert had finished his third Pina Colada of the night. After a some urging, he took a shot of Jack Daniels and drew Wish Bone without a problem. And so went round one of the game. And round two. Round three took a twist as the shots started their effects.

The insurance claims began to dig into the couples’ private lives and trysts and lovers before their marriages. The place was heated by the stories of long-ago carousing and exploration. Still the heat in the room began to cool when lawsuits turned to goofy fetishes and watered-down fantasies.

But the night was not over. It took another turn.

Hazel tried to dig out the Wish Bone.


Cavity Sam’s nose lit up and the game buzzed.

And the table erupted in laughter. Rupert had the Specialist card. The players begged to know his insurance claim.

“Hopefully it’ll be better than Malinda’s little kiss,” Zeke said.

“Well,” Rupert began, and briefly darted his eyes toward Malinda. He was feeling the effects of the Pina Coladas and shots. With Rupert’s glance and his buzz, Malinda became uneasy. In general, she preferred directing attention away from her. This time, Rupert’s eyes told her there was no redirecting. Her pulse sped up in fear of what could happen.

“She has always wanted to see more of Dave,” Rupert said.

Malinda’s eyes sprang opened wide. She gasped in sheer embarrassment, and her forehead and cheeks immediately flushed scarlet red. “How dare you!” She pounded her fists into Rupert’s shoulder over and over.

The rest of the table was silent, watching her. Malinda had exploded, so Hazel eased Malinda, gently calming her.

“It’s okay,” she reassured Rupert’s wife. She touched Malinda’s balled-up hands. “Dave doesn’t mind. Don’t be embarrassed. This is why we’re here.”

“Yeah, this will be good. I’ll be glad to show you.” Dave stood a few feet away from the table. He unbuckled his belt, moving like a professional stripper, and then unbuttoned his faded Levi’s. He slowly eased down the zipper, and the pants peeled away from his hips like a banana peel. Everyone watched. Malinda tried to avoid concentrating on him. She hoped to appear like she wasn’t watching, but quite the opposite was happening. Indeed, her burning cheeks and the red heat rising up her neck were the result of a mix of embarrassment and erotic excitement.

Dave wore plaid boxers. Dark hair covered his lean torso up to his muscular chest. Then through the slit in the boxers, his long cock fell out, finally exposed. It was semi-erect, but, being bare, it engorged, rising, defying gravity. The Wish Bone.

Malinda felt her mouth moisten despite her situation. She was not typically so prone to bashfulness. She was more or less free-wheeling. But what was called out so blatantly by Rupert was something she would have liked to keep under wraps. In the past months, she had talked with Dave several times—with Hazel there. She liked the brown hair on his forearms. He was kind and gentle, despite his bear-size. She loved his gentle expressions. She had imagined his smile wasn’t the only large part of him. Now she was seeing that it wasn’t.

Still watching, she had to swallow back the saliva. She tucked a bit of her auburn hair behind her ear and nibbled on a fingernail. She watched him stroke his hand the length of his dick. She wanted to do that too, while at the same time she wanted to run.

In a moment, Dave put away his dick. He stretched his boxers to get his thickness covered again and pulled up his jeans. The bulge remained obvious against the Levi’s. Malinda’s mind still spun after he had covered himself. A concoction of sex, imagination, and drinks.

Despite two shots, Dave drew out the Broken Heart. Without a drink, Hazel turned Cavity Sam’s nose red when extracting Water on the Knee. “Purely by accident, purely by accident! My hand jumped!” she called in response to the players’ accusations since she had nothing to drink.

Zeke had the Specialist card. “This is payback, Rupert,” he said. “Hazel, I want you to pull down Rupert’s pants and kiss his dick.”

The players didn’t have to badger Hazel. She had Rupert stand as she knelt before him. She glanced around the room, while unbuckling Rupert’s fabric belt. She tugged it from the loops. She then unbuttoned his khaki shorts and unzipped them. He was left in his tight-fitting black jockey shorts.

“Oh, I feel something.” She cupped him. “Yep, it wasn’t there when I started.”

Rupert tried to back away from her hand, but her grip on his jockeys became too tight. In their playful tug-of-war, she simply yanked his underwear to his ankles, turning his shorts and underwear into shackles.

She was on her knees, and surprised to see a healthy cock staring back through a bramble of dark hair.

“Damn,” she said, drawing out her surprise. “Rupert’s got some nice jewels hidden in here.”

She coddled his dangling warm balls in her hands. He became a statue as she touched him, as if afraid to move. Hazel asked, “Malinda, you mind if I?”

Malinda was too stunned to give her blessing. Her throat had remained constricted because of Dave.

Hazel put the length of Rupert into her mouth and began to suck lusciously. Her dark hair swished with each of her bobs. She pulled back enough that her pink tongue fiddled the tip and circled the head.

Rupert grabbed the back of a chair to steady himself. Her playfulness was getting to him. He pulled the chair onto two legs, and he winced. Hazel stopped immediately, not letting him enjoy the result.

Rupert collapsed in his chair, still in shackles, to regain his senses. Hazel stood and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Who’s next?” Hazel said, turning to the other players. She looked at the confused faces. “Not who’s next with the dick. Whose turn is it … turn to go. Who’s next with the tweezers?”

Cindy fumbled, “It is my … turn.” She gulped down the unexpectedness that clung in her throat. Even though the three couples had started this game an hour ago with these insurance claims, seeing the claims acted out, however, was on a different level. She imagined the playing, but like most sexual play, the game never comes to life. Or so she thought.

Cindy took the tweezers. She avoided a shot of tequila this time. She wanted a clear head. Her card had her pull out Butterflies in the Stomach. It was exactly how her stomach was feeling at the time. Her hand was jumpy and the tweezers nicked the edge.


Cavity Sam’s nose lit up and the game buzzed.

“Oh, no!” Cindy said, worriedly.

Zeke asked, “Who’s got the Specialist card? Cindy will be happy. After Hazel’s fun, Cindy’s got to get her own.”

Dave raised his card. “I got the Specialist card.”

“Well?” Zeke asked.

Cindy’s forehead was scrunched, maybe skittish, maybe antsy.

“Cindy, after Hazel, I want to see your tits get sucked. Oh, yeah!” Dave pumped his fist.

“By who?” Zeke asked.

Cindy shaded her face behind her hands and shrieked, stomping her feet like a young girl. When she pulled apart her hands, she saw everyone staring.

“This was your game. You gotta play,” Dave said to Cindy who remained shy.

“Sucked by who, Dave?” Zeke asked again.

“How about … Rupert! Rupert! He’s our man! If he can’t do it, no one can!” Dave chanted.

“Me?” Rupert gasped.

“Yes, you!”

Cindy stood slowly. Her chest rose and fell in preparation. She undid one button, then a second. Nervous she still was playing sexy. She shed her shirt, hanging it on the back of her chair, and stood before them all in only a mundane nude bra.

“Stand up, Rupert. You got some work to do,” Zeke said.

“Why am I the center of attention?” he asked.

“Hey, look at me. I’ve only been able to kiss my wife.”

“And not even a French kiss!” Dave added.

Cindy unclasped the bra in the back and it loosened.

Zeke nudged Dave. “She loves her tits sucked. It makes her melt.” He spoke louder for everyone’s sake, including Rupert’s. “I think Rupert can make her melt.”

Cindy eyed her husband. She slid one bra strap off her shoulder. Then the other.

“Rupert.” Dave directed him to Cindy.

“Wait there,” Cindy corrected. “I’ll come to you.”

Keeping the bra in place by holding her elbows against her sides, she moved in front of him. He remained seated.

“Ready?” she asked.

Rupert glanced around the room. Everyone was watching closely.

“Yes.” It was a whimper.

Her bra fell and her breasts reset without their underwire support.

Cindy shimmied onto Rupert’s lap. “Take one,” she said when he didn’t move right away.

She lifted a breast to his mouth. Timidly, his tongue lapped the pink nipple. It flicked the hardened flesh. He didn’t wait anymore. His mouth sucked the entire areola into his mouth. Cindy’s hands ran through Rupert’s dark hair. She reveled in his feeding, arching her back and watching her flesh consumed by Rupert’s mouth.

Zeke cheered. “She loves it!”

Cindy eyed him again, but her attention was pulled away by Rupert’s deeper consumption.

“Look at him go!” Dave hooted.

Hazel whooped too, pumping her fist in the air. Malinda was watching, smiling, still getting over her erotic embarrassment over Dave.

Hearing the excitement around him, Rupert pressed into Cindy’s breasts, smashing them against his face and losing his nose between the pair. His hands slid down her sides and ended up cupping her ass. He pumped Cindy’s excitement. She flung back her long, blond hair. Gripping the back of Rupert’s chair, she grinded against the man sucking her tits.

In a moment, Cindy winced. Her face scrunching like she had smelled something terrible. She leaned back and pulled her breasts from Rupert’s mouth and even out of his tongue’s reach. She had to catch her breath and regain her senses. “That’s all I can take right now,” she said, dismounting Rupert.

She slumped in her chair and fanned her face. “I don’t think I can handle another lawsuit like that one. Whew.”

The table clapped for Rupert. The guys cheered him on. Malinda remained with a hint of a smile and clapped too. Rupert was fastened to his seat.

When he had regained himself, he had to extract the Charlie Horse. Malinda warned Rupert before he even started that she held the Specialist card.

“What does she have in mind?” Dave asked, nudging Zeke beside him.

“I think she’s a wild one,” Zeke said.

“Wilder than anyone here knows.”

“Than even Rupert knows.”

Malinda looked at the two men across the table. They both noticed a buried grin. It wasn’t so much on her lips but far inside of her.

Rupert reached the tweezers toward Cavity Sam. They came close but stopped abruptly.

“I need a shot before this operation,” he said, adding simply, “Protection.”

He tossed back the shot of Jose Cuervo Gold and began with the operation on Cavity Sam. Charlie Horse was in Sam’s upper thigh. The tweezers in his hand were jittery, and he moved slowly to the point of worrisome. The table was quiet and tense. Everyone silently questioned whether he had the steadiness to extract the Charlie Horse and what may come if Rupert, who had already been drinking through the night, would trigger Cavity Sam. The players breathed in and exhaled together. Rupert reached in, paused and then drew back.

“I just needed a reset,” he said.

He took in a chest full of air. The tweezers again reached toward the Charlie Horse. They dangled over Cavity Sam’s thigh briefly. Inside the crevice, Rupert clinched the piece but in a moment of relief taken too soon, his hand jerked slightly.


Cavity Sam’s nose lit up and the game buzzed.

“Malinda’s got him!” Dave yelled.

“Too much pressure. Couldn’t handle it,” Zeke said.

“Malinda, you said you have the Specialist card?” Cindy asked.

“Yes.” She smiled. “I know Rupert has always had a fantasy too. He wants to see Dave.”

“What?” Rupert squealed, aghast. “That is not something I want to see. You want to see him. Not me. You want to see him again. Once wasn’t enough.”

Malinda remained steadfast and stone-faced.

“I am using my … my lawsuit protection. I don’t want to see Dave,” Rupert said.

“He has to do something though, right?” Malinda asked, slightly miffed.

“Have a suggestion?” Cindy asked.

“He needs to take out his cock. I would make everyone touch him, but that’d be a lawsuit against everyone else, except him,” Malinda said. Her face became roguish, like she had concocted a devious plan. “He always had a fantasy about …” She coughed, as if questioning what she was about to say. However, she charged forward. “He always had a fantasy about watching me making out with Dave. He likes to watch.”

Rupert’s shoulders shifted, confirming Malinda’s comment.

“Dave can go for that,” Hazel said.

Malinda stood as did Dave. They met at the end of the table. Dave touched Malinda’s shoulders and let his eyes touch her everywhere else. He leaned in. The first kiss was gentle. The second kiss was longer and harder. Malinda became more passionate. Dave obviously enjoyed the make-out. The pair twisted and pressed against each other. Like Rupert attending to Cindy’s breasts, they pumped to a peak quickly.

Dave broke the kiss. “Should we take it to the couch?”

Malinda only whimpered, “Yes.”

They rushed to the plush couch. She laid on her back, letting her summer dress reveal all of her thighs. She then was covered by the bear of a man. He steadied himself, despite being only partly on the couch. Her hands felt up his forearms before coming close to his chest. Their play became even more heated when Malinda’s hands disappeared underneath his shirt. Meanwhile, Dave’s lips moved from her mouth to ear and down her neck. Her aching pleasure eased from her mouth in a deep purr.

“Damn! She’s loving it,” Cindy said.

“I never expected Operation would end up like this,” Zeke said.

Realizing it wasn’t prudent to wait until Dave and Malinda ended, Zeke pulled a Doctor card. He had to get the Bread Basket. He took a shot of whiskey, but like the rest of the night, it wasn’t for protection but for fun. Immediately he missed.


Cavity Sam’s nose lit up and the game buzzed.

Cindy had the Specialist card. “You need to make out with …”

She stopped abruptly, changing her mind. “You need to make out with Malinda’s toes. I know how you love feet.”

From the couch, Malinda didn’t hear the lawsuit. Zeke went to her. He lifted Malinda’s available foot. He loosened the ankle strap on Malinda’s wedge sandal. Her toes were freshly painted a summer yellow. Her toes were balanced in shape and size. The heels of her feet were soft, not covered in calloused skin. Zeke massaged deeply against the arch of her foot. The pressure took her attention away from Dave. Only briefly, because Dave grabbed her chin in order to direct her attention back to his mouth.

Zeke kissed Malinda’s big toe, then sucked on her second toe. He continued on down to her pinky toe. Malinda startled several times as he moved onto the next toe. Finally, he rubbed her foot against the rough stubble on his cheek. While rubbing, he got a glimpse of her soft-pink panties. He held her foot in place for a moment longer and then slid it down to his waist.

Hazel was left with the Ankle Bone Connected to the Knee Bone. She removed it without a problem. She set her chin on her hand, disappointed.

“Success. But who had the Specialist card?” she asked.

Rupert raised the card. “I did.”

“What would you have made me do?”

“I …”

She interrupted him. “What do you want me to do?”

Rupert was slow to respond. He felt awkward. That changed when he heard Malinda groan deeply. He looked back at Hazel. “Show me your breasts.”

“Just show them? Nothing else?”

“I want to suck on them.”

“Only if you take off your shorts. I have to feel you too. You looked good when Cindy had you,” Hazel said.

Cindy smiled. “He was good.”

Rupert shed his shorts. Hazel tossed her t-shirt and undid her bra. She straddled him, like Cindy had earlier. As he sucked her tits, she grinded her hips so she could feel his cock strengthen and balloon.

Sitting and watching with Zeke, Cindy relaxed with a smile. She decided the night had been a success, even if there had been so many lawsuits and failed operations.

Cindy and her husband gathered the pieces of the game and packed them up with Cavity Sam. She looked at Zeke. “We’ll have to play this game again.”