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The Fantasy Exchange Part Two – The Morning After by Venus O’Hara

Those moments when you first wake up in the morning can be confusing. In a matter of seconds, you go from a dream-like state to analysing where you are, who you are with (sometimes) and above all, how you got to bed the night before. It was Saturday morning and when I woke up and noticed her breathing next to me, I began to remember how I had ended up in bed with a naked woman who had been my student years ago.

I turned on my side to watch her sleeping on her back. I watched her chest rise and fall with each breath and I smiled to myself. Then I turned my back to her, and lay very still, trying not to wake her. Despite my excitement to discover what awaited us that day, I still didn’t want the night to end, so I closed my eyes again and got lost in my fantasies.

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Moments later, I noticed her move. ‘Don’t wake up yet,’ I was thinking to myself while I was still processing everything about my first time with a woman the night before. But it was too late because she snuggled up to me and I felt her breasts against my back and her warm smooth sex against my buttocks.

“Good morning,” she whispered in my ear, spooning me under the duvet.

“Mmm good morning… have you slept well?” I asked without opening my eyes.

“Fine… but I just reminded myself that you didn’t come last night,” she said, biting my earlobes, sending shivers all over my body.

“That’s true, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Yeah, but I have my pride, you know? I want to make you come. I want to see your O face when you come.” 

Then I felt her hand slowly go down towards my vulva and she placed it between my thighs. I perceived my abundant wetness and the sound it produced, as if I was jumping in a puddle. Gone were the nerves I had experienced the night before.

“Great, now you’re really turned on…” she observed.

My clit throbbed with desire as her skilled fingers stimulated me. I turned around and lay on my back, giving her easy access to my pussy. 

“Inside…” I sighed and pushed her finger inside me as her thumb worked my clit.

“You like it like that?” she asked.

“I love it.”

I felt her gaze scrutinizing me even though I had my eyes closed. The accumulated desire was reaching its limit and I knew that my orgasm was getting closer but I wanted to delay it so I could continue enjoying her touch a little more.

“I always wondered what face you would make when you came…” she repeated as she brushed her wet sex against my thigh. Noticing her arousal, I knew I couldn’t resist my imminent orgasm any longer.

Suddenly I began to tremble and moan as I released the tension that had accumulated between my thighs followed by a series of delicious spasms that consumed my whole body. I took a deep breath, finally, I was satiated. But when I opened my eyes after, the satisfied expression on her face was much bigger.

“I’m going to take a shower,” she said and suddenly jumped up from the bed in a flash and went to the bathroom. I was confused and wondered why she wanted to break away from our post-coital atmosphere so quickly when I wanted to stay there in her arms for longer. Despite this abrupt end to our morning intimacy, I was about to discover that I didn’t have to be behind closed doors to continue my exploration of these newfound sapphic sensations.

After showering and having breakfast, we went out for a walk around the old town of Barcelona. I don’t remember exactly how or when it happened, but while we were walking down a pedestrian street in the Gothic area, I realized that we were holding hands. In general, my exhibitionism was limited to posting erotic photos on the internet. In public, however, I try to go down the street as discreetly as possible. I hate drawing attention to myself, especially when I am accompanied by a lover. However, when I was walking down the street with her, I couldn’t help but give her discreet kisses whenever possible. We acted like a couple without being one, something that was totally out of character for me. 

I noticed countless stares from people on the street; men who looked us up and down in addition to the complicit smiles of many girls. Even when we arrived at my favourite restaurant in the Old Town, the waitresses were friendlier than ever. It turned me on to imagine what they might be thinking of us and of course, it was great to get some extra special service. It felt like everyone we saw was celebrating our brief union for us. I had never experienced anything like this with any of my ex-boyfriends. 

“By the way, I haven’t told you that I love your pussy,” she declared after ordering the food.

“Eh… thanks…” I said, blushing looking down at my cutlery in embarrassment. Even though her frankness made me uncomfortable, it turned me on at the same time.

“And when we get home, I’m going to lick you until you cum,” she said before making a lewd gesture with her tongue.

“Can you be more discreet, please?” I asked. At that moment, I became the teacher again, claiming authority. Suddenly the age difference was more obvious than ever.

“What’s up? Are you ashamed of your pussy?”

“Is not that. I just don’t want the whole restaurant to hear about it,” I said with a serious tone. 

“Hey, chill out. It was meant to be a compliment!” she exclaimed before blowing me a kiss in the air.

At that moment, the food arrived and there was an awkward silence as we ate. But it didn’t take her long to show her exhibitionistic side again.

“I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I go down on you,” she said and she took a piece of bread and started licking it shamelessly as she stared at me. “But of course, I won’t see it because I’ll be lost between your thighs.”

“Please, stop!” I exclaimed. 

“What’s wrong? Don’t you enjoy cunnilingus?”

“I don’t want you to talk so loud…”

“Okay, I won’t speak so loud,” she sighed with feigned frustration. “But, tell me, don’t you like oral sex?” she asked, this time whispering and frowning with curiosity.

“Of course, I do…” I smiled and had to cross my legs under the table as I imagined her expert tongue flickering against my clitoris.

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“Wait until I go down on you. I’m going to devour you. And then you can go down on me… if you want to, of course,” she said and began to eat her bread, looking away.

I suddenly froze. Of all the lesbian fantasies I had, I confess that going down on a woman was not even in my Top 10. I don’t know why, especially when I’ve always had a very healthy relationship with my own vulva. I’ve always loved my own intimate scent. And I especially love kissing someone who has just gone down on me and being able to taste myself from their mouth. Despite this, I had never actually imagined going down on a woman. I confess that I didn’t even know if I would enjoy it, and at the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to either.

They say that you shouldn’t knock something until you’ve tried it and I decided that there was only one way to find out. 

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