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The Midnight Caller – An Audio Erotic Story

Her black slacks tapered to her ankles, showing off her brown skin down to the top of her feet. Her rainbow-colored heels continued to accentuate her toenails painted red. These simplicities still made his heart tick faster and his breaths shorten. She was amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing. That word continued to pass through his mind.

“Are you listening, Tanner?”

He was startled from his thoughts that had his body buzzing.

He stuttered. “Yes, yes I am.”

“Take Rachel to the airport this morning. She needs to get there in the next half-hour. You’ll need to leave now.”

Tanner stood and grabbed his suit jacket off his desk chair.

In a few minutes she was in the passenger seat, in his compact car, inches away again. The buzz hit him once more. It made him happily woozy.

Settling himself, he darted his eyes to see her long fingers and nails glistening red. She wore a gold ring with a large diamond set in the band. Her nail clicked against the back of her phone. She was gripping it tightly.

He eliminated the reasons for such a tight grip. He wasn’t speeding. There was very little traffic. She was on time for her flight back home. No airport delays. Seeing that grip could only be one thing.

“Should we just never mention it again? To anyone at all?” Tanner asked her.

Waiting for an answer, he looked ahead at the road, although he felt Rachel’s eyes outlining the profile of his black hair, nose, lips, chin, down to his neck. He had the same mixed-up feelings.

He loved last night, absolutely loved it—a fantasy come true. He wouldn’t not do it again, shouldn’t do it, but still wouldn’t not, only maybe. He could go either way, letting the chips fall, taking his chances, good and bad, forgetting the future, the outcomes.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so. We’re both, you know … this and that.” Rachel’s voice trailed off into silence, a state of questioning or maybe remorse.

The pace of her nails clicking on the phone sped up.

“I can’t apologize for it,” Tanner said.

She was quiet for a moment. “Me either, but it was a mistake that could ruin a lot of things. I just … We’ve changed so many things, us, them, our others.”

“If nothing else, can you smile at me? It wasn’t bad, was it?” he asked.

He glanced over and her wide smile crossed her face, full lips red, perfect teeth white. Her eyes didn’t smile, however. They remained dark and distant. They were mournful.

“Thanks,” he said with as much heart as she’d given him in her smile.

He exited the highway and followed signs for the airport.

His shoulders sunk from the weight of the atmosphere in the cramped car. He’d hoped it would have been lighter, more exciting, more like last night or this morning, whatever it would have been called. It turned out awkward.

Yet a hint of that excitement remained somewhere between them, but it was so far hidden, never to be found for a long, long time. He would not soon forget it.


It all began with a phone call from Rachel.

Rachel had worked hard all day in her two-day trip. She sat through meetings and training sessions, attended social events and sipped wine and talked with all sorts of people. Still not ready to crash in her hotel room, she went out to the bar with the crowd. Soon, after leaving the bar, she got caught up with people partying after the city’s hockey team won the Stanley Cup. The streets were in a ruckus, one big bash. People ran wild and drank in greater celebration. The excitement again kept her from her room, and what would be a calm end to a whirlwind business trip. Post-party excitement doesn’t lend itself to rest or being alone. She called Tanner at midnight to see if he wanted to meet for a drink downtown. He quickly agreed.

“Hey there, Tanner, glad you came.” She turned and called to the bartender. “A Coors for him.”

“Coors?” Tanner asked.

“Yeah, not sure you’d like the heavy, darker drafts, or could handle their tastes,” she teased.

“Oh, I have always liked the dark ones, and there is one more I want to taste.”

Rachel laughed.

“Seriously, there’s one I haven’t had yet.” He nudged her playfully.

“You’re silly.” And she giggled. His message may have met its mark.

They sipped their beers—hers a Blue Moon and his that Coors Lite—and chatted for a while. They flirted casually at first, but it grew more subtly intense.

“Look at those two over there,” she said, elbowing him in the shoulder. “They’re all lovey-dovey, all touching and stuff.”

Then Tanner nearly jumped when he felt the palm of her hand slide down the center of his back and ending with a slap on his ass. It startled him. Was this the woman from his office, one of the top managers? His heartbeat sped up and his body began to buzz. Things moved and the intensity rose.

“People do all sorts of things late at night in the bar.” He slid his hand down her back, and tapped her butt, gently, still testing the air between them that night, hoping it was happening as he had wished many times beforehand.

“Yes, they do all sorts of things.” She smiled back and her eyes twinkled. Her twinkle said she was ready for more.

His eyes darted across her body, her sea-foam green blouse that had a slight opening through which he could see her deep cleavage. She had breasts that he had dreamed of seeing and touching. Round, firm. But he looked for too long. She caught him.

“You looking at my tits?” Rachel asked bluntly yet with an alluring tone. Arousal on her part and a sudden injection into him. “Nice, aren’t they? I like them so much. They’re perky. Just the perfect handful.”

“I have wanted to—” He paused for a moment, hesitating before making a final leap into the abyss— “to touch and feel them since they day I met you. You have never left my mind.”

“Don’t tease me, you’re joking. I’m a mom, I’m old. I am not like the young girls your age. What about your girlfriend?”

“Age doesn’t matter when it comes to beauty. And you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, bar none.”

“Tanner, don’t tease me.” She brushed off his compliments, though she never diverted her dark eyes from his. Suddenly, they had connected on a new level.

Tanner leaned over to kiss her cheek. She didn’t object, so he placed another gentle kiss on her neck.

But his phone dinged. He checked the text message.

“You being summoned by your girlfriend?” Rachel said.

“No. A few blocks away, a friend has some people over. He invited me.”

“I’ve got an early morning flight home.”

“I’ll get you an Uber to your hotel before I go.” However, before he opened the app, she placed her hand on his hand.

“Let’s go. I’m not ready to quit tonight.”

And they left the bar.

People were hanging out, laughing and talking, in the townhouse. Rachel sat on the love seat and patted the cushion next to her, offering it to Tanner.

“First, what do you want to drink?” he asked.

“Something hard. Tequila, straight.”

Her comment, an insinuation, made his throat tighten. This night, unplanned for and completely unexpected, was moving toward an exciting ending, or beginning.

Before he could get the Tequila, his friend brought the glass, full. She took it from him and swallowed a large gulp.

“Your girl can drink.”

Tanner laughed. “Yes, my girl can.” He put his arm around her.

Rachel nuzzled into his lean torso on the couch, as she sipped the rest of the liquor. Despite being summer, she came close to him like it was a chilly, winter night. She leaned her head against his shoulder. Then she moved to his chest. Her hair smelled like coconut, so fresh and light. The girl was dazzling him in so many ways. He had to adjust himself to avoid awkward positions or showing the obvious.

She placed her hand on his knee and soon her finger was running along the inner hem of his jeans. Her red-tipped nail would slowly move nearly to his fly and then would rush away. She knew how to tease.

The next time that it went deep into his lap, he took her hand and placed it over his hardness.

“You’re enjoying this,” she said softly. She looked into his eyes, a bit of innocence and willingness. She raised her eyebrows.

He only nodded. “More.” And she did.

For several hours, the people talked and laughed about all sorts of things. She sipped her Tequila and kept close to Tanner, her hands moving across his lean stomach, his waist. Her touch was magic. It had power over him, as well as her.

Eventually, people started to leave, so they decided to head out too.

“I need to get back to my hotel,” she said. Then she said what he had always wanted to her but never expected. “Want to come with me?”

Without a moment’s pause, he said, “I’ll get an Uber here.”

“No need. It’s just around the corner.”

She stood and he saw her get her balance.

“I’ll walk you there,” he said.

Rachel smiled at him. “I’d never turn you down.”

Rachel took his arm, wrapping herself around him. She held him tightly, lovingly, needily. As if she needed something, wanted something.

In the hotel lobby she bumped into him, and they kissed innocently, softly as they still felt out how the night would proceed. It didn’t last long. When the elevator door slid closed, she pressed hard against him, so they bumped against the wall, rattling the elevator. Concerns were gone. The passion heated up from a coolness to a burning desire. Any lingering guesses about the night were gone. They were locked together until the elevator dinged and the door opened.

At the hotel room, she slid the door card into the slot and the door unlocked. She flicked on the lights. In a moment, she had slipped off her bra, tossed it onto the bed and headed into the bathroom.

He sat on the bed and waited for her to return. He never guessed the evening would come to this. He lifted her beige bra. This fabric had the ideal job: holding up her breasts for hours and hours. Now it had become his turn to hold and cup them.

The bathroom door opened. She plopped down onto the bed and lay flat on her back. She exhaled the weariness of the long day and late night.

He took his chance.

He moved to his side and rested his head on his hand. His eyes moving all over her body. They were seeing what he had always wanted. Her brown tits flush against the sea-foam fabric, nearly see-through. Enticing. He reached over and cupped her right breast and, leaning closer, he kissed her cheek. She purred almost silently, except for a minute rush of air. She let him continue, no objection to his touches, his massages, his kisses.

A few more of his kisses and she turned her ear to him. Their lips brushed against each other. They touched gently, softly, intimately. She shifted onto her side, giving him greater access to her whole body. He nibbled her ear and ran his lips down and then up her neck.

Their mouths met, lips barely touching, dancing. Suddenly her tongue reached out. It touched his. And their kissing heated up. Her hand reached under his shirt to feel his chest and trim stomach. He had the body of an athlete.

But she stopped all at once.

It was as if she had awakened from a dream, a fantasy.

He feared that real life had gotten passed the alcohol and abandon.

“I can’t,” she whispered sultrily. “I’m old, I’m a mom. You can get any young woman. And you’re doing this with me?”

“I told you, you are my fantasy. Since the first time I saw you, I knew I wanted you. And this whole year I’ve waited for tonight. I’ve waited and waited.”

She looked at him in disbelief.

“What will it take to convince you?” He shook his head in frustration. “You don’t understand how sexy you are. Let me make you understand.”

Her finger pressed against her thickened, red lips as she thought about him and his words and his body and his kissing.

She stood and went to the bathroom again.

Where is she going? he thought. He feared the fantasy had ended just as it heated up.

Her hands had touched him in so many places that he never expected in real life. Daydreams, yes. Fantasies, definitely. It was over too quickly. He wanted more. He understood that she knew how to play, to lead a man on, she was a mistress of this whole game.

The bathroom door opened. She came out again. This was not the end. He laid back and put his hands behind his head. He waited. He had all night and the next morning if she wanted it to last that long. He remained on his back, smiling that he knew she wanted more.

Upon her return, the black slacks and sea-foam blouse were gone. She now wore a simple red dress with spaghetti straps. It emphasized her bust. He was ready to bust.

She plopped down again. The skirt lifted high and floated down. Her thighs were exposed. Her everything was so close to being revealed.

Making no effort to cover up, he took it as an upspoken message. He rolled over and nudged her with his nose and then brushed his lips against her cheek. She lit up, a spark. She pulled him over her, and they kissed.

She rolled the blouse down to show her breasts, offering them to him. His fantasy had resumed. And it continued. A few minutes of kissing and panting, but she stopped him again.

“Stand up,” she said and bit her lip. She obviously consumed by lust. “I want more of you.”

He stood directly before her. She pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. She then rubbed the palm of her hand against the length of his cock, locked away behind his pants.

“You’ve enjoyed the whole night, haven’t you?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“How obvious? Show me.”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself.”

She unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped the fly, and yanked them to his ankles. Yanking them down, her cheek bumped against his cock. She smiled at it, confined by the boxer shorts.

“He needs to get out,” she said. Not waiting for a reply, she reached into his boxers and wrapped her hand around his cock. She stroked his length, feeling the pulsating warmth. She pulled out his cock.

“I’ve dreamed of this since the first day I met you,” Tanner repeated between heavy breaths. “You’ve been in my dreams. I’ve got off thinking of you so many times.”

She simply kissed his dick one time and then let her tongue flick the head. He exhaled a rush of air. She smiled. She had power.

But she stopped again. It confused him, causing his body to halt. “No more until I get my tits some needed attention.” She fell back, bouncing, arms over head. He crawled on top of her and sucked, hard and loud. Just like she commanded him. He devoured the dark nipples and kneaded her breasts.

“Oh my, this is so great. I needed this, needed it so bad. You’re doing it so good,” she complimented. Then she became demanding. “Harder, louder. Show me you want me. Make me believe you’ve dreamed of me. I don’t easily believe.”

He became more intense, sucking, grinding, loving. Her body began to react and more with deeper breaths and sexual exuberances.

“I’m starting to believe, believe your dreams about me,” Rachel whispered.

She let him continue for a long time before she pushed him onto his back. She kissed him hard, French kissing, mouths and tongued intertwined, pressing together. Then she kissed his chin, his clavicle, each of his nipples, his sternum, his belly button. Then she went farther. She pulled off his boxers.

He watched her tits dangle and wiggle, her nipples already hard. She drooled onto the head of his penis from inches above the tip. Then she took it into her mouth, fully. She bobbed her head. Tanner could only grip the sheets, pounding the bed at moments of intensity. He felt her hands fondle his balls. He spread open his legs. He was close to cumming in her mouth already. She pulled back. She smiled at him. She knew she did a good job. She knew how to give a good blowjob.

He calmed himself with a few paced breathes.

He laid her back and climbed on top of her. He ran his large smooth hands up her thick thighs. He pealed back the skirt to find her beige underwear, tight against her pussy, a dark stain in the center. He proudly noted she had loved the night so far. Just one more thing.

He pulled the underwear aside. He noticed her pussy was soft, shaven clean, deep, yet narrow. This is today’s MILF, clean-shaven, he thought, smiling. The night was getting better every minute. He guided the engorged head of his dick to her passage.

“Wait,” she said abruptly. He was halted by another moment of real-life’s interruptions. “We can’t, I can’t, we shouldn’t. It will …” She blocked herself.

“I need to, you want to,” he pressed, trying to gently remove her hands.

“Come up here instead,” she said.

She squeezed her tits together, and he slid his cock between them in a make-shift pussy. As he rocked forward, her tongue stretched out to lick.

A buildup of the night, his breaths sped up, his back arched. He grunted. When he opened his eyes, her face, lips, nose, cheeks were smeared with his cum. A bit had landed in her hair.

He flopped on the bed, and she left for the bathroom.

Soon, they were cuddled together asleep in bed. In a couple of hours, she would be gone. For now, his fantasies and her needs were fulfilled.

The morning light came through the curtains to rouse the two. They stretched, and she bumped into his morning hardness. She reached back to stroke his cock. Unexpectedly, she went under the sheets. Her ass raised high beneath the sheets and then he felt her take his dick into her mouth, gagging herself on its length in moments. He came again on her.

Soon they were kissing and ended up holding each other for a long time.

The alarm clock bleeped. They dressed and left. He rushed home for a change of clothes before work, and she packed her bags. An hour later, they saw each other in the office. They glanced at each other and grinned awkwardly, knowing that they knew something no one else knew. She hoped no one else would find out both in the office or at home. He too had a woman he would like to keep the knowledge from.


In a long line of the airport’s departure drop-off, he watched her walk through the airport entrance, dragging her luggage behind her. He waited for a moment, one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the empty passenger seat. He hoped she might come back to him, if only for one more long kiss. She was a great kisser, a great love-maker, and she was beautiful. To his disappointment, she never returned that day.