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9 Romantic Date Ideas That Don’t Require You To Leave Home

Are you looking for last-minute romantic date ideas for a date night with your partner, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? Listen, we get it! Sometimes, life gets in the way, and there is not enough time to plan a perfect date out and about with your partner. 

On days like these when you want something low-effort, yet still special, we have a few date night ideas that don’t require you to leave home:

9 Romantic Date Ideas That Don’t Require You To Leave Home

Idea #1: Art Night

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic or creative person, doing an art project with your partner can be a great way to spend the evening together. The point here is not to create a masterpiece, but rather to try something new with your partner and have some fun. 

So, grab some art supplies and paper, find a comfortable spot at your house (either dining or a coffee table, or floor works just as well) and get to creating. 

Don’t have art supplies? Not a problem — use everything you can find around the house! You can definitely use food items like chocolate spread, whipped cream, and even ketchup and mustard to paint. Maybe you have old makeup laying around? Well then, use it as painting supplies instead!

If you do have proper art supplies, consider taking the art night to the next level and making a sex painting together with your partner. Talk about a sexy and romantic date night!

Idea #2: Have Sex Somewhere at Home You Haven’t Before

Next on our romantic date ideas list is something you probably wouldn’t consider a “date idea.” But sometimes doing something as small as changing the location of where you have sex with your partner can take a boring evening at home and turn it into an adventure. 

So, make it into a challenge you can complete with your partner! Together, choose a location around your home where you never had sex before. It’s even better if you can come up with multiple locations and make a list. 

Once you have a list, your goal is to cross as many places off that list as possible. You can try to do it in one evening, or you might save a few ideas for the next date night. This way, you and your partner have something exciting to look forward to next time. 

Idea #3: Play Strip Poker

Everyone has a deck of cards laying around the house somewhere. So, grab a deck and suggest a night of strip poker (or any other card game you know). 

Make sure you both turn off your phones and any other distractions so you can be 100% focused on each other and the game. It can be extremely arousing to spend hours building the tension by teasing each other and getting naked, without allowing each other to touch or do anything sexual. 

When it’s your time to undress, make it fun and sexy! Don’t just take off your top, play around and maybe give your partner a fun little lap dance to award them for winning this round of the game. 

Idea #4: Play the Sexy Version of “Simon Says”

You know the old children’s game “Simon says” where everyone has to obey the commands? Well, why not turn it into an adult version and play it with your partner on your next date night?

The rules are pretty easy. One partner will be the one to give the commands, while the other will have to obey. You can decide amongst yourself, or you can flip a coin if both of you want the same role. 

Now, the commanding partner will give the other partner commands that they have to obey by saying “[your name] says…” What kind of commands should you give? Well, the options are endless here. 

You can make the game fun and innocent by giving your partner silly commands that make you both laugh. For example: tell your partner to jump three times while pinching the tip of their nose. 

Or, you can choose a more sensual route and play an erotic version of the game. For example: tell your partner to pinch their nipples three times. 

Remember, consent is sexy! So, if you choose an erotic version of the game, make sure you discuss the boundaries and what’s allowed. And, maybe even have a safe word just in case your partner wants to end the game. 

Idea #5: Answer the “36 Questions That Lead to Love”

One of the most romantic date ideas is to do an activity together that allows you to deepen your intimacy. The concept of 36 questions that lead to love was first popularized by The New York Times in 2015. They referenced a study made by a group of psychologists led by Arthur Aron that looked into building intimacy between people with certain types of questions. 

The idea behind these questions is to speed up building the connection between strangers because these questions are designed to allow people to dig deeper and really be vulnerable with each other. 

You might know your partner well already. But even if you do, you might still want to look over those questions and see if there are any you haven’t discussed with your partner before. 

Then, during your next date night at home, you can cook a nice dinner together, have some drinks, and spend the evening having a genuine conversation based on how you answer the 36 questions that lead to love. 

Maybe by the end of the night, you’ll learn a thing or two about your partner that you didn’t know until now! It’s worth a shot. 

Idea #6: Make a Fantasy Yes/No/Maybe List

Talking about your sexual fantasies with your partner can be an amazing experience. But while we all have sexual fantasies, most people are still hesitant about sharing them with their partners. If you are shy about it, then consider making a fantasy yes/no/maybe list!

Make sure you won’t be interrupted by your partner and that you are both feeling comfortable and okay with making your sexual fantasy lists. You can use digital note apps or pen and paper to write down all the sexual fantasies and things you’ve dreamed of trying. 

Don’t rush and take your time to write all of your fantasies and allow your partner to do the same. Once you’re done, swap the lists or read them out loud to each other. Take your time here and discuss both of your fantasies and desires.

Remember to keep an open mind when going into this activity. Sexual fantasies are healthy, and not all of them have to come to life. But sharing them with someone you love can be a fantastic way to deepen the bond and build intimacy and trust. 

And, there is also the benefit of having more sexy things to try with your partner from the “yes” and “maybe” lists!

Idea #7: Take Erotic Pictures Together

If you’re looking for romantic date ideas that involve a good amount of erotic activities, then this one’s for you. Most people consider taking nudes to send to their partners, but they rarely consider taking nude pictures together with their partners. But, it can be a super sexy way to spend an evening together. 

So, if your partner is comfortable with the idea, start by choosing the perfect location for a photoshoot. You don’t need a fancy camera setup or lighting. Your phone is more than enough, and if you have a Polaroid camera or something similar, then you can use it instead. 

Experiment with different lighting (dim lighting might be the best) and positions. Try taking pictures of each other first, and then take pictures together. It’s very easy (and erotic) to pose in front of a mirror if you are together, so definitely try that. 

Idea #8: Do Some Sexy Online Shopping

Online shopping can be a fun way to spend a date night with your partner! You just have to make it sexy. 

With so many online shops selling sex toys out there, it’s very easy to shop for sex toys online. So, choose your favorite sex toy shop and go wild! You can choose a sex toy you both want to try together. Or, you can try and pick each other a sex toy to buy. 

This gives you a great opportunity to open up about your wants and needs and to share any desires you have with your partner. And, don’t skip on the accessories – maybe you will want to buy restraints or a blindfold to try with your partner!

Another fun option is to go online lingerie shopping if you and your partner enjoy lingerie. You can both look at what’s available and discuss what to wear for what occasion. 

Idea #9: Read Each Other Erotica Out Loud

Even if you’re not an avid reader, reading erotica stories out loud with your partner can be very fun. You can read from a physical book or an ebook. Or, use an online erotica story library to choose an erotica story that fits your taste perfectly. 

You pick one erotica story and your partner picks one. Choose which one goes first, and read it out loud. It might be funny at first, so don’t be afraid to take breaks and laugh. It’s part of the process.

But when you do want to make things heated, you might consider incorporating some naughty activities. For example: ask your partner to read the erotica story out loud while you go down on them to see how long they can last without losing concentration.