employee investigation erotic story

A Hands-On Interview – An Erotic Story

An interview to die for… if you’re a hands-on type?

Starting just with her Mum and her best friend Simone some 4 years ago, it was now time to increase her sales staff, which, in reality, was just her. Constantly needing to try fresh ideas, she was hoping that her first [proper] employee would broaden her fledgling company’s appeal.

It was abundantly clear that a change of direction was needed as “toys for boys and girls” was a market just waiting to enable couples to browse, try and discuss their bed-time needs in a private, open, friendly but expert way – a sort of Alpha King and Horny Queen – enabling choices that catered for every fetish, desire or lust you might like to experience or try.

Rosemary Pearson started off and had worked her butt off creating Silicon Creations – a new venture that was partly a creative advertising agency that sort of created fresh ideas for local online businesses around the London area.

Several interviews were lined up, many had interesting ideas but hadn’t put any of them into reality which was so important to her that she’d often go through CV’s way into the evenings. She’d sat and interviewed many promising candidates, hearing numerous snippets of valuable information – but no spark, no originality, no new thinking.

Most of the candidates had qualifications in media, web design, street cred, etc., which were fine, relevant but still very same-ish. Tired, frustrated Rosemary was getting to the point where she began to think her quest for that certain “spark, initiative” wasn’t going to be lit – that is, until Colin sat down.

He was late which wasn’t a great start but, nonetheless, a very lively guy brimming with confidence, well dressed but modern – about 27-ish, she thought? Colin told her that he’d tried a few jobs but hadn’t spotted a gap, an opportunity that he’d wanted to fill. She listened intently to his story and was well impressed by his easy-going, friendly manner. In days gone by, Colin would have been labelled a “real charmer”. What attracted Rosemary was his complete lack of fear, his natural charm and very sensitive nature that was clearly built on the ability to talk to all age-groups.

It was now long after 8pm – she was that tired and hungry, so she asked, “Could you come back in a couple of days please? I’m done, knackered.” Colin agreed to meet at 6pm this coming Thursday, how could Colin refuse? He was already mentally and visually removing her panties before going down on her.

Trying to find words to ensure he’d read the room correctly, Rosemary chirped up with the cheekily stated quip, “Don’t be late then?” – Colin took that as a “Yes” – the date was fixed and eagerly awaited.

“Oh, do you have family? brothers/sisters, etc.?” His answers came out naturally – many would have clammed up, evaded, ducked and dived at her verbal intimacy – but not him.

“Any out of hours commitments, holidays booked, that sort of thing?” She was definitely crossing boundaries at such an early stage of the interview and Colin was unflustered, water off a duck’s back! She ended by asking, “Have you got any questions you’d like to ask… me? Feel free to ask me anything you like.”

“Yes, I have actually,”

  1. “How many sexual partners have you slept with”?  
  2. “Are you doing anything after this interview”?

Rosemary was totally shocked, taken a-back at how naturally he’d asked her intimate questions.

“Err, not many she answered – especially recently what with working long hours plus Covid restrictions.”

“How many is ‘not many’ in your book?”

“No more than 3, she answered, well as an adult that is.” Rosemary countered;

“How many have you had?” “More than 3, probably about 6, but one of them was a few years older – she taught me so many things, little things that I’ll never forget.”

“How interesting, what type of things do you mean?”

“Oh, really helpful things, for example:”

“How to treat a woman, technique for going down on them, patience, satisfying them first – that kind of thing.” She sat back, perfectly relaxed taking it all in with a thinly disguised smile on her face. Blimey, she thought, he’s almost interviewing me?

“What else did she teach you then?” Colin thought for a moment, “Do you really want to know? It’s very personal.” 

“Yes please, just give it to me as it is.”– “Okay, you did ask.”

“Over the years she’d collected many sex toys, one for each experience you could say.”


“She was French and had a very different approach to infidelity than the Brits and Americans.”

“She treated extra marital sex as someone ‘wanting to try all the cakes in the cake shop.'”

Trying to rationalize the logic of such an analogy, her mind was working overtime. Colin added, “However nice an iced bun is, after a while you’d like to try the chocolate éclair flavour and so on.”

Mesmerised, Rosemary sat thoughtfully, “Did her husband mind?” “It wasn’t an issue as she’d laid down a sort of “Agreed Procedure” which basically amounted to, “I’ll spend each weekend and night with you, but what I do in the day is my time.”

“And her husband went through with this knowingly, without any crap?”

“Yes. There could, and were, many benefits.”

“Is that why in your CV you openly stated your view on sexual equality?”

Trying not to appear shocked, “moving on” she added, “you are well versed in both ladies and men’s toys then? That’s given me a very interesting idea, Colin.”

Her mind was already thinking about the many possibilities meeting Colin could have to be a major asset. Colin could offer some sort of “personal service” based on the supply, demonstration and purchasing tailor-made sex toys for adults. She openly asked him, “Does that type of work interest you as much as it does me then, Colin?”

“Well, yes,” Colin continued, “I’m a bit out-of-date in this fast-moving industry as some of the more up-to-date ones have far more features which will need to be researched and then used, etc., but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

You’d need someone to practice on then?” she said smiling.

“Yes, I think we both know who would fit the bill on that one don’t we?”

“I think we do Colin, we could make a start later in the week, Thursday okay with you?”

After arriving home, an excited Rosemary – no, not just excited but a highly intrigued one – was finding herself carrying out not only a social media search on Colin, but also searching on a couple of local dating sites – anything, anywhere. She was trying to find out anything personal about this guy. She was frustrated as little information was gleaned from either, which only made her more intrigued.

Basically her research came down to this: Colin supported equality issues.

Nothing about family, sporting interests, politics, holiday likes/dislikes, etc.

So much then for her methodically composed, hand-written, carefully-headed landscape table she’s created – one she’d quickly sketched/made in her head – so few notes or personal information came under headings: Family, Attitude, Personality, Size, Hobbies, Sensual clothing, Positives, Negatives, Likeability, etc.

Rosemary felt as though the next two dragged on. Could they both team up and have the sort of boss/employee relationship that would enable them to combine work and pleasure? Thursday arrived and, in true character, she was prepared with lots of questions based on that train of thought and was feeling far more positive.

Colin arrived on time and was the same confident guy who was the least bit concerned whether he’d be offered the job or not. His demeanour wasn’t cocky, but positive. Colin looked at her and smiled warmly into her eyes right from their first glance.

He again smelt beautifully and seemed to have an extra aura of confidence that she was increasingly affected by. As Colin spoke, her mind wondered more about whether she could remain dignified and in control of what Colin was saying in his answers now that her very moist clit was beginning to overwhelm her thoughts – which was, she thought, an added bonus and attractive part of his demeanour.

The now informal interview was conducted professionally until she started delving into his character and background – what/who were his influences? She could then, she rationalised, get to know the “real” Colin.

They chatted quite some time with Rosemary desperately trying and failing to hide her obvious attraction for Colin. “Shall we find somewhere a bit more conducive to get to know one another?” she suggested. “That would be ideal, what and where do you have in mind then?” Trying desperately to retrain her professionalism, she stated that she sometimes used a local hotel when putting on promotions. “I’ve taken the liberty of pre-booking it if that’s okay with you?”

“I need to pop back home first as I think I may have left the hot water running.”

“No problem,” added Colin. They arrived back at the house, driving past the hotel and parked the car on her driveway.

“Won’t be a minute,” Rosemary added, “Just give me a few mins.” Off she went, taking her keys.

After 10 mins or so, Colin started to get concerned. Presumably there was some kind of problem – it doesn’t take 10 mins to check a running tap?

He wondered up to the front door which wasn’t fully closed. The hall light was on, so he entered the hall and called upstairs, “Everything okay Rosemary, are you okay?”

“Yes, give me a minute. I’m having trouble with this zip. I’ll give you a shout if I need help.”

By this time, Colin was beginning to wonder what was really going on. He was becoming increasingly aroused with the word “zip”. Colin shouted back, “I’m coming up!”

The bedroom door was ajar. He knocked and opened it one movement. Rosemary was laying on top of the sheets with a beautiful, red see-through nightie that left very little to dissuade his animal instincts.

He strode over to Rosemary and kissed her passionately, totally ignoring her womanly attraction. He flipped her over onto her back and, using the tools that were nearby, tied her up. He also noticed that one of her toys was awaiting usage.

Colin placed the cool silicone object that was resting over her nightie snugly in the apex of her thighs, which instantly began to shake. He blindfolded her, a favourite turn-on he’d found with women he’d bedded before.

Whimpering and squirming on the satin sheets, she couldn’t decide whether to get away from it or press it closer, but Colin knew exactly what she wanted. He pressed hard and was now driving her mad with pleasure. That pleasant feeling pulsed through her clit and traveled along her folds and then into her stomach, winding it into a hot, tight coil of heat.

Still whimpering, the feeling crawled up to her throat as she ground her teeth against the rubber ball pressing against her tongue. Her hips rolled down trying to put more pressure where it was needed. Rosemary, clearly frustrated, gave a gasp of air that burst outwards from her nose. It was necessary, maddening yes, but all part of her pleasure. The heat pooling in her stomach made her muscles clench, and a light sheen of sweat began to slick over her skin. If she could just… get… there.

She’d managed to slightly move to tilt her left hip up, just enough to reposition that lovely piece of silicone that was pressing deep into her clit. The vibration made her skin twitch and her thighs shake. A heady moan forced its way around the gag. She lifted her left shoulder from the bed as best she could, the leather biting into her wrist in the most painfully, pleasant way.

Her insides were coiling tighter and tighter – that sense of euphoria beginning to streak through her veins. She took in a sharp breath, her eyelashes fluttering against the silk over her eyes as she reached the edge of the cliff. The gentle burring of the wand clicked off and her eyes flew wide open, a scream lodging in the back of her throat. She slid down from the edge of pure bliss, her body shook from the denied release. Tears pricked her eyes as she flopped onto her back from her side. Her thighs unconsciously rubbed together as best they could in an attempt to rekindle the dulling heat in her stomach.

“This is punishment, pet, not pleasure,” Colin stated.

His husky, baritone voice whilst nibbling at her ear lobe sent a shiver down her spine and scattered goose-bumps across her skin. She sucked in a breath and held it, wishing she could see his eyes. It always seemed to give her some kind of idea of how long she was on the brink of nirvana.

She heard the rustle of his clothes as Colin stood up and the heavy thumping of his boots as he rounded the bed.

Her muscles jumped, electricity danced over her skin as his fingertips skimmed over her collarbone, over the swell of her breast and circled her areola.

She felt her skin tighten in response to him as Colin neglected the tightened peak in favour of continuing his path down her stomach. The feather light touch made her nerves jump as Colin traced the ‘v’ of her hips.

Her breaths were coming in short pants, and her nails dug into her palms as she strained against the cuffs. His fingers disappeared and she struggled to hear anything over her ragged breathing. The anticipation made her limbs tremble. Her entire body jumped at the sudden vibration between her thighs, and the sudden buzz of pleasure at her core made her breathless. His breath ghosted over her nipple as she arched her chest to meet his mouth. When a dark chuckle reached her ears, she growled. The chuckle grew into a full blown laugh that made her core clench. It promised sweet pleasure and pain in equal measures… His lips were at her ear now.

“Do behave, Rosemary.”

As suddenly as Colin had appeared, Colin was gone and the door clicked shut with a soft snick. She knew she’d brought this upon herself, and she loved it just as much as it made her blood boil. The sound of her breathy pants and the soft whirring of the magic wand filled the air, the occasional moan of pleasure cutting through the noise. Despite the frustration and unbearable pleasure, she couldn’t help reflect on the wicked grin that curved around the ball gag. 

Much thinking was experienced in the coming days as Rosemary wondered if the ecstasy already shared with Colin could be maintained both at work and in her social life. She needed to think this through. Life is one of choices – will her mind and body come to different conclusions?

What’s to lose?