the couple next door audio erotica

The Couple Next Door – An Audio Erotic Story


The walls between our apartments are paper-thin, leaving some, and much, to the imagination. Sometimes I hear muffled voices or music playing quietly. Other times, I hear a lot more.

The first time I heard them fucking, I couldn’t stop myself. I leaned my ear in closer to the wall to get a better listen. Gentle moans at first. The kind that lets you know she’s interested. The kind that gets louder as they become longer, guttural cries of pleasure. Seeping through the walls. Soaking them.

As I lay in bed, I hear a familiar sound of fervor, like a knock on my wall, begging me to peek inside. My mind wanders, delighted with this new broadcast. What position is she in? Kneeling on the couch, face buried into cushions, hands spreading her cheeks open? I imagine him standing over her, throbbing, dripping cock in hand. How deeply does his cock push inside her? What if I was underneath them while they fucked? My tongue flicking at her clit, hands grasping his ass, pushing him into her, harder, faster.

My mouth waters as I slip my fingers inside myself. The groans next door get louder. Stronger. My nimble fingers coax the flesh inside me, left hand grabbing the sheets beneath me. A puddle of slick warmth forms between my legs.

I grab my dildo from my bedside, plunge it down my throat to wet it, and quickly insert it inside of me, pumping until ecstasy pours out of me in waves. Heat wages over my body, leaving my skin damp and warm. My body releases a shudder as I lay there listening. Eager for more. 

I walk to the bathroom to rinse off, bringing my dildo with me. I love my shower — roomy enough to fit eight adults inside. A built-in ledge, convenient for sitting or kneeling. A removable showerhead to do with as I please. The room softens with candlelight as steam begins to rise. I press play on my playlist and close my eyes. Sweet notes collect and linger in the air.

As I dip under the hot water, the symphony next door begins again. I close my eyes and listen, imagining what they’d think if they knew I was spying. Fantasizing about their initial shock, followed by pleasant approval. Knocking on my door to confront me.

Walking into my apartment in her black lace bra and panties, thigh highs and patent leather heels. Silk black robe tied just below her navel. Plump fat lips smeared with red lipstick, hair in a messy ponytail. Used. Him in worn, faded blue jeans, bare chest revealed under an unzipped gray hoodie. Both faces staring at me. Ready.

I watch them undress as my fingers eagerly find their way down my legs. She steps into the shower first. He follows. I’m turned onto all fours, kneeling in submission, breasts pressed against the cold shower walls, nipples hardening with excitement. They take turns, tongues drawing slowly along the length of my lips, from the base of my opening to the top of my clit. Two fingers dip inside of me, slowly at first then quicker with yearning enthusiasm. She pulls her fingers out and places them on my lips.

I taste my thirst on her. She steps out of the shower and commands us to wait. He does as he’s told, holding my body in place, ponytail pulled tightly. His tongue deep inside of me, unrelentingly preparing me for what’s next.

I feel her walk back in before I see her. The hair on my arm stands up with anticipation. I turn to see her dangling a harness from the two fingers that have just been in me. She tightens it around her waist, cinching it in place. I open my mouth and let out a deep moan, letting her know I’m ready for what’s in store. As she steps into the shower, a tingle pushes from my navel to the soles of my feet. He stands and moves back, allowing her to step between us.

The tip of her dildo, now shiny with spit, brushes against my leg as she kneels down. She coaxes my lips open with her nose, followed by warm breath and a wet tongue, licking me from bottom to top. She breathes me in, eager with desperation and want before she takes what she needs.

“First, I’m going to drain you, every last inch. Then, I’m going to do it again, using you however I please… until I’m finished. Do you understand?”

I nod obediently as she places one hand on my clit and spreads my ass open with the other.  My pussy greedily wraps around her strapon, taking it in and feeding my hunger. I feel the weight of the dildo tugging the sides of my walls. She moves slowly and deliberately, pulling every inch out of me.

He lets out a groan as he enters her. I feel all of her, all of him and all of myself at the same time, collapsing into one another like a black hole. As he begins to quicken his pace, so does she. Panting as she thrusts into me, squeezing her legs together as I spread mine. They fuck me with reckless abandon as I scream, begging not to stop. She puts a hand over my mouth as they continue to plunge inside of me, together, relentlessly, until I’m overcome by ecstasy. She lets out a wail as she releases into climax, him following shortly after, collapsing over me, breathless.

I open my eyes. As the steam clears, so do my thoughts. My dildo clenched in my hand, still shiny and warm. Hot water splashes me, reminding me of where I am. I turn off the water and step out of the shower, drying off, inch by inch. I blow out the candles and turn down the music before crawling into bed. As I lay there, I wonder if I’ll ever meet them. The Couple Next Door.